>swan lake stockings


ooooh! petal and i went to london fashion week
and got so inspired by all the tights and boots..
the inspiration for these is from a mix between
the victim girls and the boots at rodarte.

these tie at the top so they wont fall down
and are perfect for dancing swan lake (or disco)
the pattern is available on ravelry
which is *here*

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7 Responses to >swan lake stockings

  1. Oh me gosh…I so love your clothes…What a clever pair of stockings to wear with ballet slippers. Squee!

  2. Natanya says:

    Oh my!!!!! ****** Loves them A LOT ๐Ÿ™‚ angel faces and butterfly wings to you from me *xx

  3. i love them ;]lovely blog

  4. Lizard says:

    xD your clothing collection is absolutely amazing xDI want it all!! โค

  5. a mouse says:

    thanks thanks thanks! :)xoxo

  6. isabelle says:

    fantastic! Love love love it!

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