*day 5 of the give-away party!* the changeling collar

hi! welcome to day 5 of the give-away party! i’m so glad you’ve come back to play today. So here we go! Day 5 brings us *the changeling collar*.

Fairies like to keep their options open. Luckily for them, this little reversible collar can be flipped & worn two different ways.  On the flipside, fairies hate to make decisions.  Looks like the changeling collar will keep them in front of the mirror all day!

You can take a closer peek at the details *here* or buy it now for 5.50 USD.The pattern is also featured in my book *woodland knits.*

Q. How do i win a copy of this pattern, and how do i win a copy of the book!?
A. Simple! Just leave a comment right here in this post and i’ll pick winners tomorrow!

Now for the FUN STUFF!
The WINNING COMMENTS from yesterday (chosen at random) are:
First for the copy of the PDF:
CONGRATULATIONS lunefantasy!!!

lunefantasy says:
September 30, 2013 at 12:57 am
Oh my Goddess… I think you are walking for Avalon… So beautiful, so Red, the blood of Mother Earth !!! I’m found in love, now, just right now !

Next for the copy of the book:
CONGRATULATIONS spinnerin (Erin from Faery Knitting)

spinnerin (Erin from Faery Knitting) says:
September 30, 2013 at 12:54 am
Oo, it looks toasty and cheery and calming to dragons!

Winners, i’ll be sending you an email so be sure to check your junk folder!
See you tomorrow for day 6 and until then happy knits and good luck!!
love, stephanie xoxo

Ps. I originally made this collar in pink and blue (pictured in the mosaic on the left.) But then I put the beekeeper’s quilt pattern and I needed a little flower design.  I couldn’t help it! I took the one from this poor little collar….. cheeky little faery!  Needless to say the collar got scrapped for a while until some new flowers popped into my head.  I think the new ones are kind of art-deco wouldn’t you say? .. If you like the original flower design pictured on the pink & blue collar.. the chart is in the beekeeper’s quilt pattern 🙂

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207 Responses to *day 5 of the give-away party!* the changeling collar

  1. Ann says:

    This is so cute! I love the color combination 🙂

  2. Gina says:

    So pretty!! 🙂

  3. Tina Kercher says:

    My daughter would love this! So cute.

  4. Lily Keirby says:

    I love your posts, you must have beautiful thoughts to make such lovely patterns, I adore them all, not that I could make them, just live to drool
    From Devonsallowed xxx

  5. angela3275 says:

    So pretty, your patterns just get prettier.

  6. Kelly B. says:

    It gets better every day! Thanks for sharing these lovely designs!

  7. vuchickens says:

    Very sweet! 🙂

  8. Debbie says:

    I love that you shared the design with the Beekeeper’s Quilt! thanks again for hosting these 10 days of giveaways, sure hope I get lucky one of the days!

  9. Xochitl says:

    This is brilliantly adorable. I thought for a second to add this to a sweater, but it’s too cute. I would love being able to add it to any outfit! I never followed the detached collar trend, but this is perfect for winter weather and it adds a little daintiness to chunky sweaters.

  10. Susan Shaw says:

    Delights after delights! A feast of sweet wonders! Thanks for creating such beauty!

  11. barbara says:

    such an adorable accessory

  12. Becca says:

    So sweet, these are all lovely 🙂

  13. Alisa Cortez says:

    ’tis best not to even try to pick a favorite … they’re all so lovely!

  14. Amy says:

    Ah, what a cute little accessory! I love the idea of transforming a shirt or dress with this collar.

  15. Ulrika Reinholdsson says:

    Magic! And I know exactley who I want to knit for!

  16. stormarela says:

    My inner fairy is hopping up and down right now, saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
    So very very pretty.

  17. Kirsten says:

    This little collar reminds me of the ones my mother would put around my neck when I wore a simple little dress w/a round neck. Most were made of cotton or linen and I remember her ironing all the little pleats and the tiny sleeves. My Dad was Danish and little handmade collars would arrive from loving relatives. This just shows what I knew all along….Our Tiny Owl has Class.

