>mashed potato games


this is from the newest rebecca mag.
they knit it in kind of a mustardy colour
im knitting it in a
“how come my gauge keeps changing?” colour
i think mine will be a hit.
*^V^* i give it 2 hoots
and 1 extra little hoot
because the pattern is in english

i have tried and tried to quit smoking
but ive decided that i am NOT a quitter.
especially something so gross and fun.
like playing twister in a pile of mashed potatos.
its disgusting but i just keep putting my right hand on yellow.

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3 Responses to >mashed potato games

  1. mochacaremel says:

    >I would looove love love to know where I can get a Denise Needle Case from you. I am in love with Denise, but she needs a new dress. Can you help me? My email is mochacaremel AT gmail.com Thanks in advance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Darling Persephone, you CAN quit you know. Put the words QUIT SMOKING in your lil’ google and go to the American Lung Assoc. website and they will give you all sorts of tips and local people who can counsel you and help you. You can even get free Nicorette and patches and all of that, so please, please, please try!!! You must not need an oxygen tank behind you by age 50!!!!!!!!!!! I quit, so can you. Okay, I’m only saying this because I watched Dr. Phil and it was Resolutions Week and there was a nice blonde girl on there who could quit, but her mum is DYING of lung cancer. Please check it out. You’ll save money and your life. I love you, Porpy! kiss, kiss

  3. Rivka says:

    >smoking’s cool and Dr. Phil’s a hypocrite.

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