*day 4 of the give-away party!* dragon watcher’s hood

hiya knittens! hope you are having a beautiful sunday! i’m so glad you’ve come back to play today. So here we go! Day 4 brings us *dragon watcher’s hood*.

The Dragon watcher’s hood will keep you warm while you wait for dragons to appear.  It is also fitted with 3 tiny bells in case the dragons you meet get feisty. Dragons love music so when you encounter one, just ring the tassel bells to relax them.  Once dragons are relaxed, they’ll protect you forever and always toast your marshmallows to perfection.

You can take a closer peek at the details *here* or buy it now for 5.50 USD.The pattern is also featured in my book *woodland knits.*

Q. How do i win a copy of dragon watcher’s hood, and how do i win a copy of the book!?
A. Simple! Just leave a comment right here in this post and i’ll pick winners tomorrow!

Now for the FUN STUFF!
The WINNING COMMENTS from yesterday (chosen at random) are:
First for the copy of the pdf:
CONGRATULATIONS Bonnie Pinkerton!!

Bonnie Pinkerton says:
OMG! It has really been a busy week and I am just now seeing that you are giving things away! I love all of your stuff and would love to win anything! Oh by the way, I have to tell you that my 6 year old nephew is in ‘love’ with you. I was showing my niece the video’s of your new bracelets and my nephew was mesmerized! We soon discovered that we could play any of your videos and he would sit as if transfixed! When they are over he begs us to find another one! Too cute!

Next for the copy of the book:
CONGRATULATIONS Birgitta Goetzlemann-Liebig!!!

Birgitta Goetzelmann-Liebig says:
Dear Tiny Owl,
your patterns get my knitting needles out of retirement! This one is definitely worth forgoing lectures, meetings and conferences – gorilla-knitting in business and at University – here I come again!!! Keep designing your wondrous stuff, ordered your book, am absolutely thrilled by the Beauty of it all. Thank you for rekindling the flame!!! – Birgitta

Winners, i’ll be sending you an email so be sure to check your junk folder!
See you tomorrow for day 5 and until then happy knits and good luck!!
love, stephanie xoxo

Ps. It’s true was having a major morgana le fay when i made this hood! I was dreaming about Merlin and thought we needed a loooong pixie hood with looooong tassels for them to share. It’s time they got along isn’t it? For some reason I missed the show Merlin when I was living in the UK… but when I got back to America I gobbled it all up in a few weeks… I just loved it for the costumes and set design.  So merlantic! (thats merlin and romantic put together) …… as the world should be, right?

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409 Responses to *day 4 of the give-away party!* dragon watcher’s hood

  1. melissa patrick says:

    fabulous! i need this for my winter walks through the woods!

  2. You’re very clever Stephanie, I have everything crossed! ❤️

  3. Vera says:

    Merlantic! Love that word and totally pinching it! One of my boys is keeper of a (invisible to most) dragon named toother, he says he needs one in green 🙂

  4. What a lovely pattern! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  5. spinnerin (Erin from Faery Knitting) says:

    Oo, it looks toasty and cheery and calming to dragons!

  6. Sandi says:

    I’ve adored your designs forever and have purchased a few, but this hood, this hood is AMAZING! AH. MAZ. ING!! I just adore your design sense, whimsical, embracing nature and the supernatural.

  7. kath says:

    that is stunning! It would look just the part in Glastonbury!

  8. OMG I love this!!! I love all your patterns, they are so unique, creative and fun. I am knitting the Bee Keepers quilt right now! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next 🙂

  9. Lynda says:

    I’m loving seeing the new patterns from your book and I’m patiently waiting for the hardback to come out from Amazon because I believe such wonderness (yes, it’s a word!) should be protected with much care. Can’t wait to get my eyes and hands on these new loverlies (also a word).

  10. Jayne Bartolotti says:

    Would love to make these for my granddaughters. We built them a castle and of course, they need to watch out for dragons!

  11. lunefantasy says:

    Oh my Goddess… I think you are walking for Avalon… So beautiful, so Red, the blood of Mother Earth !!! I’m found in love, now, just right now !

  12. dragonstar01 says:

    Oh, beautiful! I love this!

  13. Effie M. says:

    I keep saying that every pattern is one of my favorites, and this is no exception. I WILL have one of these for myself this winter. It is going to be oh so cold and blustery here this year, and this will keep me nice and toasty, all while feeling properly merlantic myself. ❤

  14. pokitty says:

    I am just MELTING all over this hood! Oh the beauty!

  15. Sally A. says:

    Love this! The bells are the perfect touch. ^^

  16. oh my goodness, how lovely! and she pricked her finger and a single drop of ruby red blood fell onto the snow. Her lips will be as red as blood said the Queen. We have a hill near by that the children named “Dragon Mountain”. There is a cave where people have little fires – of course WE know it is actually where the dragon hides at night for a snooze and it is in fact his snoring breath that has burned the cave wall…

  17. Heather says:

    Dragons beware!!so beautiful love love it!

  18. Kirsten says:

    Wow, it really does get better. This brings to mind all the wonderful Fantasy books I have read! Don’t you just want to slip on your Dragon-Hood and hope on your own Dragon and fly the skies to adventure? I can hardly wait!

  19. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been transported to another time and place. Beautiful!

  20. Jeanne Einhorn says:

    Merlantic – now that’s a great description. I knew I was saving those little bells I bought in Arizona at a bead and gem store for a reason.

  21. I love love LOVE THIS PATTERN !!!!
    I love all your patterns !
    many thanks again to your wonderful world !
    Stéphanie from France

  22. Lotta says:

    Ooh I think this is the best one yet! It’d be perfect for wandering about the grounds of our university… taking a stroll in the forest… looking for dragons… love ♥

  23. mandarine's says:

    Fingers crossed! I love this pattern!

  24. ldpaulson says:

    Merlantic?! I thought that was like an Atlantic Mermaid. Mermaid+ Atlantic = Merlantic … Silly me! Wonderful hood! Which hood would you make for snowshoeing adventures, Stephanie? Bells would come in handy, although flowers and wee horns in the snow… Hmmmm, I’m officially torn!

  25. Deanna says:

    Oh my, how stunning! Every day makes it more difficult for me to decide what to knit first….I am so excited!

  26. Lily Keirby says:

    Just got back from Skipton YARNDALE, first thing to do is open tiny owls blog, wow! Another fest, a dragon hood of wonderous style keep it up it’s just marvellous nothing like this when I was first knitting in the fifties, they are so lucky to have people like you.

  27. TerriSue says:

    I love this pattern. It transports you to another place and time just looking at the pictures. I can’t imagine what it would do to done it.

  28. brianna bernard says:

    I’ve been looking for a pattern just like this and here it is!

  29. Ailbhe says:

    I love the bells! Reminds me of a nursery rhyme my grandad used to tell me:
    Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
    To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
    With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
    She shall have music wherever she goes.
    The idea of having that jingle on cold mornings, as I trudge into college… it brings a little light to the mundane…

  30. Julie Simpson says:

    Medieval echoes and romantic overtones! I ❤ it ! Keeping my toesies crossed for a book x

  31. Pick me . My other hood was stolen by the big bad wolf

  32. Mima says:

    You look so lovely in the pictures and with all the magical fairy knits you think up…you MUST have some fae blood in you!
    Can’t wait to lay my hands on the book. ❤

  33. Jean Saja says:



  34. Oh, please pick me… I do so want a copy of your book!!


    ps can’t wait to find a dragon of my own so my marshmallows will be “toasted to perfection.” brilliant!

