*spirit of the birch*

hoot! now presenting a new pattern called *spirit of the birch*.  its a felted scarf and cuff!  the birch tree represents birth and new beginnings.  it also is the celtic tree for the new year and for starting over fresh.  cant you just feel the amazing energy of this new year?IMG_0227
my grandmother used to have lots of birch trees in her front garden. she told me to write my wishes on the little bits of bark that naturally fell from the trees onto the ground.
i have always loved birch trees. i got the idea for this scarf almost a year ago, and began working on it 9 months ago. for some reason it just took a long time in the labyrinth of creation before it was ready to be born.  sometimes we just have to trust the process.
the scarf is knitted in the round like a tube & then felted in the washing machine. i added some wispy spirit fringe at the ends to represent the dryad (the tree spirit inside.) spiritofthebirch2
the best surprise about this project was the little cuff! i knitted it as a gauge and promptly put it on my wrist where it has stayed pretty much all year! i wear it with everything. even in the summer. (im wearing it in the mollie makes photoshoot heh heh) its kind of tough dont you think? yes. yes it is tough to wear a birch tree on your wrist. it kind of looks like maybe you punched through the middle? no thats sillyness. anyway, its cute.
spiritofthebirch the year has turned another corner and i have so much to do and share. my needles are on the move.. and im heading back to england for the second half of the photo shoot for my knitting book soon!  also, i seem to be doing some embroidery? what is that all about!? oh also if you want to check out this page i just found… it is so magical and full of some beautiful birch lore. if not, heres a rambly brambly video where i talk about portkeys etc.

ps. want the pattern? ie: do you want to wear a tree?  *click here.*
pps. thank you so much to my kind and talented new photographer and neighbor (how convenient!) freddie ochoa.

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39 Responses to *spirit of the birch*

  1. Pauline Spinks says:

    love love love it
    and you look stunning………. as always!
    Fab photos!

  2. tinyowlknits says:

    thank you sweetness! ♥ xoxoxo

  3. Brooke says:

    Love it!

  4. Randi dk says:

    Wauw, another great project
    Love your designs

  5. knitsinsanity says:

    Absolutely stunning, that scarf is going straight on my to knit list!

  6. Jimi says:

    I really like the idea
    When I go camping with my friends and their kids we always find the old birch bark that has fallin of the trees. The little kids get excited because it really helps start the camp fires. Then is goes back to another life in the form of heat and fire. Birch is so pretty.

  7. tinyowlknits says:

    thanks everyone!
    and so true jimi..
    the birch goes into st. brigids fire for the start of the next season… spring! 🙂

  8. mia says:

    how wonderful! i’ve always liked birch, thanks for sharing insight into its essence and thanks for sharing your crafts

  9. jackie says:

    love it and your story of new life. My preschool child would collect fallen birch bark to learn about it when we would hike…..thanks

  10. Crumpie says:

    Wheeeeee! It’s heeeeeerrrreeee! You totally gave birth to that birch tree! It was all in there being a snuggly lil birchy baby going “I’ll come out in February ok?” I loe it so much ❤ Being a birch baby myself I suppose. BIRRRRRRCHHHHHHH, AH MAH GAHHHHHD AHS A BAHHHHHHHRCH!
    You're coming back? YAY. Do I get to see you? Yes or um…. yes? There is no choice, bwahahahaha. I miss you teacuppie!
    Ultimate love of greatness and crumbly crumpie joy xoxoxoxox

  11. Julie Holmes says:

    So beautiful, hope you enjoy your trip to England. We are avid knitters here so have fun.

  12. Dancing in the forest with the Dryads, wrapped in mystical Birch bark? Sounds utterly magical… where are my needles?

  13. pixiewear says:

    It’s beautiful, sweetheart! And I loved your p.s. I think knitting this will be so symbolic and helpful to me this winter. Really perfect timing. Thank you, love!

    p.p.s. Grab Cedric and RUN!!! *hee hee!* I adore you!

  14. Melanie says:

    Loved it too. You fascinated me with the video about the trees do you have a link? I have a daughter studying environmental science well technically she is a bioenvironmental science major and she would really enjoy something like that.

  15. sophie says:

    Oh I’ve never heard of spirits in trees before! Thank you so much for charing this and your scarf is so adorable! I love your patterns I own them all 😉

  16. carol says:

    Love your energy! It really is felt(get it, felt?) anyway, you just keep your creations coming because they are adding beauty and light to the world!!

