>the magic toolbox

ive slowly replaced all of my metal needles
with wooden ones… seems like the metal
makes my hands feel funny.. even though
i really used to love the feel of addis..
ive heard fairies dont like metal.
surely they would
like wood

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19 Responses to >the magic toolbox

  1. Lilbirdy says:

    Wow, that collection is quite lovely. I'm always afraid I would break my wooden needles since I have a habit of bending some of the smaller gauge metal ones. You are right, though, wood is so much nicer.

  2. *Valentine* says:

    I love it!!My grandma tied to teach me the Art of knitting, once….really hard!!!hahaI gave up.♥

  3. What a beautiful box and collection! Love love love. I hope to see more of your stitches…they so inspire me. A.xx

  4. juliette says:

    i love your blog and its creativity, and so i put it in my most adored blogs list :)http://juliettesteen.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks for flying by Tiny Owl and leaving your comment. I am no expert with the needles but this Monday I will be knitting with a circle of magical women vests for babies in third world countries. Every stitch worked with love, care and candycane goodness.I do love both your Blogs. I will explore the archives when I have more time lost in the tutu, misty dreams you have created. xx

  6. Pandora says:

    I am doing the same. I have gotten rid of all metal straights. They seem to aggravate my carpal tunnel- the needles and weight of project. I love you storage pouch.Pandora

  7. joanne May says:

    You create lovely knitting Mouse!My grandmother taught me to knit but I tend to do free style knitting. Dropped stitches and all, so my scarves end up a bit holey!:)When I was little my nan made me a soft, baby blue Angora hat. I wore it and loved it so much until it fell apart!:(Your hat on (orchids and fairylights) is stunning. Thank you for your kind message about my blog. I have left you a reply on my site.:)Best fairy wishes Jo May.xxxx

  8. a mouse says:

    ah! thanks so much!ive never ever had so many comments on my lil old knitting blog before! yay! *twirling* my knitting has fallen through the cracks lately due to so many unfinished projectsi really must getback to work!xoxo ♥ xoxo

  9. Oh I adore wooden needles! Ive been trying to buy some really cute ones with mushrooms on the top hehe xxx

  10. k.spear says:

    I think it just iron and lemon juice that faeries don't like.

  11. Miso says:

    Gorgeous collection.I've got old family needles from my Nan.What are you storing them in?Looks lovely ^^

  12. Gypsy Girl says:

    Wise choice on the needles.Alot of our metal is coming from China, either directly or indirectly,it is all radioactive, our governments let a certain amount in.Your sensitive, follow your heart,it will take care of you. That is why when I have to buy metal objects, I look for the old ones.

  13. Gypsy Girl says:

    Oh and about the fairies and the metal…again follow your heart, it knows.

  14. i love the tool box!!!

  15. Sarah says:

    just curious, what brand of knitting needles are those?

  16. thanks everybody ♥the crochet hooks are hand carved ..i got them from a man at a fair…the needles are pony rosewood :)i LOVE rosewood. LOVE!

  17. wait wait wait noooo im wrong.my DPNS are pony rosewoodTHESE circulars are lantern moon rosewood.oops.. ♥

  18. I love the collection of hooks & needles. I wish my case was as nice

  19. I agree, metal feels funny! I like wood, it gets warm as you work. I will occasionally use acrylic needles, just because they are fun and funky looking.

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