>**~~~owl washcloths!~~~**

a free pattern for KNITTED OWL WASHCLOTHS
i gotta go knit.

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4 Responses to >**~~~owl washcloths!~~~**

  1. Lauren says:

    >It is like it was made for you! 🙂 You could make several and sew them up for a little blanket… or not. I think they will be cute no matter what! Thanks for posting the pattern, I will definitely try this out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >that is a really cute pattern. just made for you. i may try it too.froggyknits.com

  3. *tiny owl* says:

    >that is such a good idea about a blanket!!im thinking these little owls are going to show up in my purses, sweaters, scarves, toast, and spaghetti. theres sort of no stopping me now :)hi lil froggy!i love your site *heart*

  4. SouthernMom says:

    >I *love love love* it! Thanks for sharing! I found your site from the Beginner Babes webring. I am so loving it! I also noticed from “tulip the tagboard” that you are from Tennessee…I am too. I can’t wait to see your finished owls!Charla thenyoublink.daisyhead.org

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