>*basil my new friend*

>on the way home from the violent femmes concert tonight (i walked)
i found a little cricket
who was lonely and cold.
i named him basil and took him home
hes had me in stitches all day … hes hilarious!
but he knows im a sucker for knock knock jokes.
cheers to my new friend basil. im sure we will have many adventures together…
he favours owl watching, marshmellows and a good black mascara.
we are just alike.
puff, tink, basil and i are going owl prowling later on tonight
(thats my 2 cats and my new cricket)
ill post pictures if we spy any…
i know where are few like to hooooo
so our chances are good.

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  1. Christine says:

    >OK, your site is SO much fun! OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater skirts! Makes me long for the days when I could wear mini’s!! CUTE! Thanks for visiting my rambling site! :)Violent Femmes????? I STILL listen to their cd and jam out driving down the road when I get nostalgic for big hair days & college fun!

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