  35. I get paid Tuesday and this book will be purchased immediately! I am so excited! I have loved every pattern so far.

  36. Lisa says:

    Another big hoot from me — so far all of the patterns are great! I could see using a very special bead, bell, or found object right at the tippy-top end of the hood = love it!

  37. Jane Kellett says:

    I will knit this for Suzie who sees dragons and fairies everywhere! (even at the bus stop!)

  38. Sharonnz says:

    Oh MY…perfect for an Eragon obsessed 14 year old! LOVE this.

  39. Laurie says:

    How do u do it? Creative mind and a pure heart I bet!

  40. Larah Sifuentes-Winter says:

    My daughter has a dragon who gets a little feisty around me, so I would love a dragon hood to quell the nervousness of my baby’s protector (I think she said his name is George!) Love finding a kindred spirit in you, Stephanie. Perhaps we are ancestrally linked!!

  41. Bunny says:

    Oh, this is so incredibly cute! I love big pixie hoods… Have been slowly working on making myself a scrappy patchwork one out of old sweaters. HAVE to make myself… probably half a dozen of these in different colours!
    Sigh… there were some lovely ladies in my life, sadly now passed away, who would have loved this even more than I do. Faery-girls in human form, living only briefly among us.

  42. Nanita says:

    This give-away party is so much fun!! Another gorgeous pattern, enchanting! ♥

  43. E. B. says:

    oh my goodness this is so adorably delicious (and useful too; I know there are dragons around here; I’ve spotted the signs!)

  44. Robin D says:


  45. sewincoloran says:

    I love this hood, perfect for dragon watching or woods-walking! Maybe I need a red cape too! Hope I win either pattern or book!

  46. siren says:

    I’m using one of my magic wishes to win this book, but if I get a different wish instead I’m buying it anyway because I want to make everyone holiday presents from it!

  47. Eilidh Fairfoul says:

    Oh wow, this is beautiful. You are so very talented. I have recently discovered your work through a friend. Would love a copy of your book.

  48. Annie says:

    Dragon watching is such a fine pastime. But chilly. Great that you designed the hood. It’s beautiful.

  49. pamela says:

    Just returned from the Isle of Mull where this hood would have been just the thing!
    Love all your designs!!
    And congratulations on the new book!

  50. Terry says:

    Just finished watching “Mists of Avalon” from my DVD collection. This would definitely fit right in to that movie — they could have really used the extra magic of the bells. Another fabulous creation!
    Thank-you for sharing your time and talent with us.

  51. oh wow the patterns just keep getting cuter everyday. I am so looking forward to buying your awesome wonderful book.

  52. lynnofthewood says:

    I love the little bells, noticed them right off!

  53. Heidi Bruksas says:

    sure hope to win the book. or this pattern, i love it

  54. Diana says:

    Just adorable, wolf love to make it for my daughter 🙂

  55. Paddy says:

    Lovely! I need one .

  56. Diana says:

    I love this– totally Morgana-worthy!

  57. Katie Gunning says:

    I’m in love with each new pattern you post. I would love to win a copy of this book and make one or ten of everything. I may have to start a yarn wish list for Christmas…

  58. Sigga says:

    I feel like I’ve gone into the future since it’s still the 29th in here! Maybe Merlin had something to do with that. 😛 Love the hood and love the show Merlin as well. ^_^

  59. Saskia says:

    All your patterns are so lovely! My to do – I mean- to knit-list is getting longer every day : )

  60. Maddy says:

    So in love with that hood… it’s very mystical ❤

  61. gnomemother says:

    As a Morris Dancer I highly approve any clothing with bells. Love it!

  62. whatzitknitz says:

    each picture you show here has me thinking what or who to knit for. some of my nieces would just love the cowl for their x-mas present from me but some of them definetely need this hood as they explore in the woods near their house. but now what to knit for their brothers – tell me that there is a knit or two in the book for the men in our lives ; )

  63. Dea says:

    Oh, so pretty!!! I wanna be a dragon watcher too 🙂

  64. sonja says:

    Love dragons, love this design!

  65. Kristalia Astari says:

    I’ve seen other people with hoods like these sewn not knitted. They called them fairy hoods or goblin hoods but regardless I’ve always loved the look and I have the perfect yarn I’ll use for one of these! Beautiful as always, Hugs!

  66. Stefanie says:

    Very beautiful again.

  67. Vicki Macphail says:

    Hi, I love you stuff! So creative and beautiful 🙂

  68. Liz says:

    Oh man, this pattern piqued my interested because of the name, but I’m in love with the design: long, pointy hood with bells? *swoon* And your Morgan Le Fay backstory make it even better! =)

  69. Cindy says:

    It keeps getting better and better! Love your designs!

  70. lounatine says:

    It’s so lovely!!! What an amazing knitting world you offer to us thanks your fabulous patterns!

  71. deejayemm says:

    I am getting worried now, because the patterns are getting lovelier every day – how are we going to make it to Day Ten without melting to a quivering blob of squee?

  72. Olivia says:

    ADORE THIS! ❤ please pick me!

  73. Alisa Cortez says:

    Every day I think I’ve found “the one” new project … and then I see the next one! Ooh, so hard to choose! I love them ALL, so any choice will be a good one. I think now it’s just a question of HOW MANY can I do by December?!?

  74. Bryony says:

    I will definitely buy the book, everything has been wonderful so far, but I actually *need* to make this hood so much!

  75. Alice says:

    Lovely pattern and book looks amazing, am crossing my needles 😉

  76. samantha says:

    So inspiring! All your designs bring me back to life whenever I’m in a knitting funk. I just gathered up some old unfinished projects I had laying around, and I’m going to finish them right now. I need to free up those baskets so I’ll have room to make everything from your book!

  77. Beauuuutiful! I love this!! The name Dragon Watcher’s Hood is perfect for it! Another one to add to my Ravelry line up 🙂

  78. I would love to win your book, to have all these amazing patterns at my finger tips would make me giddy as a school girl.

  79. Jenny Cifelli says:

    This hood is enchanting! It’s official, I MUST purchase your new book!….crossing fingers.

  80. Xochitl says:

    OH MY GOD. I love this so much. I would have to make at least one in ever color. I could see so many awesome patterns and fair isle stitches in this. So adorable.

  81. Abby M says:

    This is by far my favorite pattern in the book! With winter around the corner, I need one of these!

  82. Jen says:

    Your patterns are so fantastic. My little guy’s name is Xander Drake (Dragon) and he’s my little firecracker! I would love to win the Dragon Watcher’s hood for those winter days on the playground. A copy of your book would be even better – currently quite difficult to get here in Canada. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Best wished on your book!

  83. Kendal says:

    I love that you were “having a major Morgana le Fay” when you made this! Thanks for the giveaway, and for being generally adorable!

  84. This is a perfect pattern! I’ve been looking for a nice knotted hood pattern because I own three cutie raincoats, and none of them have hoods! I’m from the Seattle area, so I definitely need them -_-

  85. Ooh! Every one is my new fave!

  86. xlolliqueenx says:

    I’m working on making this right now! Its so adorable and super easy! I’m only thinking I should have done it in a red color instead of a light purple.

