*tiny owl knits workshop in gastonia, NC*

Oooh so excited about the weekend of workshops at Things Remembered Jan 26-29.
Look at the lovely job Joy and Deb did setting up the tiny owl trunk show! They were
busy bees & knitted lots of samples for the weekend.  Looks like some owls flew in too 🙂
*click here for more information about the classes… hope to see you there!* 

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16 Responses to *tiny owl knits workshop in gastonia, NC*

  1. ooh ooh – (i think) i was the first to “like this post”…but i wasn’t a member or something, so…
    they wouldn’t let me officially be #1. But i know that to you, i am indeed #1 and hopefully never #2, unless it’s swan #2’s, then okay. ~xoxoxoxoxo~ *love* love *love*…. & so wish i could go to your trunkshow!!! looks fab! 🙂
    diane/aka snowforest/ aka cheriefrancis

  2. Alma says:

    Congratulations!! It looks awesome. Let us know how it goes.

  3. robbie. says:

    d’awwww! the cutest trunk show ❤

  4. Nicki says:

    Looks fab Stephanie! Love those little foxes…much nicer than the ones that shriek in the street at night!

  5. emsoe says:

    Ah ! Si seulement I had wings !

  6. pixiewear says:

    oh! i so wish i could be there, stephanie! have a lovely time! xoxo

  7. Danielle says:

    Fantastic Stephanie ! The knitting bug took a hold of me whilst I was living in the U.S, so much crafty goodness ! Enjoy x

  8. We are busy getting ready for this so special event. We plan to have Owlie cookies, kits for the hexipuffs and the bluebell and moss pocket scarf, as well as for the felted rings. Make plans to come by and meet Miss Stephanie before she flies away from us. Friday the 27th will be our all day party and open knit/crochet gathering. Just please RSVP so we can reserve a spot in our nest for you.

  9. Crisy Arthurs says:

    mmmmm I would love 2 come 2 ur workshop, but I am soooooo much enjoying our summer days here in New Zealand. I promise I will be making a Bee keeper’s Quilt this year, just so attractive, I am hooked on it. Where 2 start I’m not sure, I will find the pattern, I guess I can get it from u??
    Bye 4 now
    Crisy in NZ

  10. phoebe-bird says:

    i wish I could go… but I’m in Québec, so I can’t 😦 Someday I’ll get Miss Stephanie to host one in Nisswa 😀

  11. Donna Leonard says:

    I am so jealous of everyone in NC who lives near enough to visit your shop –you are so creative and talented–I can’t decide which pattern to get first!

  12. Tina says:

    How exciting and truly wish I lived closer so I could visit 🙂

  13. Candice says:

    Yeah! I found you again! Hope you are settling in well and don’t mis the UK tooooooo much. Do you think you’ll run into Paul McCartney in the US?! Ha, ha.

  14. dutch margreet says:

    Somehow I came on your blog, It was via the beekeepers quilt at someone elses blog. I am knitting the domino”blankie” and was pondering about how to stop the borders curling . You gave me the solution, I will knit a continuous stream of little domino’s to put at the back of all the outmost little domino’s and two problems will be solved at once: no curling and a bit of a heavier border to the blanket to let it stay put. Ah, now I know, it was via Thwarted Ramblings. While the “Blankie” will be a kneeblanket, I see great possibilities for a Beekeeper Quilt as a nice seatcovering for wooden slate chairs or picknick-sit-upon quilt. I have added your blog to my favorites, but thank you for the unknown to you giving me such usefull advise.

  15. Nic Corrigan says:

    I am pleased to nominate you for the Sunshine Award. Find out more here: http://yarnathon366.wordpress.com/

  16. Marci says:

    so this is my very first experience with blogging – hope this goes well. Not sure if posting a question here is good form but…I am completely in love with the woodsy association mitts and have begun knitting. Overenthusiastic perhaps, thinking I could try the intarsia method, rather than duplicate knitting over the already knitted mitts – not for me! so, I’ve committed to the duplicate stitch for the woodsie creatures. needing a little help / reassurance that I’ve CO’d and ribbed enough before beginning the St st. I’m about 20 rows in with one row of ribbing in K1P1 and I’m seeing that my work is curling and curling and curling up in to a little roll…will this work itself out as i get more of the mitt knitted or was I suppose to do more ribbing than just one row? Thank you, Stephanie for your wonderful pattern and video.

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