faeries & ghosts

we woke up this morning with 4 inches of snow! we dusted off the pumpkins and the baby juniper tree just in time.  the horses across the field are busy blowing ghosty smoke rings.

speaking of ghosts 🙂 my sweet friend teresa gregorio from canary knits just put out a spooooooooky e-book of yummy ghosty knits just in time for the most bestest holiday ever, halloweeeeen! the e-book is a history buff’s dream.  tons of facts, tidbits, tales and lore lace the book of 11 earthy & ghosty knits. first on my list to knit? that yummy cream sweater on the right called galoshans. i need one in every color so guess i’d better get to it. 🙂 click the pic to see more!

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5 Responses to faeries & ghosts

  1. Dawn says:

    Ooooohhh – wonderful entry! I had not yet found this lovely on ravelry! 🙂 *swoons* Beautiful and endearing creations… have yet to knit a sweater but her designs give me reason to bite that bullet ;). Thank you for sharing! ❤

  2. i wish it was snowing here! we’re about to have some strange snow/hurricane/noreaster thing. idk.

  3. lollyknits says:

    I love The Uncanny socks.. and the Feathers scarf! These are some really wonderful designs!

  4. Yarrow says:

    Oh I’m so glad to have found your new cyberhome! So much has changed in your world since I last read ‘Owl in the Dark’ and so much has changed for me too. I so hope you’re well and happy sweet fairy.x

  5. Kim C says:

    Ohhh my zoodness! These patterns just keep getting better and better and better! I cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring. It’s been so fun to have something new to look forward to seeing each day. I wish there were 30 patterns in the book! hehe 🙂

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