the woodsy association

we’re the woodsy association, we fight crime we scale the highest building. we give out promotional chocolates. book us for your birthday party!  introducing a raucous band of woodsy wrist-ees that i designed for knit picks. the pattern is up now *here* whee!  if you are scared of color-work, which lots of us are, these can also be done with duplicate stitch after the mitts are finished. (thats what i did.) just remember, they are worked top down from the fingers, so be sure to do duplicate stitch the same way! (upside down) 🙂  each woodsy has a power charm attached with a 9mm jump ring at the wrist. dangle-cute!
i hope you guys will have fun stitching these guys up! i made a video of incessant rambling discussing the murky method to my madness.  and after i went to bed, the woodsies made their own video for their fight song which is lots shorter (its the second video below.)

the woodsy association fight song:

ps. stay tuned for woodsies 2 coming in the new year!

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71 Responses to the woodsy association

  1. kat says:

    so darn cute…will be ordering soon! i might try color changes yikes if not i can do the duplicate stitch!!!!

  2. kat says:

    p.s. i would love a fox and a cat one hehee!!!!!

  3. Kathi says:

    Too cute! My daughter will freak about the wolf! Going to order now! Don’t ever stop being so adorable! ♥

  4. ZoeOB says:

    I’ve ordered my copy! These are great!

  5. Jocerane says:

    They’re really cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Deborah Trueman says:

    Darling Girl, these woodsies are adorable, especially mr badger !! I shall whizz off and buy forth with xxx


  7. Pat Plummer says:

    These would make the most adorable cell phone cases-for those of us without I-Phones, of which I am one.


  8. Jackie says:

    Your Fraggle bit absolutely cracked me up! I LOVE these mitts. And the charms are such a cute touch.

  9. anastasiamw says:

    I absolutely adore these! They’re so cute!

  10. tinyowlknits says:

    thanks everybody! 😀 xoxo woodzy fraggles UNITE!

  11. sandandsky says:

    These are so cute!

  12. kim says:

    to die for, perfect beings. the charms ahhhh god i’m dead.
    and your fight song is just the best, it will be stuck in my head all day no doubt about it .. it’ll go perfect with my woodsy chilly hike this morning ♥

  13. Jennifer says:

    Love, love, love them!!! You are a very talented and creative person.

  14. Dorien Ruben says:

    Your films are definitely watchable!! They make me smile every single time!
    And the theme song is just.. fun fun! 🙂

  15. pixiewear says:

    oh, stephanie! you’re the cutest of the cute. and imminently watchable, may i add? thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning. love you, sweets! xoxoxoxo
    p.s. hmm, on second thought, maybe i don’t want any promotional chocolates… (-‘

  16. Alisa Cortez says:

    Oh my gosh, these are the very, very best! Now I know what to make for my girls this year…. they will love. Thanks to Elizabeth Clayton for leading me here via the great mystery of Facebook this morning. I’ll be back to decide just which ones I want to take on first…. wow!

  17. Mela says:

    I Love Them !!!!

  18. Jess says:

    They’re gorgeous! i’ve been painting owls today, what a coincidence! It’s an owly kinda day for me today. 🙂
    Jess x

  19. cecile says:

    I love the video! I’m definitively going to order the ebook: I need a cute crime fighting association 🙂
    Just a question: in your video, there is a super cute kite fox or fennec fox or another kind of cute creature that I don’t see in the final 5. Why? It looks so cute and I’d love it around my wrists 😦

  20. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    They are gorgeous, especially the wonderful badger!!! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  21. cecile says:

    Never mind for the kite fox (that was actually a cat, sorry!): I found the pattern for it on your Ravelry pattern store (they are the Meow mitts, just in case someone else wonders!). It’s on my queue and will definitively join my Woodsy association, I’m sure the rest of the gang will appreciate (and there is never enough cute wood creatures to fight crime and give away free dark and delicious chocolates!)

  22. Natalie aka. SilveryMoonbeam says:

    Stephanie, of coarse their chocolates are rubbish, they make them theirselves and they can’t taste them to see if they are good or not because chocolate is toxic to them. maybe if they want other animals to join they should make candy out of honey and nuts and give that out…?
    i bought the book the instant i saw it, Tallin MUST have wolf wristies, they will be gifts to as many of her friends as i can make!!

