woodland hoodlet

woodland hoodlet pattern i just finished ♥

its good for picking red red berries in the woods.

and for stopping to chat with deer along the way.

sometimes deer are shy to tell you their names are lieselotte & twigs.

so take lots of pretzels with you. deer love pretzels. its the salt.

yay the little heidi spencer tour is done. it was fun because i got to sit in the dark corner and pretend i was david gilmour on the lap steel. yes i know he doesnt play lap steel. but if he did. plus i could drink as much vodka as i wanted to and chirp to myself and no one seemed to notice one bit! its a bit harder to fall over if you are sitting down. it made me love playing out again because my legs werent all wobbly-like. playing out can be nervousing. i know its not a word but it means what i mean.
so… ♥ woodland hoodlet ♥ would you like to make your very own?
here is a quick paypal link if youd like the pattern. its 5.50usd.

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3 Responses to woodland hoodlet

  1. reeve says:

    oh, I love this!! gorgeous!

  2. pymette says:

    this woodland hoodlet is the most adorablest thing i have seen!! eek! ps i love your hair ♥xo leanna

  3. Love this perfect for a red riding hood photography shoot I have planned. Just bought the pattern so my wife can make it as a prop for me.

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