    (P.S. If by some chance this comment has gotten chosen, please give the prize to someone else since I all ready have the book ^,^)

  87. Kristin McFarland says:

    Merlantic! This is both gorgeous and snuggly-looking. I especially love the color you chose — one could dream big dreams under that hood!

  88. Jane Hamilton says:

    Absolutely Love This Pattern!!!!!!!!!

  89. Sallie Kneebone says:

    Hello beautiful!! My son was born in the year of the dragon – wearing a magical dragon hood would make me smile so much!!!!!!
    Sallie K. x

  90. Jen says:

    Woops – i lied. It was just added to amazon.ca! So it is available in Canada 🙂 Would still like to win one, but will happily buy one too 🙂

  91. So pretty I love the addition of the bells, so sweet! I want to knit them all!!!

  92. Lynda Redwitch says:

    Any dragon that I come across, would be enchanted by this beautiful hood! 🙂

  93. stormarela says:

    I love this hood, can’t wait to make it, with bells on! Thank you for another wonderful pattern.

  94. Julia says:

    Ooh i love this!!!! This is extremely cute!

  95. angela woods says:

    Wonderful pattern as always, love the connection to Merlin, It reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood’s cape. Totally I love with all these patterns. x

  96. Marilee says:

    I just love your patterns. My daughter and I love to spend time pouring over your patterns and reading the enchanting descriptions…I would love to win a copy!

  97. Nichol Davis says:

    I am a new knitter…and a little obsessed with owls…I came across your site while searching for things on Pinterst and oh what wonderful patterns you have!!!!! I just purchased a pattern and there are more that I’d love…and this hood is adorable!!!!!

  98. Tenley says:

    Adorable. I love this pattern! And the book looks absolutely dreamy!

  99. Patty rifkin says:

    Ah, would but we could live in a camelotesque world. Your patterns would certainly make one fit in. I absolutely love the dragon hood and it would be perfect to wear in winter when I feed our horses. Your emails made me want to revisit your patterns. Decided I must make tiny cauldrons for everyone on my gift list this year. Would love to find these patterns in my mailbox one morning. Will definitely have to get the book if I don’t win one.

  100. Allison says:

    ooooh this might be my favorite so far this week.

  101. Sally at Rivendale Farms says:

    I like dragons.

  102. Anja says:

    I so looove this hood! It is my favorite pattern of the book so far. But to be honest, I think that every day when I saw the latest design. ♥
    Thank you for creating such magical designs and sharing them with all of us.

  103. Margaret says:

    Absolutely beautiful, just right for dragon hunting (I love dragons)

  104. Cindy W says:

    Another beautiful pattern. I love this hood! Of course, it helps that red is my favorite color.

  105. Lorraine Turner says:

    Hi Stephanie, love your dragon hood. Reminds me of watching King Arthur Days and the tv show “Merlin”. It would be something you would see in the series. I wait patiently for your next pattern. They are so original and different than any other designs. Keep on designing. I would love to have your book and am thinking of getting it for my grand-daughter who is very original at nine years old in all that she does.

  106. Aerial says:

    Oh pick me please!!

  107. Merina Matthew says:

    I absolutely Love knitting, but currently don’t have the time as I am a full-time student at College working on a Masters degree. I have been collecting dragons for MANY years and love the idea of a hood to calm them.
    I am a 58 year old single mother who has waited 30 years to go back to school, but I have also been a life-long crafter. My mother started teaching me crafts when I was 5 years old.

  108. Karen Lauterwasser says:

    A wonderful thing to wear on those cold winter days. Just perfect for a fan of all things related to the tales of King Arthur!

  109. Gunilla says:

    Wow… Beautiful!

  110. The only thing better than a hood is a GIANT hood. It’s super-Merlantic and I love it love it love it. I have the exactly perfectly smooshy-soft brown merino wool to spin up for such a thing, too. It’s been waiting patiently for the perfect woodsy project.

  111. Lizzy Reeves says:

    Another utterly delicious pattern! I live next to the forests on the edge of the moors here in the UK and I can see these knits being perfect for the faeries in these parts! Love your stuff! x

  112. Nora Hahn says:

    How very awesome! just the red I knit with at the moment…♥♥♥

  113. Susan Pendergraft says:

    Super cute!! I can see my daughter running around the yard in this cute hood letting her imagination run wild. You are a talented artist!!

  114. Mara says:

    The hood is adorable!! And so are the presenation photos!

  115. Emma < your super fan ! says:

    Absolutely love it ❤ ❤ ❤

  116. Tracey says:

    I love this hood!

  117. Ruth Ainscough says:

    I love your patterns, they make me feel like a little child again. Can’t wait to get knitting.

  118. Renee NZ says:

    This pattern is so lovely! It is being added to my must knit list as I type 🙂

  119. Ember says:

    This has to be my favorite by far. The color is beautiful! I want to make it now for myself and all of my friends 🙂 This book is the top of my christmas list (just above a set of interchangeable circulars)

  120. Paige says:

    Love this one!

  121. Ann says:

    Another beautiful pattern!

  122. Aline says:

    yay! another hood for when the other one is in the wash. this colour looks amazing on you! i adore all the clever stories that you share with each desgin. Ooooh, i cant wait!

  123. Dissolvedgirl says:

    Oooh I need to knit this ! It’d be perfect for wearing while watching HTTYD 😀

  124. Wow! You’re amazing!!! Love this one very much … red really is my colour. 🙂

  125. Adrienne says:

    Another beautiful and fun pattern! Seriously as a life long lover of all things Arthurian, this hood is just amazing! This week of surprises is turning out to be so much fun! I can’t wait for tomorrow.

  126. Laura V. says:

    This looks so cozy and fun! Gorgeous hood

  127. Tess says:

    I really need this for when I slip out at night to feed my pet dragon, Alphonso! And I need the whole book of woodland wonders to keep Alphonso happy with my choice of knitting pastimes! Luv this daily treat & hope, hope to win-thank you!

  128. Connie K. says:

    Loving this! I must make one for my daughter to wear to Ren Fest!

  129. Dewi says:

    Oh gosh… Red hoods ^_^

  130. I have the perfect red yarn to knit this dragon watcher’s hood. Thank you for the contest each day.
    The patterns are great.

  131. emma says:

    gorgeous and romantic!

  132. Clara says:

    oh my goodness they just keep getting better! (If that is even possible!)

  133. Dianne LaDow says:

    As usual it is just so…so…so story book like. I love store book like things so naturally I really enjoy your site and love this hood.

  134. I want this hood; no, I need this hood! I do have a dragon here in my old house, and he (or she) would find the little bells so enchanting. He (or she) is a benevolent dragon so there is no fear or danger!

    I love all your whimsical designs!

  135. Birgit says:

    Such a lovely pattern!

  136. This is so much fun! I love ALL the things

  137. battatter says:

    I can’t pick my favorite pattern, so many sweet patterns to choose from! Love them all.

  138. Love love love the hood.

  139. Anna says:

    Was at my local yarn shop yesterday, and got to hold and look through your book! *fingers crossed to win* 😉

  140. thistledown59 says:

    I so love this. It’s so romantic and the perfect color.