  23. lollyknits says:

    These are just so sweet and precious! and I love how amazingly detailed they are 🙂

  24. Stephen West says:

    Love! I want them to give me chocolate for my birthday on Sunday!!! I’m keep my eyes peeled for them at Rhinebeck. 😀

  25. Sarah Kelly says:

    I love your designs and would love to buy this one but I’m in England and by the looks of the buying page only those in the US and Canada can get it, is there a way I can get acopy of the pattern too?

  26. Dragonstar says:

    These are adorable! I’m with Sarah Kelly here – I live in Ireland and the KnitPicks site is only geared to USA and Canada. I’d really like to make these.

  27. You are just so stinkin’ adorable you don’t even know! I always look forward to your posts and little videos! Eeeee!

    Anyhoo, these little mitts are just so cute! I’m going to order the ebook right away and try them out for myself. Though, I must say, I am a little bit surprised that you didn’t make a fox pair to go with Mr. Fox Stole (my heart 😉 ) Either way, they are all so cute and the little charm idea is brilliant!

    Hufflepuffs 5ever!

  28. Aline says:

    my fav was Red fraggle and now that i am older, i appreciate Mokie too. Ah the trash heap! anywhoot, your vlogs are always a delight to watch and your knits are precious. did your cashmere make it mice free???? xo

  29. Clayton Janis says:

    Stephanie Can you tell me a good place to learn duplicate stitch on the internet. I just ordered the woodsy mitts (so adorable) but don’t know how to do duplicate stitch. I have watched several videos but I am having problems following what they are doing. How did you learn?


  30. tinyowlknits says:

    thanks everyone!!!! 😀 ♥

    oooh about the international buyers.
    knitters outside the US can purchase the pattern,
    you just need to put in a US mailing address,
    any will do, and knit picks is fine with it,

    they say to use this one if you want 🙂
    Street: PO Box 100
    City: Portland
    State: OR
    Zip: 97218

    youll also need to put a phone number USA
    just put 417-555-0000

    it should work!

    and yeah id really like to do a duplicate stitch tutorial sometime
    i wish i had better video equipment so it would look actually good!!!!

  31. Marilee says:

    You. Are. Awesome. These are so cute, and I love the song!

  32. The mitts are adorable!! And I’m living with my mom now, and it’s AWESOME. 🙂

  33. Deborah says:

    Hoot hoot they are cute!!!!

  34. Cecilia says:

    Love the new pattern Stephanie!! Immediately bought it and can’t wait to start on a pair. My Baby Lamb Cuffs are still my favorite hand-knits to wear and I’m glad to see more options on the same basic template. Plus omg the little charms ♥
    So dang cute!
    And your videos are not unwatchable at all!l 😉

  35. Pauline Spinks says:

    Sooooooooo darn cute and adorable….
    just like you

  36. Those are absolutely adorable!! The addition of the charms is pretty genius too, it really sets these apart from other mitts

  37. Sarah Kelly says:

    Thank you for the address!
    I’ll go and buy the pattern now! x

  38. Dragonstar says:

    Thank you for you help. It worked! I’m so happy! Thank you again. 🙂

  39. baamekniits says:

    Oh my goodness, I just died and went to heaven….so so cute! I have bought the patterns and will be making my mitts. Totally adorable, loved your video and song too 🙂

  40. Constance says:

    Is there a way to get just one of them? I love the raccoon pattern, but can’t see myself making the other ones.

  41. Barbara says:

    I just ordered these from Knit Picks to use on machine knit mittens that I am making my granddaughter for Christmas. Is there any chance that you have a bear one? I need a pattern like this to use on mittens for my grandson. Thanks for the pattern. I am so looking forward to making these.

  42. Genevieve says:

    You are so clever! Those are adorable!

    Loved the videos.
    Genevieve (a happy fraggle)

  43. Em says:

    What?!? I love the videos! 🙂
    And the Fraggle reference was awesome… Down at fraggle rock…
    Anyways – the charms are the best.looks like one more thing to add to my lineup. Best!

  44. cristina says:

    i love this! i saw this in my knitpicks catalgoue! cant wait to purchase them, thank you for loving animals and i am so happy i found your blog!

  45. KnitterPam says:

    we’ve got a birthday party coming up in December (Zoe) – hope it’s not too late to book ya!

  46. KnitterPam says:

    (part 2, after I watched your longer video…)
    OMG, that is a GENIUS way of doing the eyes! SOOOO much better than that stinky French knot (which, incidentally, I can’t do properly either). Smarty McSmartyPants, you are! Mwah!

