meow mitts

i just published the pattern for my meow mitts ♥

they kinda make me wanna put up my dukes & meow.

i was inspired by the little kittens on vintage valentines day cards.

oh i made a little video… its a little creepy i think:

hi im a cat. im approximately age 3 i think? my favorite footballer
is gareth bale. i got a pretty nice face as you can see.
im a pretty happy animal. uuuuuh i dont have a face.
oh. we’ll get you one. (make out scene)

knitting pattern in etsy. clicky clicky ♥

would you like to try the pattern?
you can get it on etsy by clicking *HERE*

or order a download link of the PDF right here:

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22 Responses to meow mitts

  1. nicole says:

    Lovelovelove. I'm in love with your little kitties.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like the mitts! But, What about your capelet in this photograph? Did you make it too? I like it very much. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern? Thank you very much!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Favorite footballer? Ah hahahaha. This so needs to go viral.

  4. firefly1013 says:

    I am passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. If you would like to accept, you can find details at my blog, for all the inspiration!!

  5. Jessie says:

    I love them!! xx

  6. SimoneV says:

    These are amazingly gorgeous and unique!!I only wish I didn't live in a tropical area, then I would own some! We don't get winter where I am 😦

  7. bea's blog says:

    Love your blog -you produce real sweet and special items -love the cat cuffs!✿⊱.✿⊱.✿⊱Beatrice

  8. Beate says:

    I enjoyed my self very much visiting your blog. I made a link to your place on mine. Love your stuff.

  9. RowanDeVoe says:

    ooh! these are fantastic! i love them and everything in your blog! gorgeous and so magickal! i will be back!

  10. Torie Jayne says:

    I adore them! Have a sweet day!

  11. Betty says:

    sort of creepy but fun too! you make the most wonderful stuff and I have become a follower. xxx

  12. Hi,I arrived here through the blog of the Joanne May that is also my friend and I have to tell you that I am charmed with your work. in February I should be going back to lisbon and as there does very cold in that time of the year with certainty I will need wonderful gloves as this.Big huds,yasmin

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

  14. miha... says:

    .mitten kittens 🙂

  15. thank you lovelies!!! ♥ mew mew :)xoxo

  16. I want these now, but I can't knit….I wish you had the mittens to buy. Love your work.

  17. Luluberlue says:

    This mittens are too too cute, but I'm totaly in love for your cowl!! Is it your creation too? ^^

  18. Joy says:

    Hello, I made some mitts and now Im making a cardigan with kitten faces on the front like polka dots. Im making each kitten a little different, some grey, some ginger and some tabby. Also differnet bow colours. Background is a blue/grey Rowan tweed. Yes Im obsessed!!

  19. April Mohr says:

    I have the Woodland Knits book published by Taunton Press, and love the Meow Mitts pattern, but I think there’s an error in their publication for that pattern. There’s a color CC2 listed, but it doesn’t appear in the pattern chart. Where is CC2 used? Can you help?

  20. Ruby Meadows says:

    Hi, I have your book and was getting ready to knit them but the colors on the chart and the chart key don’t seem to match up? I don’t see CC2 as shown on the key in the chart anywhere, but I see CC7 (black, not on the key) showing up in the chart and I am confused about the color work because the black obviously isn’t supposed to show up in the fur! Please advise!

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