  141. Peggy says:

    Silly me, had totally the wrong clothing for watching dragons!! Your photos are gorgeous!!

  142. Hanna says:

    Sad to have missed a day yesterday while I was in the land of no internets, but looks like today is a good day to be back to commenting! Hood, glorious hood! Fantastically awesome work, as usual. 😀

  143. Lee says:

    Hiya, the pictures are completely gorgeous, they’re really making me look forward to your book. I’m knitting your orchids and fairy lights hat for my best friend at the moment, but maybe it’s time for something for myself next… rainy autumn sundays and pretty knits like this are a perfect match after all.

  144. Vickie says:

    Iam in Dragon Hood love! You just keep on keeping on with these amazing patterns! So want to win this!

  145. Jane S. says:

    Perfection! It makes me long for cool, foggy weather. 🙂

  146. deb says:

    how wonderful would it be to wear this lovely hood on morning walks with my dog ~ I could ring the bells to call him back to me xo

  147. Katherine says:

    Ooooohhh I have been waiting for your book ! these daily give a ways are so fun (even if I did miss yesterdays…traveling:) Here is a little fun fact ~ kind of have an owl thing, I love hearing them at night and feel so lucky to see them and I wear a tiny tiny owl earriing most days, really 🙂

  148. Petina says:

    I love this hood. It reminds me of a few of my favorite stories. I would always giggle thinking they were wearing hoods instead of hats and that they were separate from their capes. So lovely

  149. Shawna Mac says:

    What a gorgeous hood! I absolutely love it!!

  150. Christina says:

    This is a beautiful pattern! My son loves to pretend with me. He is Harry Potter most of the time and I am Hermione. This knit would inspire some new pretend activities for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  151. ef petr says:

    Wow! That red hood is wonderful. Everything you knit is so fairytale-ish :):)

  152. Henrike says:

    oh I just love it! Beautiful!

  153. Becky says:

    This is such a fabulous hood…. it looks so versatile, and the kind of thing that newcomers to the magical world can ease into wearing! Perhaps one can use it to keep warm while dragon watching 🙂

  154. Luna says:

    Oh my god, that hood is just awesome. I’m trying to learn how to knit and when I’m able to do it right, I’m sure I’ll buy your book or maybe some of the patterns because everything you do is just incredible and so so adorable.
    Also thanks for the chance of winning something from you, and good luck to everyone ^^

  155. Heather says:

    Love love love 🙂

  156. Squeeeeeeeeal! This is adorable! I’d dearly love to win a pattern OR all the patterns OR the whole book ;-P I’m already thinking of all the girls I know this will look gorgeous on……..

  157. Becky says:

    This would look marvelous attached to a cape. Lovely! I’d love to win.

  158. Peg Mawby says:

    “Oh, wow!” That’s what I said at first sight of this Dragon Watcher’s Hood! I never have quite the right outfit on when I’m out watching for dragons. You have the most imaginative and beautiful designs. Thank you!

  159. Amanda Regan says:

    OMG! I absolutely love this hood! I think this is my most favorite pattern ever. Well, besides the Beekeeper’s Quilt 😉 I’ve always wanted to make a hood like this and seeing it in red makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood. This is so adorable and looks fantastic on you ❤

  160. The bells are so whimsical!!!!

  161. Laura says:

    These just keep getting better and better. I think this book will keep me busy for the next year once I get it.
    This would be wonderfully cozy when I’m walking my dragons in the winter. 🙂

  162. Linda says:

    The Dragon Watchers Hood is divine, this is probably the one design I would make and keep for myself no matter how much begging my family does, I may make them some AFTER I have my own:-D keep up the great designs, I have bought both of the charm sets and am patiently waiting for more ♥

  163. Gina says:

    I would just LOVE this book! All of your patterns are so wonderful and adorable and would be perfect for any wardrobe or to make for gifts!

  164. meeshelle says:

    this is one of my favorite patterns from the book, love it!!!!

  165. Stephanie M says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book. I enjoy your patterns so very much!

  166. Lisa T says:

    The hood is absolutely adorable! But, then, so are all of your patterns! I must possess them all. My needles need your patterns!

  167. Tiffeny says:

    I just can’t say enough about this! I…wow! WOW!

  168. Jeanette says:

    Love the hood. Time to get the knitting needles out of retirement!

  169. Jessica says:

    I am in love with this hood! Your patterns are so creative and fun! ❤

  170. Roni Williams says:

    Oh my Heaven – this is one pattern that I can not wait to knit. I have a family member this would look amazing on!

  171. Jennifer R. says:

    This is by far one of my VERY favorites in the collections!!! I would LOVE to knit up this super cozy-looking hood for the cold winter ahead!!! I actually wouldn’t mind knitting ALL of the Woodland Knits collection to keep me toasty 😉

  172. Judith Sanchez says:

    Oh I would love to win this!!! I do not knit but it would be a reason for me to really try to learn.

  173. Heidi Wolin says:

    I am pretty sure this is my favorite one yet!

  174. Ann says:

    Your Dragon Watching hood is just beautiful! I love your designs.

  175. Johanna Moon says:

    Dear Tiny Owl Knits,
    your patterns inspire dreams of fantasy and wonder, and the child within me. Your book is on my wishlist. I look forward to using them to create wonderful additions to my everyday wear so my magickal side will always be with me. thank you for these.
    Johanna Moon

  176. kat says:

    I love this dragon scarf how wonderful!!!!!!

  177. Myha says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! The hood reminds me of Little Red’s but I’m sure hers didn’t come with bells to chase away dragons! 😀

  178. Beth says:

    They are all lovely patterns but I think this one is my favorite! Love it!

  179. Valerie McConchie says:

    This would be so cozy during the winters around here! Adore!

  180. Emely says:

    It’s a blustery day, here in the hundred-acre wood of Oregon. The Dragon Watcher’s Hood would keep my head warm, and its bells would sweetly jingle in our winds (up to 50 mph!). I’m staying inside, sipping hot tea, and perusing your designs on the Internet!

  181. Fiona Dick says:

    Oh my goodness! Where have I been?! You’re giving things away!!! I discovered Tiny Owl Knits through Frankie magazine here is Australia, and after encountering the Mr Fox Stole (and wanting one so terribly bad) I taught myself to knit (thanks to youtube) and had him within a week! I was so proud of myself – despite having to redo his tail – consequently I only wanted to do more, so I’ve also made the hopsalots and a woodland hoodlet for both myself and a friend.
    I can’t believe how amazeballs this hood is and I’ve waiting until the university break (its 3 weeks away) to buy your book – because I’m sure that your patterns will take over my life for the 4 months that my crafty brain doesn’t have to compete with my study brain. Love your work and thank you for sharing it with us. x

  182. Robin54 says:

    Just discovered your giveaways! What a generous woman you are! Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful patterns…

  183. Jam says:

    I love all your designs! So whimsical and magical! Thank you for having such a fun give away! 🙂

  184. Amelia says:

    Love red when it comes from the heart ! At the moment, I live in a small village where there is a castle a lake and a wood of course, in the house of my good friends : they used to play music at night by the fireplace and I like to join them with my needles ! I would be so pleased to receive your book and patterns as an opportunity to make some grateful and warmy gifts thanking them for their help ! I’m really inspired by what you’re doing !

