>deer with little antlers hat

i had been trying to grow antlers for quite some time to no avail.
i finally had to get out the sticks and strings and make some!

i havent used them in a battle yet or anything. but i might do.

if you want to buy the pattern to make them yourself…
you can do that here:
pattern is 5.50 USD and takes one skein of manos del uruguay wool.
and some feltable off-white double knit for the antlers.
i mean. they are made of bone. of course they are.
lovely yarrow has asked me to post the lyrics to
*we carry white mice* so here they are:

when lacy wings decompose
i do not know. where do they go?
oh it is a subtle thing.
melting right into the air.

all the edges crisp and fray.
tiny pin eyes sink in a shell.
oh it is a subtle thing.
melting right into the air.

and then we… carry white mice to the prairie
to see them ascend.. and remember… all is lost.

it came from a poem i wrote about a little winged
bug dying and then disappearing. and about the
funeral i might have for him. if i had gotten to him in time.
i swear the poem was better! ah! seems once i turn poems into
music they just dont stand up alone anymore. bad bad bad bad bad.
the video is only a demo of half of the song… more to come! ♥

pssst.. if you want to hear it its the second video in my sidebar
the one with all the pink flowers…
i left the audio to the video footage up loud because
all of the bird chirping was real time! ♥

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2 Responses to >deer with little antlers hat

  1. bosliefje says:

    Wow, i am working on a (crocheted )deer hat as well! I love to read your blog, it comes so close to all the things i like. you really surprised me, thanx!

  2. I sing myself and completely understand what you mean… But I really like your song. 🙂 Inspires me to actually try again and write my own music. :D. Keep it up, your awesome.

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