>the GRAMMAR quiz results

well, puff just took a grammar (shut up…) test… and found out…to her dismay…
she sucks at grammar.
THREE out of TEN correct!!!
after a little boo hoo
and two shots of milk…she said ‘fuck it,
im going to get my claws done,
and then help you knit a fuzzy seafoam afghan.’
i said ‘right on puff!… lets take it to the max!’
(i am only slightly worried that her novel will suffer.
she is still so very clever)

my mouse pooped on my favourite silk pillow.
im not upset.
poop is natural.

other night-time thoughts:
i am thinking about sharks.
sharks sandy fins..
jaggedy teeth and doughy smiles.
all of their biting …
and appearing out of nowhere
how they swim in circles
nose you a bit
and take a bite.
and their big black hollow gunshot eyes roll back
they are definitely in my closet.

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5 Responses to >the GRAMMAR quiz results

  1. Lauren says:

    >ha–poop is natural. but not really on silk pillows :PYour seafoam afghan is luxorious–looks like it is so soft!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Your site is really interesting but its sooooo difficult to read! All the owls make it very hard to see your postings!

  3. *tiny owl* says:

    >hi lauren honeyyes it is unnatural on a pillow sad~!heart heartim so sorry about that anony i think you should be seeing a pink back page behind….to highlight the text… try to *refresh* the page? and see if its any better…you should knowim an html shit for brains. i see pink background…maybe its my glasses?hmmmm

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Darling? Isn’t it “grammar”? I love you!!!!

  5. *tiny owl* says:

    >HA HA ha you fell for that one.hee um.oh. yes. well i didnt really write thatpuff did.she sucks at spelling tooyou little smart ass i know jUST who you are and im going to put pickles in your pillowcase (oh my god i have to let puff stoptyping. she is out of control)hee grrrrrr.tiny OWL

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