  18. Awww! So sweet! I love the fairy Princess crown your model is wearing too! I can see I will be knitting most of your book’s patterns! Butterfly kisses!

  19. Casey says:

    Your flower designs are some of my favorites!

  20. Kristalia Astari says:

    so cute! I love how it looks with your sweater too 😀

  21. Jeanne Einhorn says:

    I’d make mine with blood red holly berries on one side and lovely lavender on the other. One side for when I’m feeling passionate and the other for my serene days.

  22. I love this little collar. I dont usually appreciate collars but i will have to try this one!

  23. LHawkins says:

    Toot sweet. Reversible cuteness!

  24. Heather says:

    It’s like being inside a fairy tale lovely and inspiring

  25. TerriSue says:

    Just love it!

  26. Michelle McCrillis says:

    These designs are so great, I have a candidate for this collar, who’ll just love it. I’m waiting with bated breath to see if I win one of them before I buy the book, but it will be in my colleciton one way or the other.

  27. Betty L. Collins says:

    It is so hard to not win….darn…..I do want that book….I must be happy for the winners…..but….I do want to win……

  28. Karen Lauterwasser says:

    What a pretty thing! I wonder if my daughter, whose middle name is Rose, would like it?

  29. Betty L. Collins says:

    Who would not love to get this sweet collar?? I wonder how it stays in place….i wonder….

  30. lunefantasy says:

    oh I’m so happy !!!!!! I hope to knit it so beautiful than you !!! Thanks a lot
    I don’t realize !!!!!!!!!

  31. Kelly Winship says:

    Love the little collar!! Your patterns are so clever!!

  32. Cindy W says:

    What a lovely collar! I know a lady that would love this one.

  33. Patty rifkin says:

    Demure and feminine. Just right for the lady Guinevere and her court. Looks perfect for a May Day outing or in winter colors for the solstice revelry. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s offering.

  34. Jane S. says:

    I must have been a fairy in a past life because I have such trouble making up my mind! This collar would be perfect because I could change it out multiple times in one day. 🙂 Your designs are wonderful.

  35. Kimmy says:

    You look like a chic-angel-ing your collar. Your new book is fairy luscious! I would like to knit everything in it.

  36. mallory says:

    Absolutely love this collar and all the patterns in the book. Currently knitting up the woodsies and cannot resist the cuteness! Thanks for sharing!!!

  37. Stephanie says:

    So cute! I’d like to try this with other little designs… Maybe the kitten from meow mitts? A little owl? Possibilities are endless!

  38. Jane Hamilton says:

    I have been good Santa. Honest. I would love a copy of the book.

  39. Deb Hickman says:

    Gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful Autumn accessory. X

  40. Tracey says:

    I love this collar. I can think of so many outfits that would go wonderfully with this.

  41. Deanna says:

    My favourite so far! I am making this first!

  42. whatzitknitz says:

    so many lovely patterns — you are making it very hard to choose what to knit first ; )

  43. lunefantasy says:

    So beautiful always little fairy !!!

  44. Janet L Panecki says:

    The collar is an adorable idea – I can see it over plain necked dresses, blouses, and even a coat.

  45. JuneRainInAutumen says:

    I love your patterns! the colors are fantastic it is such cute little accessory for the winter!!
    It looks perfect for a little dance thru the woods.
    Oh i a door it so much!!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful and fancy ideas
    Love June

  46. Larah Sifuentes-Winter says:

    Just beautiful!! Collars are the best 🙂

  47. kking181 says:

    I’m loving all the new designs so far!

  48. samantha says:

    This is so pretty. I think the flowers look like they are dancing! I wonder if this pattern would be just as sweet if I were to make it with thicker yarn and wear it as a capelet. I’ll definitely have to try it both ways!

  49. brianna bernard says:

    OMG! I have the perfect yarn for this it’s so beautiful!

  50. Dewi says:

    Cute! Love your patterns 🙂

  51. Terry says:

    Wow …reminds me of a scarflet , but oh so much daintier! As it should be for fairies 😀

  52. Hillary says:

    Ooooh so gorgeous!