  185. Kris C says:

    Oh, I LOVE this pattern! Looks so warm and cozy. Crossing fingers and toes… 🙂

  186. Laura says:

    I.love.this.hood…. and while it would be great to win it, I must have it ,regardless. And it must be in red. And I must grow my hair out to long,billowing tresses before I wear it!

  187. Another wonderful pattern! I’m really enjoying the reveal party and can’t decide which pattern I’d like to do first. -Sarah

  188. Scott says:

    I can’t get over how brilliant your works are. It’s difficult to find projects that manage to combine practicality with a sense of wonder but your works are simply inspirational. Kudos to you for finding the magic in your hands and I look forward to seeing what other charming jewels you invent.

  189. Jen k says:

    I loooove this! So cute!

  190. oh and here I thought it was a one day sign in thing….I have been missing out! I need this book….to go with my collection of Tiny Owl Knits PDFs…collectors have to have it all!

  191. Kathryn buttke says:

    I’d hate to be unprepared in the event of a feisty dragon encounter! Lovely!

  192. This thing looks as big as I am! I would definitely feel like a pixie in this fantabulous hoodie! Here’s crossing all of my fingers, all of my toes, and twitching my witchy nose!

  193. Liz Knowles says:

    The perfect garment to wear as I browse around one of my favourite little shops – The Friendly Dragon – A magickal and mystical place to visit!

  194. Ulrika Reinholdsson says:

    I love and adore you and your designs!

  195. Lexie says:

    ohohohoh, love this! Perfect when viewing dragons!!

  196. Brc says:

    That red is to die for! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  197. Sarah Ultis says:

    So many great new patterns! Knit ALL the things!

  198. Sarah Ultis says:

    So many great new patterns! Knit ALL the things!

  199. LJ says:

    I would love to win your book for the college craft club I just started!! 😀 Its called “Knit Wits Craft Club” and will hopefully be a fun place where students can relax and knit, crochet, or whatever sort of crafting method they like! 🙂 Thanks, tiny owl knits, for all the fun giveaways! p.s. I will probably comment everyday just because I am THAT determined! >:D

  200. Jessica says:

    I am on vacation in portugal and decided to finally check my email and was delighted to see a newsletter from the Tiny Owl. Oh my goddess the moonbeam duster!!! so beautiful, fun and dance-inspiring. I am even more delighted to see that you are publishing your first collection. I have made the deer with antlers and everyone is always trying to steal it. Obviously the moonbeam duster is a must-knit as well as the moonkoosa boots and hopsalots, as we just celebrated the autumn equinox. Good luck with all your endeavors and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  201. inoxia says:

    The bells on this make me so happy!

  202. Kadie says:

    This is so adorable and you look great in it! I adore all of your patterns and I can’t wait to knit something from your new book!

  203. Kelleyknits says:

    This hood is super cute! Just the right amount of warmth, without having it attached to a full coat. What a cute idea!

  204. I am in love with this pattern!

  205. iedasayuri says:

    hoot hoot… please dragon, be mine! dreaming of you ♥♥♥

  206. chloe says:

    oh goodness this is adorable!!

  207. Joy Haworth says:

    this is the cutest one yet!

  208. vuchickens says:

    so cute and magical!!!

  209. Samantha says:

    I saw the pattern on ravelry – in my pattern highlights, and had to go take a closer look. I’d love to knit this, for myself and for others. Thanks for doing the give-away and good luck everyone!

  210. Stephanie says:

    I loooooove this! I’ll probably make a less drastic version for work, since I’ll be working outside in the freezing cold.

  211. Willow says:

    I love the long tassels! I made myself the Rapunzel hat designed by you in bright red and knitted in it loooong i-cords that I braided 🙂 They are over a meter long each and very impractical but I love love love them ♥ This pattern and the long tassels remind me of it. If I win I’ll have a hard time trying to decide wich one to wear outside every day, the Rapunzel hat or the hood 😀

  212. Maggie says:

    I love this! Not only would I make one for myself but I believe this is something my teenage daughter would wear too. Too cute!

  213. Pam says:

    Yes Yes YES!!!!

  214. rose helmbright says:

    Just love the color and how sweet the bells

  215. Janine says:

    I’m not sure which I enjoy more; the dragon watcher’s hood pattern itself, or the description of it! Soooo much fun. I love coming here 🙂 xoxox

  216. Tracy Walters says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Love it,can’t wait to do this!

  217. quillenchanted says:

    Oh, I just love overly long hats and anything else slightly magical. This would be the perfect accessory for a cold winter.
    Can’t wait to knit this one 🙂

  218. Cindy says:

    I would love to say that this is my favorite design of yours – but they are all my favorite!!

  219. Aw your patterns are just my fave. I adore this hood, I can must imagine me and my adventure puppy exploring his favourite woods wearing one of these…maybe I should make a dog sized one too!

  220. Heather says:

    Gorgeous! And the first head covering I have ever seen that will actually contain my hair and not look frumpy.

  221. Joan says:

    I have been favourite-ing your patterns on Ravelry since I started there a few years ago. You have such a great imagination I always look forward to see what you do. 🙂

  222. Cindy says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ This has my name all over it! I must knit it for me! ❤️❤️❤️

  223. kgreenphoto says:

    Whimsical and delightful! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents. I will mesmerize dragons in this hood. I hope I win the book. I know it’s going to be fab!

  224. Lorrie says:

    Love this! It would be perfect for one of my friend’s teenage daughter who LOVES the whole mythical/dragon thing. She even loves sword-fighting with homemade wood swords. This would be absolutely perfect for her!

  225. violicious says:

    Gah! This hood is awesome. And I would love to knit it in that lovely red!

  226. Lisa Griffith says:

    Hello Lady Owl! I want to tell you it has been a tough time for me. I have been working long hours at a stressful job. The office I work at is at the end of a very long hallway (totally scary dream style). I get in very early, before anyone else. Every morning when I walk down that hallway, I imagine myself walking through a forest, wearing layers of long heavy cotton, boots, and knits, with my hair loose and flowing, surrounded by quiet, beautiful colors and creatures – I feel truly myself in my fantasy. I love your designs, and want to be cozy and protected in a Dragon Watcher’s Hood!
    P.S. Your performance of Teardrop is divine. One of my favorite songs – I danced a tango to it once, and it was magical.
    Happy Evening!

  227. Oloriel says:

    Ohhhh my goodness I must have this pattern!

  228. Sa says:

    Love your patterns. Just ordered your book but it says it will take 4-6 weeks! I do love that hood though…might be this year’s Christmas gift. 🙂

  229. Jessica says:

    Beautiful! What a gorgeous, fun, whimsical hood!

  230. Ro Swan says:

    AWESOME!!! I have been a drocophile (dragon lover) all my life and have been knitting 65-plus years.. Your designs are soooo much fun. One of my grand-daughters is autistic and stories about dragons always seem to reach her more than any others. I will be making her a dragon watcher’s hood for Christmas. In purple of course, since that’s her favorite color, and with many, many more bells because bells make her laugh.

  231. Jessica says:

    By the way, the teenaged daughter Lorrie mentioned is mine, and she would absolutely love this – she told me herself. 🙂

  232. Saundra Allen says:

    I LOVE this one! I think it would look great on my niece.