  47. tinyowlknits says:

    knitterpam you can take that as a compliment cause you taught me most of what i know! hahah thanks for all your patience with me when i was trying to ignore gauge and refusing to write up my patterns and stuff like that 😀 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  48. Claire Hoey says:

    Hi there I have tried to purchase this pattern but I am in the UK and when it gets to the billing address it won’t let me carry on if I don’t select a US state but Not applicable is not available on the billing address part and so I can’t buy this. Desperate to start knitting these! Claire


  49. Sarah says:

    Hi there, love the Woodsy gang! I’d like to buy one or two of the animal versions but not all (not many badgers or raccoons here in NZ), so is it possible to buy individual variants as separate download patterns on Ravelry?

  50. Claire Hoey says:

    Have had an email now from knit picks and the wonderful people there have sorted it out for me so fast – hooray! Thank you.

  51. tinyowlknits says:

    oh im so glad claire!
    yup for anyone else who has trouble…

    knitters outside the US can purchase the pattern,
    you just need to put in a US mailing address,
    any will do, knit picks is fine with it,
    and says to use this one if you want 🙂
    Street: PO Box 100
    City: Portland
    State: OR
    Zip: 97218

    you may have to put a US phone number too..
    try 417-555-0000

  52. tinyowlknits says:

    hi sarah 🙂 thanks!
    but so sorry!
    knit picks is selling the collection as an e-book with no plans to sell the gang separately.

  53. kittee says:

    for a former fraggle, you sure can sing. best fight song ever!

  54. Genni Simon says:

    You are quite possibly the most adorable person ever. And these are very obviously the most adorable mitts ever.

    Down at Fraggle Rock *clap, clap*

  55. Sunny Sajof says:

    wow! so lovely! fell in love instantly!

  56. Randi dk says:

    Wauw, brilliant and very scandinavian
    Keep up, I might need some, the winter is coming to Denmark today with snow and everything

  57. ZoeOB says:

    I’ve already made the owl pair – fun! Next up are the raccoons. But, alas, what are you wearing in the video? Sweater? Poncho? Wrap? Love the yarn, the color, the design. Please please please share?

  58. Brooke says:

    Insane and adorable, the mittens and the fraggle video. And being a fraggle is awesome if your parents have great groceries. So jealous you are autumning… It’s spring here, but I dream of autumn and deer mittens. I totally heart you and the mittens

  59. abby says:

    Oh my goodness! i love the badger ones!!!!!!

  60. Heike says:

    Absolutely looooooove the design!! Please do keep the idea of the charms for future designs! Unfortunately the ordering of the pattern via knitpicks doesn’t work at all for me as a foreign customer: I did as you advised, have already paid for it, but didn’t get any response whatsoever from them, not even after having sent two mails asking for what went wrong. I’m very disappointed (I really wanted to make some of the woodsys), especially as having ordered the little mr. fox pattern from tiny owls directly before was absolutely no problem (another great design – two thumbs up!).

  61. Cindy says:

    Just downloaded these adorable fingerless mitts! So cute can’t wait to start! Think the racoon first!

  62. Linda Smith says:

    I love these! I also love the capelet that you are wearing. Is this your design?? If not, how do I get the pattern and the yarn is wonderful!

  63. Heather M says:

    Trying to do it as colorwork, yikes, so hard! I’ve had to rip them out twice. i’m not experienced with colorwork, so not too shocking and it’s nice to try with a pretty small piece but I might have to give in to duplicate stitch. Are all the samples we are looking at done with duplicate stitch? They look nice and flat, just want to see what dupe stitch would look like. Thanks!

  64. Ismail N says:

    Looking at the raccoon wrist-ess – I wish I could knit! Adorable & cute…:D

  65. Hunter Jackson says:


    I’ve been looking for a present for my sister and I just came across your gorgeous mitts. The only problem is, I can’t sew. I was wondering if it is possible to purchase these mitts.

    kind regards

  66. Sierra says:

    love, love, love. any chance you have a pattern to duplicate stitch a horse head on these??? i saw the lamb and robin ones too. i’ll be back to purchase after i decide which ones!

  67. Victoria says:

    my daughters would love these (I do too) do you knit to sell?

  68. your work is amazing

  69. CaliZona says:

    Freakin love those Raccoon wrist warmers!!

  70. Barbara says:

    I would like to knit these for my 10 year old granddaughter. What would be an appropriate size?

  71. Kim C says:

    It always amazes me how much just a color change can alter the whole feeling of a piece. Each one is so wonderful and unique in its own way. Looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s pattern too!

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