  53. Tine says:

    I love this collar! I already know who’d love this for christmas.

  54. Linda Spawr says:

    Stunning, always charming and adorable.! Thank you for sharing your fantasies and knitting dreams with us all. Cheers!

  55. Oh dear, this really opens up to world of new ideas … so inspirational!!! ❤

  56. Gunilla says:

    I love collars! The way you can change an outfit with a “simple little thing”. Delightful!

  57. Linda Rumsey says:

    This collar is really cute. It will line up behind the Catching Butterflies mitts on my to-knit list!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  58. Aoife says:

    *Incoheren squeeing noises* this is so adorable!

  59. Heidi Bruksas says:

    still hopening to win the book

  60. Aline says:

    so precious!! xo

  61. Best one yet from the new book! Both colour combinations are so beautiful ♥

  62. These past days have been a hoot! (sorry!) You do good work!

  63. Helen says:

    This collar is gorgeous!!! I love it.

  64. Amelia says:

    Sooooo dainty and pretty!

  65. Linda says:

    Such a beautiful collar creates a fantasy in my mind of forest walks on cool nights looking for fairies. Well done and congrats xx

  66. LaduSwala says:

    These patterns just keep getting more and more adorable. I NEED your book!

  67. Debbie says:

    that’s so useful I got to get me a copy of your book

  68. Dissolvedgirl says:

    That’s simply adorable ! And I could wear it with a ton of stuff …

  69. Stephanie Smith says:

    So pretty 🙂 I’ve never knit a collar, but maybe it’s time!!! I love the pink and blue one :3

  70. Abigail says:

    So pretty and cheerful! Love it.

  71. Lovely very Downton Abby

  72. siren says:

    Love love!

  73. Stephanie M says:

    Love the collar! How cute!

  74. Melinda says:

    I just love your patterns!!

  75. Natalie says:

    Love this collar. Love that it’s reversible. Love anything that’s reversible. Gonna need that book, one way or another.

    Cheers to all

  76. battatter says:

    My Mom saw this and wants one! heehee! Crossing my fingers (and toes) I can win the book!!

  77. Diana says:

    This may be my favorite of the new patterns so far!

  78. This would look awesome with a top my Mom has. Keep ’em coming. At this rate I’ll have my Christmas gifts all planned out before the middle of the month. xD

  79. Tess says:

    This little Fairy Princess needs to change it up for Fall in my Plum Blossom Cottage amidst the foliage of the Gingko tree…and then I will let my little Fairy fingers fly with frenzied excitement when I have in my hands the book of Woodland Wonders to keep me company through winter’s chill. In other words, I really love your creations and covet the book!!!

  80. Glenna G says:

    How very pretty and definitely will be added to my ever increasing to-do list since the launching of this book. Thank you for keeping me busy and cozy as ever 😉

  81. Kim -prplbflywngs says:

    I love this collar! The original version is just as gorgeous! Congrats again, and good luck to everyone.

  82. MarieC says:

    It’s absolutely class and pretty *
    Little little flowers from a fairy forest

  83. Adrienne says:

    I love the art-deco-ness of it! So cute!

  84. Sheila says:

    I love that floral detail – so pretty!

  85. Maddy Pierson says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so in love with this pattern!

  86. Bryleigh says:

    Oh my gosh!!! So beautiful! 🙂

  87. Betsy says:

    Again, very unique! Love your style Stephanie!!

  88. Susi says:

    oh, I love that it is two sided…Greens not my color I would do it in cream…

  89. Eleni says:

    You are a clever young lady. That is a beautiful little masterpiece.

  90. Deb says:

    Soooo inventive! Your sweet accessories never fail to delight!

  91. Deb says:

    Soooo inventive! Your sweet accessories never fail to delight!

  92. Again, another gorgeous design! Can’t wait to see the book — I hope I win (otherwise I will just buy a copy!)

    Thank you for the give-away opportunity —

  93. Kirsten says:

    Love the colors and the new floral chart pattern. 🙂 Keep them coming!