  233. Nikki says:

    I love this pattern! They are all so lovely:)

  234. Stephanie says:

    I love the idea of this pattern perfect for the colder climate I live in.

  235. Susan Kerr says:

    I love the hood! So darn clever and adorable! I love all your pattens!

  236. Megan says:

    Omg So cute!

  237. Deb Hickman says:

    What a cool pattern, I could see my niece wearing this. Deb x

  238. Betsy says:

    You are so creative and fun in your designs. Love your style! Thanks off the contest.

  239. knitalatte1 says:

    Talk about a hoodie, this pattern is fantastic. Magic indeed!

  240. ishti says:

    love your inner world! and all your nature patterns!

  241. Ellen Boucher says:

    I would love to have this pattern, or the book! I especially like the touch of the bells on the tassles- I could twinkle wherever I went 🙂

  242. vishae says:

    This is such a gorgeous hood!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  243. Joanne willoughby says:

    Such a unique look to this! I love the book too! I used to read all the fairy Tales when I was young. Especially liked the Anderson’s fairy tales versions. The queens are more wicked and the stepmoms more evil!

  244. Grylover aka Karen says:

    Love your patterns they have such great whimsy. TheDragon Keepers hat is perfect.

  245. Kristen H. says:

    Want, want, want!!

  246. Dani Osgood says:

    You are such an amazing designer. I love your patterns, and so do the people I knit them for. I made the Wear the Wild Things Are hat for my niece last Christmas, and she refuses to take it off :)!

    This hat is just as fantastic, and even more whimsical! Your creativity and imagination make me so jealous, and inspire me all at once.

    Thanks for everything you do to make the world a prettier and more magical place!

  247. Louann Tibbs says:

    I love Merlin! This hood is so romantic and Merlinesqe, just perfect. I love all your patterns, they are all unique and beautiful.

  248. bgirl says:

    love the dragon’s watcher’s hood! can’t wait to make one. and all the pics are as magical as ever, i look forward to seeing tomorrow’s!

  249. Bonnie Pinkerton says:

    I have got to tell you , I love this hood and the whole mystical look and idea of it,

  250. Kris says:

    I just love your creations!!! They are so fun and original! Would so love to win!

  251. lauren michele says:

    i love this pattern and what a wonderful giveaway!

  252. I would love nothing more than a friendly dragon to help me make s’mores 🙂 loving all the new patterns and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  253. I would love nothing more than a friendly dragon to help me make s’mores 🙂 loving all the new patterns and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  254. ukashe says:

    I am so excited to win this hood! I just moved to portland and boy can it rain! it’s windy with that autumn chill in the air, and this sensational hood would be just the thing, with bells to let me know when the faeries pass by! your designs are some of my favorite favorites! 🙂

  255. Amy Olmsted says:

    I am loving all of your designs. So smitten with your bird mittens! thanks for these give-aways!

  256. Debbie says:

    Another great design and I totally want to knit everything so far!

  257. Linda Newcomb says:

    Just catching up with emails from a fun weekend away. Saw your offer and immediately posted thus comment. Thanks for the opportunity.

  258. Trisha Presnell says:

    I want to make this! Everyone needs a toasty hood!

  259. Toni says:

    Love this hood!

  260. BJ King says:

    Ohh my!! I love this hood so much. If I don’t win I am definitely going to have to buy the book. This is a must have.

  261. Jennifer says:

    I think there might be a dragon in our backyard. Even if not, the hood would certainly keep me warm! Fun to make and wear 🙂

  262. Natalie says:

    Really cute!

  263. Erika N. says:

    Hoping I can win this one! Is my favorite so far! Love it! I have to get ready to knit the hood, it’s a must if I want to train my dragon.

  264. Amy says:

    So lovely! I would wear it while trekking through the mountains in search of dragon eggs!

  265. Hillary says:

    This is a beautiful pattern! I just love the red!

  266. Jenny says:

    So very beautiful! I don’t have much time to knit with a two year old running around, but this is worth carving out the time – it’s stunning!

  267. Beth says:

    OMG Are you kidding me….this pattern is awesome and I love that Dragons “always toast your marshmallows to perfection.”

  268. Jenn says:

    Yet another utterly sweet, yet fully functional pattern, this book is so cute and wonderful. thank you again, and- congrats to the winners so far- how fun:)

  269. Melinda (YarnderWoman) says:

    I LOVE this pattern! Yes, please!

  270. Carol says:

    oooh! Another great design!

  271. Love the looong point on the hood. Just what this faery needs!

  272. DonnaMak says:

    Another amazing pattern! I hope I win!

  273. Abigail says:

    Love it!

  274. Cesy says:

    What an absolutely fantastic little pattern! I just want to snuggle up in it right now. I can totally see the Merlantic aspect of it. That show is just too great, so sad its over 😦 But at least we can all think about it together and I can still enjoy the terrific things inspired by it!!!!

  275. ewehoo says:

    This is beautiful!!! I would love to win it! I’ll have to add this to my “to do” list.

  276. Lovely hood! Many congratulations on your book. Have loved your aesthetic for quite some time.

  277. We love the movie Merlin,too.
    Wouldn’t this hood be awesome to wear, during a Renaissance fair?! I think so!

  278. Zabbers says:

    Oh, that’s so adorable and _pointy_! You see a lot of hood patterns out there, but none like this one!

  279. Beth Salvatore says:

    What a perfect birthday present this would be! Fun, beautiful, warm and sexy!

  280. Susi says:

    Adorable… pick me please…

  281. barbara says:

    How amazing, i love all your work, this is fun

  282. Carol Brookover says:

    Love your patterns thanks for the opportunity to own this one!!!

  283. mountainweaver says:

    Hope I win the book! This red hood is so fun, would be great here in cold Montana.

  284. Susan Shaw says:

    How delightfully fun, and cozy too!

  285. ren says:

    Please don’t ever stop coming up with these fabulous designs!

  286. Moby Knit says:

    Very pretty! I love your whimsical designs. They make me feel happy. 🙂

  287. Sheri says:

    Loving this one!

    Sheri/SovereignCrux on Rav

  288. bwtwotone says:

    Oh wow, I’ve loved dragons since childhood and i was a big fan of BBC’s Merlin, and I’ve been staring longingly at the teaser-image for this hood… but I didn’t connect all the dots until I read the story that goes along with the pattern. Well done on yet another fanciful, fantastic pattern!

  289. Kimmy says:

    Hood it be that you will choose me this time? SO sweet! I think this could double as a backpack for some tasty dragon treats! Your new book is WONDERFUL. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Hugs, Kimmy

  290. Stephanie says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ another lovely pattern ❤ ❤ ❤
    the color of the hood is particularly beautiful… already thinking which wizard/witch will get it 🙂

  291. Ann says:

    Beautiful hood! My little witches would love one!

  292. Sharilee Foertch says:

    Gorgeous. I’m so excited to see what else you have coming out. It seems like Christmas is going to be woodland themed this year.

  293. Tami says:

    We’re in Dragon’s Mist, I know several people who would love me to knit them one of these hoods! I’d love one of my own. 😉

  294. Penni says:

    I love it! My Christmas to do kist is getting quite long with all of your patterns!