  17. Lisa says:

    This might sound completely lame but your analysis of the birch and its symbolism of re-birth and new beginnings made me totally tear up. I have a really good friend who is going through her own labyrinth of heinous awfulness right now and I am casting on today with her in mind. It was definitely kismet and I am so excited to get started on this new journey. ❤

  18. eskimo*rose says:

    What an adorable and brilliant idea – I love it – I have always thought that if I were a tree I would like to be a silver birch, so it;s no wonder that I love this!

  19. Dearest Beloved Sistar! I don’t know if I ever Shared this with you, but I feel now is the time:

    Also, I highly recommend the book “The Lineage of the Codes of Light”, it’s actually a series of books, The Brotherhood of the Magi, and now finally The Priestess and the Magus, all by Jessie E. Ayani, whom I highly respect, she also wrote Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body.

    I would love to connect, you can find me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saralise.azrael

    Many Blessings! Can’t wait to make this scarf, I have a serious connection to the birch tree as well, AND i really identified with EVERY WORD of your vid!

    Muah, xx

  20. Beautiful and lovely photos as always. I’m also progressing from knit to sew; maybe there’s a fun way to do both.

  21. gayann wilkinson says:

    love your web site. your talent is incredible.

  22. lollyknits says:

    I love how adorable these pictures are. The birch cuff is both tough and delicate at the same time, beautiful!

  23. Hello, I’m totally new here and I found all your creations really beautyfull !
    I love your romantic style and the pictures are nice. Sadly, my english is not good enough to translate your patterns (but that’s going to change 😉 !)

  24. Nancy says:

    I love the scarf. Such a great idea

  25. xlolliqueenx says:

    Yay! New pattern! I love birch trees! They remind me of going camping with my family. And I’m so glad you’ve posted again! I always look forward to your blog posts and your videos! And I really can’t wait for your book to come out!

  26. Auntneesea says:

    I love your home. Can you come and make mine look like that, too? Bought the pattern…I love it. Where in the world did you get that crystal? What kind is it? Anyway, love when you do vids. Thanks.

  27. Cassandra Oberlander says:

    This video resonated with me so much, I am so inspired by your work, and look forward to every video and piece of art, thank you!

  28. Hi, I love your blog! Being a friend of the fae I love all things faerytale, with owls and toadstools! I am also an avid crochet fiend! Love how blogs can bring everyone together and give more inspiration than I know what to do with … Now where did I leave my hook? Will check back often! Emma

  29. Charlotte V says:

    Oh my god ! It seems so real, I’m impressed !
    And, I love your knitting work in general 🙂

  30. Laura b. says:

    Hello. Love your website! Had a quick question about beekeepers quilt pattern. For decrease do I ssk or k2 tog? Thanks!

  31. Victoria says:

    The Birch tree came into my consciousness during a rough patch recently…I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I was thinking about Birch trees all day everyday, I even embroidered one to channel it into something tangible. Because of this, I did some research to see what it symbolized and why it may be coming to me. Turns out, I was born under the Birch Moon in Celtic Tree Astrology (Jan 13)! Awesome. I found you and this scarf and my heart filled with joy! Though I’ve never finished a knitting a project… :-/ (more a needle n thread, seamstress) I purchased this pattern, and I’m really feeling inspired and hoping to get some birch loving round my neck…at some point…hopefully in the near future…;) ❤ !

  32. tinyowlknits says:

    thanks! 🙂 most people do ssk first, then a k2tog at the end.. sometimes i did k2tog both times and it makes a tidier edge.. either way is fine. 🙂

  33. tinyowlknits says:

    thanks 🙂 i got it on eeebaaaayyy.. its a new friend so im still getting to know him xoxo

  34. Melissa says:

    The scarf and cuff are gorgeous!! I just found your blog, and I love it! Totally my style.

  35. I love your creativity !
    many many thanks !
    photos on my website of mini fox stole tonight !
    wonderful pattern

  36. Sally says:

    Hi I love your spirit – your patterns and videos make me smile x Just watched the Vimeo clip on the fabulous Beekeeper’s quilt and just wondered where you got that awesome bag that minds all your beekeeping supplies? Its so cute. Thanks for your unbounding inspiration xx

  37. Oh, this is simply GORGEOUS… I just moved to the Pacific Northwest this year, and we have so many lovely birch trees all around us! I will surely have to knit this some day 🙂

  38. Kim C says:

    It just doesn’t get any better than Dragons with hoods..unless …it’s Dragons with hoods and BELLS on! You never cease to amaze me with your creativeness and awesome patterns.

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