  94. Jenna says:

    OMG OMG OMG!! lolz so cute

  95. so cute!!! I love the colors.

  96. Vera says:

    Cute cute cute!

  97. Lexie says:

    Completely darling!

  98. Eilidh Fairfoul says:

    This is beautiful. So elegant, a lovely accessory for any outfit.

  99. Lynda Redwitch says:

    So pretty. Has a very medieval feel to it 🙂

  100. Susan Williams says:

    Soooo pretty!

  101. pleatntweed says:

    I too, like the fairies, hate to make decisions. But with this adorable collar it’s on problem staying in front of the mirror all day! And actually the pattern just helped me make a decision – that I really need to have this pattern.

  102. pleatntweed says:

    My comment was meant to say it’s NO problem staying in front of the mirror with this collar. Must have!

  103. Joy Hannaford says:

    I want to be a changeling please!

  104. Zabbers says:

    I love both flowers, and I’m also very curious about the thing you’re wearing under the collar!

  105. Kris says:

    Just a beautiful and magical piece for your wardrobe! Love it!

  106. Janis Clayton says:

    I love Tiny Owl Knits. Made the Woodsy mitts and LOVE them!!

  107. Azil Rose says:

    I’m going to comment till I win a copy of your book!! 😀 My crafting club would enjoy it so so soooo much!! ❤ I think my favorite so far has been the moonbeam duster!!

  108. Ellen Boucher says:

    I love this- simple but beautiful. I think it would make a great last-minute gift for someone stylish.

  109. I’m so excited to see this book! I’ve been waiting for something like this from you. I love all of it!

  110. crystal says:

    the sweetest thing 🙂

  111. Kadie says:

    This is so gorgeous I especially love the light blue one! I love your photos and you always display your knits in such lovely ways!

  112. Marilee says:

    I love the Changeling Collar, I know it would make my little fairy very happy!

  113. Liz says:

    Gosh, the reversibility is ingenious. I think your lighter blue is darling. =)

  114. you make me want to knit

  115. Roberta says:

    Sent with AquaMail for Android http://www.aqua-mail.com

    On September 30, 2013 11:20:08 AM tiny owl knits

  116. Linda Newcomb says:

    I love these collars. Hope I win!

  117. spinnerin (Erin from Faery Knitting) says:

    Eeeeek, omigosh, omigosh! ::bluebirds fly around head::

  118. Dea says:

    So adorable! But I dont think two colors will be enough to choose from… Must make several collars to keep this fairy happily engaged in front of the mirror all day long 🙂

  119. Nadine reed says:

    Loving your work!!
    So excited that ill soon be getting your book,
    Do you remember I tweeted you when I pre ordered it in April!! And you didn’t know anything about it!! Was a bit of a shocker for you and lovely that you replied to me, so kind the faerie folk xxx

  120. kgreenphoto says:

    What a clever way to spice up your wardrobe!

  121. Such a pretty design! 💗

  122. Paddy says:

    Very pretty.

  123. LinseyB says:

    I love the drum you dance to! I want to hear that faerie beat as well! LOVE this adorable, changeable, accessory! Every faerie needs one!

  124. eidolons says:

    The photos of your patterns are always so magical – it’s impossible not to love them!

  125. Kelleyknits says:

    What a cute collar! Love the edging, and love that it’s reversible!

  126. Jody Hatch says:

    Love them.

  127. knitalatte1 says:

    Pretty! love the color combo.

  128. deadpan says:

    I was sold before I even got to “reversible”

  129. Sarah W. says:


  130. Mom says:

    Your Grandma D is probably dancing with the angels and bursting with joy. Aunt Sara and I were talking tonight about how proud she must be … and how much she loved to knit and loved you. We know she is doing her Grandma D thing even if we can’t see or hear it!!
    Love you lots,
    (Of course I don’t need a copy of the book or patterns … so the selection process ignores me!)

