*elves in sasha’s garden*

late last year before i left england i went to ally pally (a needlework convention in london) and got a chance to have a little chat with sasha kagan.  ok so i stalked her around the corner of her booth and pounced on her the second she was alone. what?
i think i was speaking elf language to her for a while.  but she seemed to understand.  i know i look like about to smack her or something. plus my mouth is open like im hissing like a cat.  but i promise i was just telling her how much ive been inspired by her designs. 
(i like how our ears are pointing out of our hair in this picture.  FAIRY POWER!)

so midway through our conversation she decided i should meet her daughter who was in a booth across the convention center.  she grabbed my hand and beelined it out of the booth high tail!  now the convention center was PACKED. and i mean STUFFED.  you could not even WALK in it.  but sasha didnt care.  she was on such a mission that she was just booking it full speed and saying “excuse me” at every back we encountered.  people just parted for us as we hustled in record speed.  i was in AWE.  id been shuffling my feet all day not able to really get anywhere!  i mean… she meant BUSINESS and she wasnt going to just go with the flow.  she needed to part that sea of people and she just DID it.   so besides gawping at her designs in person, the 2 things i learned from sasha kagan are:
1.  designing colorwork is NOT as easy as it looks, it takes a genius. and ive a lot to learn. and number 2.  sometimes when you want something done, you just gotta bust a little ass.

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30 Responses to *elves in sasha’s garden*

  1. winterfi says:

    i wonder if i try to make a heart here it’ll work ♥?
    lovely post! i would totally go all fan girl too :)!
    is this the convention you were at with kiein?? jealous squared
    (i’m accidentally on purpose making my ears stick out of my hair now too)

  2. winterfi says:

    my heart worked!
    sorry for the comment spam ♥

  3. tinyowlknits says:

    heheh yes!!!! ♥ i did get to meet kiein there!!!! FAIRY POWER!
    ♥ wheeee hearts! ♥

  4. Pauline Spinks says:

    What lovely work she does!
    And dude your coat…awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tinyowlknits says:

    thanks paulie! i got it at the fairy festival 🙂 um.. FAIRY POWER!
    ok ok ill stop 🙂

  6. baamekniits says:

    I love that first photo of you and Sasha…magic indeed 🙂

  7. Jen says:

    You have a fantastic coat! And never try to stop the FAIRY POWER!

  8. Ali says:

    Is there a part 2? I want to hear when you met her daughter!!

  9. java says:

    Coat!! So Amazing!!

  10. tinyowlknits says:

    ooh yes her daughter was super lovely and we talked about sasha getting her patterns up on ravelry 🙂 plus she was in a booth with all kinds of samples for sale so i was pawing them shamelessly.

    and thanks! ♥
    i put the fur collar on myself and added a wolf tail to the zipper 🙂
    (all fur and tails are fake) ♥
    i actually finished sewing it a few minutes before i left for the convention
    and didnt do a very good job, so i had to resew when i got home! hehe

  11. Carole says:

    wolf tail?? nooooooooo that is not cute and sweet. It should either be on a wolf or buried with them respectfully. Those tales of big bad wolves are just propaganda made up by nasty orcs who fear the wolves ability to sneak up in the dark and …….

  12. tinyowlknits says:

    ooh sorry it was not a real wolf tail 🙂 i promise! it was fake fake fake fake fur 🙂
    i have the greatest respect for wolves we tend to each other quite frequently ♥
    im quite in the company of their glorious magic on my journeys ♥

  13. hunnyb says:

    That’s awesome! I ♥ your coat too. ~♥ Go Fairy Power! ♥~

  14. Potiron says:

    food for thought!!!! thanks for the reminder!!!!
    and a big Yay for the elves of this world!!!

  15. Potiron says:

    and yes that jacket is OUT of this World, fairy forest land I’d say, so yay for the elves of this world and the Fairies as well, we need them all, and our furry little friends too!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    You’re wearing the Mr. Fox earrings ♥

    ♥♥ FAIRY POWER ♥♥

  17. Juli says:

    Yayyy look at your beautiful lil face my teacuppie! Oh my god I miss you so much it actually hurts me, I wanna hear your voice again filling my room ❤ I emailed you but I don't know if you got it, THE PICKLE QI IS CONGESTED!

  18. tinyowlknits says:

    PAH-CKAHL QI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just ate 7 pahckahls on my sandwich
    and now i have qi. gobs of qi. yes i did get your fae-mail when i was
    in vacation! now im under my own trees again and am writing you
    miss you too crumpet!!!!! ive been catching up on your blog and sooooo
    sorry to hear that steven is ill 😦 big healing wishes to him and i know
    you will make him a charm to lift his spirits and give him
    pahckhal qi and wings i ♥ u

  19. Sally at RivendaleFarms says:

    Ditto on being totally smitten with your coat!! Perfect for a magic stroll through the woods (or a convention center).

  20. upwithcycle says:

    While I was looking at those pictures, I was like, what? does she have elves make her coat, or what? yay! My elf radar still works! ♥ it and all your feathery furry-ness.

  21. Mrs Winkle says:

    love the “ears” detail!!
    sure you are an elfe!!

  22. pam says:

    Totally enjoyed your pictures and story. I went to Sasha’s site and now I see why– gorgeous colorwork, I’m inspired too! Thanks for sharing ! Go FAIRY POWER —pokes ears out of hair —
    awesome coat !!

  23. KnitterPam says:

    So great to hear from you! Did you tell Sasha you had worked at a shop in Nashville that she had taught at? That was an awesome class, what a technique she has!

  24. tinyowlknits says:

    aw thanks everybody!! may you all find the perfect fairy coat for FAIRY POWER!

    and to pam 🙂
    yup! i did tell her that i had met her before 🙂
    remember how excited we were to host her at the shop!? that was so fun.
    i miss those days!!! xoxoxox ♥

  25. dane says:

    je t’ ai mise dans mes ballades ton blog est trop bien j’ adore ce que tu fais bisous dane

  26. Fliss says:

    Oh yes please do a part two and tell us about sasha’s daughter!!!! I would have stalked you both I love both of your designs!!! You should do a fair isle fairy pattern!!!! fliss xxx

  27. queliodehilo says:

    I love your blog, is amazing!!! sorry for my english, i’m spanish. I fllow your blog because is beautifull all you knitt it.
    I have a blog too and if you like visit my blog i will be happy, hehehe, my blog is http://queliodehilo.wordpress.com/
    un saludo desde España!!

  28. dorothy says:

    happy birthday stephanie! happy hoots!
    may this new chapter bring all your dearest dreams to fruition and may all your days be sprinkled with owl sparkles ❤

  29. Charis says:

    In lurve with your coat… and your boots! If I believe in fairies will they bring me a cool coat too?!

  30. Weeeee! Welcome to Colorado! You will love it here – the mountains, green, trees, squirrels.

    Just no moss, bummer.

    Welcome, Welcome ❤

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