>turtles never asked for turtlenecks

ok ok ok ok ok my first sweater ever… its from rebecca 28… i added the collar-thingie because i dont like turtle necks… i dont think even turtles find them terribly nice.

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8 Responses to >turtles never asked for turtlenecks

  1. Ann says:

    >It’s cute! I love the neckline you did. Which rebecca is it from?

  2. >gorgeous sweater! love the neckline!

  3. Lauren says:

    >Hey *TO*! So happy to see you back, and showing us your beautiful things! This sweater is lovely!I love how you took it and made it your own… very cool! :)Have a great week!

  4. *tiny owl* says:

    >hi ann *^v^*its not the new summer rebecca…its the one before that…i cant remember the # !!! but its knit in yellow savanna in the picture.. and the turtleneck is high… the girl has blonde hair and is drinking out of a blue cup? sorry i dont know the #..i knit this for the store and so i dont have the mag on hand….eeeekheartstiny owl

  5. *tiny owl* says:

    >hi froggy poothanks honey *^v^*i think its a little too looseyim actually going to reknit itand do it right …(im soooooooo lazy)heartto

  6. *tiny owl* says:

    >h laurenthanks for the welcome!you are always soooooo sweeti wish you a basket of hearts(not real ones) i mean the kind that just mean “i love you” or something nice like that…hee heaa heeato

  7. brandilion says:

    >I hate turtlenecks too. You made this gorgeous!

  8. juliette says:

    turtlenecks are so itchy! you're meant to be warm and snuggly in winter not itchy.this sweater is beautiful, you are so very creative!

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