free spirit petticoat

last year i made a free spirit petticoat with lots of ruffles. i thought it would be the perfect thing to wear over some lacy slips… sometimes i even put a loose cardigan over the top! Get the pattern HERE. 

i got the idea from an old vintage petticoat i found at a thrift store in london a few years ago.  here is a picture of me wearing it with the woodland hoodlet…  for the life of me i cant find this thing!  i thought i packed it when i moved back to america, but alas, it must belong to someone else now.  im sure they are happy about it, and im fine too because i made myself a free spirit version with gauzy recycled fabric and lovely muted colors.

yeah thats right. im walkin.

you didnt see enough of me walkin? well here’s some more just for you. walkin walkin crunch crunch crunch. (thats the leaves, not me eating doritos… mmmm doriiiitooossss)

i made giant chunky tassels to tie the coat together. they kind of remind me of the tassels on the sides of some turkish poufs.  anyway, i never mind looking like the furniture. thanks to my sweet dad who took these photos in our neck of the south carolina woods before i moved to colorado.  he was ever so patient when i was trying to walk in slo-mo.

im working reeeealllly hard right now to finish up samples for my book. the photo shoot is scheduled in england next month, (which means actual production is still scheduled at least a year out!) in the meanwhile ive got a yummy e-book scheduled to appear soon. hope all of your knitting dreams are coming true knittens! love love and hoot hoot!

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33 Responses to free spirit petticoat

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on being in Knitscene! I’ll have to get that issue! 😀 Btw, Gorgeous photos of you crunching through those leaves! 😉

  2. It’s beautiful! And good luck on your knitting for the book – have a wonderful time at the photo shoot!

  3. Gorgeous. I love it, just like all your other designs.

  4. very cute!!! love it! thanks for sharing, karen

  5. I love it…and where at in SC…that’s where I’m from 🙂

  6. Knitterella says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Live everything about it. Can’t wait to see your ebook and book. How exciting!

  7. i screamed when i saw this in KnitScene!!!! I’m busily knitting away samples, too! who’s publishing your book?

  8. Nisse says:

    Congratulations with being in knitscene! The pattern is lovely and the tassels are a nice touch!
    Good luck with your book! Looking forward to see your new work!

  9. Leigh says:

    I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I first saw it on Ravelry! You have a knack for designing beautiful, unique things that make my jaw drop.

  10. Sally at Rivendale Farms says:

    I loved seeing you in Knitscene! You and the article on Romi by Rachael are why I bought the magazine! My pal Erin already has her yarn to make the Gypsy Petticoat, can’t wait to see it.

    Also, welcome to Colorado!!! The offer for alpaca fleece is still open if you’re in a spinning mood. Shipping would be much easier here than in the U.K.


  11. S Foss says:

    A TOK book, sign me up! So cool! Can’t wait!

  12. Margaret says:

    Congrats! and good luck with the book i will be buying!!!! And did you say e-book???? 😀

  13. Louise says:

    Love the pattern for the petticoat . I am almost finished making it .Had to have it . Keep them coming , can’t wait for the book. Do you currently have any books out? I love all your patterns
    Tally you later Louise

  14. kerrie says:

    Hey. Where in England? If you are near the south coast let me know! Love to help out and say hi! Kerrie xx

  15. baamekniits says:

    That is gorgeous!! Might just have to make that one too 🙂

  16. theknitmckinley says:

    Congtratulations on being in Knitscene – it’s such a gorgeous pattern!

  17. Pauline Spinks says:

    How gorgeous do you look!!!!!!!!!!!
    How gorgeous is that petticoat!!!!!!!!!
    Brought the mag last week…have to go on diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another dreamy, fab pattern my dear ♥
    TOK book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. jen says:

    gorgeous petticoat. sweet photos (that model aint got nothin on you!)

    i’ll be watching for your book. congrats!

  19. Natalie says:

    Books…..eeeeeeeeeeeee. I am very excited to hear that and looking forward to their arrival. Your patterns are very beautiful. This latest one is gorgeous too. Good luck with the books. Xx

  20. Congrats on the mag pattern. I am sure your book will sell well as your patterns are popular.. Hope the weather improves for the photo shoot next month

  21. Ah, that is a great pattern, and such lovely pictures!
    Your work is awesome, hope your book gets translated in Dutch, as I am a beginner in knitting, so my own language is hard enough… Thank you for the inspiration!

  22. It looks lovely on you. Well done!

  23. Aline says:

    splendid! love the romantic looks of ruffles. you look fabulous Stephanie! xo

  24. Pat Brown says:

    Gypsy petti coat! I ❤ it. Of course now I'm part gypsy and part Indian. I love everything you do. I have all the materials ready to make elfen/gnomish homefor my crochet needles and knitting needles. I just have far to many projects to make. My BFF has a new book on needle felting. That is another quaint little lane I want to meander along. Too many cuties to make, not enough hours I'm awake!,,, Love your stuff keep it coming

  25. Peggy says:

    I love this new design, the model was very cute but Stephanie, you are your own best model for your designs!!! So glad to hear the news on the books ~ you had told me it would be a year, but a girl can hope for miracles ~ can’t wait to see what magic you’ve come up with!!

  26. Lorainne says:

    Oh gosh, I love that! The colours, the ruffles, everything! ❤

  27. lori says:

    super cute! congratulations! i’m looking forward to your book!

  28. kathy says:


    We love your videos. Do you plan on doing more?

  29. says:

    I love it! I’m afraid I might be too much of a knitting amateur to make this one right off the bat… which of your patterns would you recommend for someone who knows how to knit scarves and other basic things, but wants to try something bigger and more challenging?

  30. says:

    ps: congrats on the book!!!

  31. lollyknits says:

    I love these pictures! you look like a gypsy wandering through the forest!

  32. I love you, Steph! Love, owlsocks.

  33. CobyLyn says:

    Another cute one!!! Love your write up about it too! You are so CUTE! So. Will this pattern be available on one of your shop sites or in your ebook or is it only available from the magazine? I want to add it to my next Ravelry project 🙂

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