  295. Kim says:

    I adore this hood! I’m finishing up some works in progress while watching each new pattern drift in…

  296. What a great idea! Hoping you much success (and hoping I win the book!)

  297. Lucia says:

    Wow, it’s lovely!! Such pretty details. I love the idea of the tiny bells (because dragons love music!) 🙂

  298. Skittish says:

    Pretty!! I would wear this every day!

  299. Anja says:

    Beautiful designs, I need romantic in this cold world. Thank you.

  300. Lotta says:

    I just found the perfect christmas gift to make for my best friend. She has been looking for a cute hood and this is perfect!

  301. I think you are giving me a ‘thing’ for hoods! Love the way this one doubles as a shawlette!

  302. This is a hood with a sense of humour – how much fun it is!

  303. kittiekitten says:

    This looks so cosy. I would love to have that warming me this winter, and I absolutely love the color.

  304. I love the feeling I get knitting your designs. My needles become magic wands bringing to
    Life unique pieces. They truly transport you to sweet places were anything is possible. Thank you!

  305. That hood is pretty pimptastic

  306. Sarah Hartland says:

    So pretty, these goodies get better and better.

  307. This is a must make! I need more time and an extra pair of hands to make all of your wonderful patterns, seriously!

  308. Josie-Mary says:

    Beautiful as always! I so want your book 🙂

  309. Alex says:

    I love that hood! You can never have too many hoods, in my opinion.

  310. Alix says:

    Dragon watching is my favourite pastime so I would love to win this pattern, or the book!

  311. Kim Lytle says:

    here there be dragons, so I need this fantastic hood for watching them!

  312. Shiri says:

    Oh! I absolutely adore this hood pattern! so dreamy!

  313. Anjusha says:

    How pretty! I’d be honoured to receive a copy and make this for one 6 year old dragon friend.

  314. Omg! Fabulous, perfect gift for one of my friends, but for myself as well!

  315. diana says:

    Your beautiful things are magical. I know anyone wearing them are sure to find wonderful fairies elves unicorns… or other special souls.

  316. Amanda says:

    I just perchased your book, it should be here in a few days so don’t give me anything for free. I just wanted to say thanks for ptting your lovely patterns in a book that will last much longer than the printed pieces of paper that eventually crease and tear. I will be making this as my dragon will love the sound of the bells. xx

  317. Adhara says:

    this is obviously fate, just the other day i bought a lot of bells and i was waiting for the perfect projects to put them in…

  318. Marianne says:

    Hello! Really lovely! I like your patterns. Like a fairytale 🙂 Would like to win, so I might be able to knit some of these wonderful designs for the winter in Finland. 🙂 🙂

  319. Aoife says:

    Dragons! DRAGONS! I need this! 🙂

  320. Stefanie says:

    Your designs are absolutly gorgeous. I only learned to knit this year and the last thing I knitted went totally wrong >.< But when I see your patterns I am already thinking about the wool I could use and how long I would need until I could wear it ^ ^. It is really cool, that you have this give away, even if the chances to win anything are small with all the peaple who love your designs.

  321. Karen Payne says:

    Just perfect with my new winter coat – where do you get your wonderful ideas from? Karen xx

  322. Two years ago I started knitting…my first ever (real)project was Mr. Foxy (bought the pattern on ravelry). Since then I’m a knitting/Ravelry and Tiny Owl addict! love all your patterns!

  323. Laura says:

    Oh please is the loveliest hood I see ;D I love red ridding hood, I love the hood ;D

  324. Marieke says:

    This is a lovely hood. I really need to get my needles out of the closet and go for it again.

  325. juul says:

    Love this hood, especially because it looks cool when you wear it down as well! The bells are a perfect addition 🙂

  326. Rachel Mackin says:

    Oh this is so perfect for winter. I love it so much. ❤️❤️❤️

  327. Nathalie/¨Potiron says:

    This is a beautiful hood!!! Love the way it falls!!!
    What great patterns you invent!!!

  328. Barbara Schramm says:

    I´m totally in love with your patterns. Fabulous!

  329. Kym Robinson says:

    I watch the skies for dragons often, so now while I am watching I will be knitting this lovely hood.
    Thanks for the tip about the bells, I have wondered how to settle a feisty dragon…………

  330. Sarah Norman says:

    Love this hood! In fact, I love all the patterns you have posted so far. Beautiful, but also functional 🙂

  331. Totally agree that “merlantic” is a marvellous word invention! (Love the hood, of course!)

  332. alice says:

    this is amazing! what a great work, and oh you look so radiant,

  333. catsgrin says:

    I love this hood (actually I love all your hoods but the bells make it perfect!

  334. Sara says:

    Very stylish hood! Red colour suits you well. I hope I win your book! 🙂 if I don’t, i’ll buy it.

  335. Linda Rumsey says:

    Your book is full of stunning knits! Which do I start with?
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  336. I so need to have this book! Every day I am like: omg I need this pattern.. and now you tell me you made a dragon watchers hood? Seriously? That’s just what I need! I love the little bells detail and the long tassles! praauuw! I already need to knit the fairy hat, this hat, the fairy wings, the vest, omg.. I just need the book! I cant wait for it till christmas! Thats too long ! 😦 In dire need here! hugs and hoots for you, you awesome knitter you!

  337. Tina Hamilton says:

    This pattern would be perfect for my daughter who is going to college in the mountains. I was just visiting her this past weekend and she could wear it while watching for dragons coming over the mountains.

  338. Ooh wow, I’ve always loved those hooded cloaks they wear in merlin 🙂

  339. Maxine S says:

    Ooh, so pretty! We should petition for your designs to be featured in Once Upon a Time… Or maybe for them to write you in! 😀

  340. Tanya says:

    I knew it!!! New favorite! Stephanie, you never cease to amaze!

  341. Deborah Petronella says:

    OMG I am loving your site because your patterns and creations are soo original. It’s getting to be the wooly season for us here and I am looking forward to making some of your creations and forwarding to friends as well. This hood is ah-may-zing! I am loving this! Keep up the imaginative designs!

  342. It’s one wonderful pattern after another. How do you do it Stephanie. :O Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s.

  343. Yael says:

    Wow !! I just discovered you via facebook and you’re stunning ! I’d looooove to knit a red fairy hood like this one ❤

  344. Susan Snow says:

    That hood is W- I – L – D!!!!! Love it!

  345. Susan Hawkins says:

    Wow love your patterns,this is so beautiful!

  346. Well this isjust the cutest. I need this. So I can jingle jangle on down the street. I love a good jangle bell. Yes…jangle.

  347. El says:

    Love all your stuff. : ) Thanks for the nice contest. : ) I wish I had known sooner this was happening. : D Have a lovely Monday. : )

  348. isaida says:

    I LOVE this hood! So cute.

  349. Mildred says:

    I love the hood. I say that it has magic… I see myself as little Red Riding hood putting on the magic Dragon Hood and being transported to the land of dragons! The bells jingles to alert them that I have arrived for my visit! (:0) I hope I win!!

  350. Kelly B. says:

    Squee!! Loving it more and more!

  351. Casey says:

    Glad you have something to keep you safe from dragons!!

  352. Lise says:

    ❤ this hooooooddddddd!

  353. Knittylizard says:

    That’s it! Everything else on my to knit list just got bumped. I am making this fabulous hood next.

