parseltongue hat

i finally finished the snake sweater pattern and
am uploading it to *ravelry* in a few minutes!
im so excited to have this done…

i had to figure out how to knit
the snake cables all over again.
so what better way to practice
than on a parseltongue hat to match!
maybe people who dont want to do
the whole sweater will be happy
with a hat? so ive written it up
and am putting it up too ♥
sssssssssssssssssssssee ya.
ssssssssssssssorry i had to.

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17 Responses to parseltongue hat

  1. As ever your designs are beautiful, quite like you!

  2. Very clever! Perfect gift for someone special I know…hummm : )A.xx

  3. Talented girl. Your world is so lovely. xx

  4. You make everything from your hand looks so dreamy and perfect. I love the beanie :)I've tried knitting before but i'm terrible at it D:

  5. a mouse says:

    thanks! :)its not too hard you just have to practiceand realize that most projects end up in the bin.. but every bluemoon…you get a gem!xoxo โ™ฅ xoxo

  6. such a pretty pic of you!that hat is perfect for'd be prrrrfect for me too, giggles! XO!lara

  7. Ivory Faces says:

    oh my your perfect. Id love to have some of your stuff. Id also love to know where you got that dolls house. I am trying to get one just like that but cant find one xxx

  8. Miso says:

    Beautiful, I love your blog.Inspirations!

  9. joanne May says:

    Beautiful knitted hat with a lovely detailed design. It looks really complicated, like Celtic Knotwork!Talking of knitting. I have just finished the illustration and posted it. The fairy image of you is wearing a knitted waistcoat trimmed with fur!Take a look see, if you have moment.Best wishes. Jo.x

  10. Karolina says:

    I love the pattern.. You make beautiful things! I can make a braid one already. Maybe I'll get to more complicated things soon.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. trishiekoh says:

    Wow, that looks really good!

  12. you seem like a great person to know, you go girl. and your pictures are beautiful<3

  13. Anne Mary says:

    Nice Blog, I like your pics, they seem antique. ^^

  14. thanks darlings! its nice to have so many lovely visitors to my knitting blog even though i am a lazy bunny with my posts!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxooxoxox

  15. Hannah says:

    What a great cable pattern, and the colour is lovely!

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