>fairy stars have 7 points *free pattern*

size 15 circular needles and 2 balls of Debbie bliss como
hold yarn single and cast on 84 stitches.
join into the round being careful not to twist.
round 1: *knit 10, k2tog, repeat from *
round 2: *knit 9, k2tog, repeat from *
round 3: *knit 8, k2tog, repeat from *
round 4: *knit 7, k2tog, repeat from *
round 5: *knit 6, k2tog, repeat from *
round 6: *knit 5, k2tog, repeat from *
round 7: *knit 4, k2tog, repeat from *
round 8: *knit 3, k2tog, repeat from *
round 9: *knit 2, k2tog, repeat from *
round 10: *knit 1, k2tog, repeat from *
round 11: *k2tog repeat from *
thread yarn through remaining 7 stitches, break yarn and weave in end. make 2 of these.
put stars together pretty side out and line up the points. pin together.
with size P crochet hook, join the two pieces of fabric together by double crocheting into each stitch around the star. (work each dc throughbothstars to join them tog) important: when you get to the points, work 2 dc instead of 1 into the point, this will help you turn the corners. (7 points total).
trouble starting? attach yarn and chain 2, that should get you going.
note:if you want to make a pillow, leave space to stuff it with poly fiber before you go all the way around.
optional ties: (not pictured because I have naughty cats) heh heh ^..^~~~~
with crochet hook, chain 15 (or length desired for your chair rails) and break yarn.
attach the center of the chain in a V to the points of mat that fit your chair.

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4 Responses to >fairy stars have 7 points *free pattern*

  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for sharing this pattern. I love it and can't wait to try a couple. If only I didn't have forty other projects going!

  2. The Ark says:

    Dear Stephanie,Your creations on here are so beautiful!!Simon pointed me in your direction and you've just about blown my socks off!Keep up the astounding handmade work!Alessixo

  3. Ella says:

    i really love your blog! very inspiring:)

  4. Teresa says:

    This is so cool. Just what I needed. I look forward to more inspiration!

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