  354. Frances says:

    I have been looking at the “magical” hoods on ravelry and was thinking about knitting one. I am usually a hat person but the red riding hood is so gorgeous and would make a dramatic statement when worn. Will you be releasing an ebook too?

  355. Naomi says:

    I think I have managed to convert some more people to give knitting a go by showing the guys at work your website. Safe to say not much work done the last couple of days as we try and choose a favourite. We would love a book to share between us.

  356. Sarah says:

    How stunning! Love it. 🙂

  357. Oh wow, I’m so glad I found your blog via woodland knitter. I should so be working right now but i am just too distracted by your gorgeous creations. I absolutely love the snake-a-licious top which I know i would be holding my breath across every row (as cabling has that effect on me). but I would love to knit it all the same. But the catching butterflies gloves are definitely me and I need to be wearing those this winter!
    i think I’d be knitting everything in this book as I know my friend Leah would love the fairy castles and gnome homes too. If i can throw a sicky till christmas that would be all my presents sorted!

  358. Katie says:

    !!!!! My favorite so far. LOVE your designs 🙂

  359. Eleanor Lee says:

    Absolutely love every one of these designs. I found your beautiful book in my local bookstore yesterday and just had to buy it 🙂 If I win I will gift to my daughter and spread the love . x

  360. Elli Seltzer says:

    I love this hood! Not only is it great for dragon watchers, but it reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. No doubt it would come in handy if one ever found one’s self all alone in a wood and confronted with a mysterious wolf.

  361. Angie says:

    What a perfect pattern for fall.

  362. So cute! I’ve already ordered my copy of the book 🙂 But I would love to give a copy to a friend who I’m sure would love it too!

  363. Jenny says:

    I love this! Little Red Riding Hood all grown up 🙂

  364. Jenny says:

    I love this! Little Red Riding Hood all grown up 🙂

  365. Sharmeen says:

    This would be amazing to have as part of a Halloween costume.

  366. Aimee Richardson says:

    “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out – I found – was really going in.”
    John Muir… ♥

  367. Hey Stephanie – truly wonderful book… and patterns as always – do you want to do a swapsee – my bewitching frogs ‘n’ toads pattern (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/frogs-n-toads) for one of your charms pattern?
    Claire x

  368. This one is delicious and makes me want to go out and attach bells to everything I own:-)

  369. Glenys says:

    This is so fun! I really like this hood.

  370. Krista says:

    I can’t wait to get my little paws on a copy of your book! Sneak peeks of your beautiful patterns leave me feeling more and more inspired each day. Thank you for sharing your inner world through your knitting needles!

  371. Margay says:

    That is pretty cool! Love it.

  372. JuneRainInAutumen says:

    Dear Stephanie.
    I love your patterns! Since I started last year to Knit again and I found you on raverley, I even sit in class and Knit.
    Funnily enough it does not bother anyone. Everyone is so fascinated by the lovely little things that they forgot to exhort me;)
    I would appreciate both a pattern or a book!
    Since last year my family only wears bunny slippers. 😀

    Thank you so much for your wonderful and fancy ideas
    Love June

  373. Meaghan says:

    Love this hood!!! So whimsical! Hope I win!

  374. Cristina says:

    That is so beautiful!! I always picture myself wearing a cape and hood in the winter, I wonder why they don´t make them anymore.

  375. Lily says:

    I can’t wait to knit this! It will totally set the mood when I’m searching for adventures and magical creatures in the forrest ! 😀

  376. Danielle Shewbridge says:

    This hood is great! Thanks again for running this contest 🙂

  377. Fabienne B. says:

    Merlantic, what a lovely word !!
    I was just looking some knitting that Morganna could have worn…this pattern is really awsome.
    I’m new to your designs ( well I’m not from Mars I have seen hexipuff from your beequilter ) and I now know what to ask to Santa :your book
    Good luck everybody,
    And thanks tinyowl for the patterns and the game !!

  378. Pepper says:

    I have such a weakness for hoods and this one is absolutely perfect! I’ve already put your book on my Christmas wish list, assuming I don’t win it first. Fingers are crossed.

  379. Jody Hatch says:

    Little red riding hood is so jealous! The patterns just get better, Thanks for all the fun!

  380. Max says:

    I love this hood! You make the best stuff! I’m trying to knit like you, but I can’t keep up.

  381. Ashley P. says:


  382. Sarah says:

    I am definitely going to have to save up and buy your book! And the Dragon Watcher’s Hood is so pretty! I know some awesome friends who would love that! Keep on crafting, love!

  383. Marilyn says:

    Love this headcovering…you are so creative…God bless you

  384. Tricia says:

    The Dragon Watcher’s Hood looks fantastic! I have 2 nephews who are always on the look out for dragons as well so I would like to knit us 3 hoods to be dragon watchers together!

  385. Kay says:

    I heart this!!!! And the bells are a great touch!!

  386. emilie94410 says:

    Whouahou!!!! So beautiful! 🙂

  387. Alicia says:

    This!! This is everything! I’m hesitant to say that only because I’m sure you have so many more beautiful patterns to come.

  388. cilly88 says:

    Cool, it looks like the hood Princess Aurora wears in Sleeping Beauty!

  389. Paola Paro says:

    I would love to be a Red Riding Hood like you in this picture 🙂
    It’s lovely!

  390. Katie says:

    What a treat to discover your patterns!

  391. PookahKnits says:

    Gorgeous hood and gorgeous pictures!

  392. Maureen Robertson says:

    This shall be my Dragon loving Granddaughters Christmas gift for sure ! STUN-ING !!!!!

  393. Emily says:

    What a beautiful hood! The bells are a great touch

  394. Heather H. says:

    Very cute hood! Although all of your patterns have been wonderful. I want to make every single one. 🙂 I think I will have to bump Merlin up to the top of my Netflix queue now, too!

  395. jocelyn says:

    Amazing!! The magical rivers of creativity flow so beautifully through you! Your talents shared with us are truly sweet gifts! I am always uplifted and inspired after visiting your blog, seeing new patterns there, and especially watching one of your videos! Being able to relax a dragon whilst wearing the Dragon Watcher’s Hood –knitted up from your special pattern, would be incredibly fantastic!!:) Thanks for being here!!

  396. Miss_Marie says:

    Ooo this hood is so dramatic! I also love the addition of the bells b/c it would remind me that I’m wearing something fabulous- which would be extra true with this one! Also, the drape and shape are perfect for woodsy photos!

  397. Joy Hannaford says:

    This hood is amazing! How did you know we are doing a topic on dragons in school at the moment. I need this as a genuine artefact for added atmosphere!

  398. Rachael says:

    I love your patterns. I want to make them all!

  399. Barbara says:

    Okay really, anything that will make me look like little red riding hood is a bonus! Love the texture and the colour!

  400. tricia mace says:


  401. Sarah says:

    My only regret when I see your gorgeous patterns is the dreaded Slooooooooooowness of my knitting. I need a time warp machine so I could have more hours in my day to knit. The other problem is how to choose? They are all so cool. My Miss 7 would keel over if she had a Parsel tongue hat and my Miss 5 would be preening her whiskers in the kitten hat. I know they would walk around sandwiched together like a 2 headed beast in the woods sharing this dragon watchers hood. Keep up the awesome knitting – it is inspiring 🙂

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