  131. beth says:

    lovely stuff

  132. Pauline Spinks says:

    So elegant! The colour options are endless!!! Another tinyowlknits treasure ♥

  133. victoria says:

    love collars and this one is spectacular (: I may break down and buy the book before all my potential winning chances are through – but then if I win I have a fantastic gift for a knitter friend, right??

  134. Jane Vogels says:

    The collar is lovely. I would make it to be a detachable collar on my denim jacket to give it a different look.

  135. Susan Hawkins says:

    Love the fact that this sweet little collar is reversible 🙂

  136. Anna says:

    Soooo cute. I love your creativity/imagination. 🙂

  137. Julia Romashko says:


  138. Nanette Campeau says:

    Did find some yarn that might be suitable. Hoping to win!

  139. Leslie Dodge says:

    Day 5…..Want so badly to win the lovely book!!!! I’ll just keep trying!

  140. Kim says:

    Such a sweet flower design for this collar. I love that it is reversible.

  141. Rebekah says:

    I love this, it reminds me of a childhood of making clothes for fairies and playing in my mum’s garden. It makes me want to read the secret garden amongst the roses. 🙂

  142. meeshelle says:

    I love coming to your blog everyday! It’s like Christmas to find out the surprise pattern each day 😀

  143. Amazingly beautiful!

  144. Moby Knit says:

    Love this. It adds the perfect amount of dressiness!

  145. Sarah Hughes says:

    Hoot Hoot! “It is just my imagination that flies,
    While she is wrapped up in her bedsheets
    like a nest.”
    ― Kiera Woodhull, Chaos of the Mind

    My imagination always flies with your patterns! All so whimsical!

  146. valérieG says:

    I love the way you make magic simple : 2 needles instead of 1 wand… my daughter wants this one, too =)

  147. Sally A. says:

    OMG! This collar is so amazingly awesome!!! I love that it’s like 2 collars in 1 since it’s reversible. DD will definitely be wanting one of these….but me first! ^^

  148. bgirl says:

    love the blue one and the flowers on the green one are super cute. i’ve never knit something reversible, can’t wait to try!

  149. FayLynn says:

    Each pattern keeps getting better and better. I love this little collar.. So very sweet.

  150. Sheri says:

    Your photos are like a poem – open and ever dreaming.
    The collar is terribly cute, as well. 😉

    Sheri/SovereignCrux on Ravelry

  151. littleannie51 says:

    Ooo la – so sweet! Hope I win ^v^

  152. Mona says:

    Oh my!! I can picture myself wearing that collar every single day with every single outfit even with pajamas..you are a genius!!

  153. deb says:

    love this reversible collar!

  154. mountainweaver says:

    So sweet! Love it!

  155. Ann says:

    Great collar! I just love your designs!

  156. Laurie says:

    Another day another chance of luck

  157. Ailbhe says:

    So jelous because:
    A) you look so pretty in all pattern photos
    B) I wish I had the tallent to be a pattern designer instead of my crappy day job
    C) I’m still waiting for you to post moonkoosa boots. Are then in the book? Cos i recon they’d be the perfect pattern for both my sister an our cat. She would love the cosy slippers and he would love the tassels. He absolutely loves attacking feet. Feet with funny dread like things would blow his mind

  158. lynnofthewood says:

    Very cute, the reversible idea is fun!

  159. Judith Bradbury says:


  160. skittish says:

    Oh, how clever and pretty! I’m already starting to think of color combinations… 🙂

  161. Joy Haworth says:

    Wow! so pretty! it would be fun to make in a bunch of colors with different types of flowers!

  162. Krista says:

    With the fairies admiring themselves in front of the mirror all day in this lovely collar, maybe we’ll finally catch a glimpse of them! Thank you – you are brilliant!

  163. vishae says:

    This is really really cute!

  164. Rachel says:

    This is my favorite so far. I just love it!

  165. bourriquet says:

    So funny and elegante ! I like it !

  166. Diana says:

    so extraordinary, I love all your creations!

  167. Adhara says:

    i can’t get over how original your designs always are ❤

  168. Sarah Norman says:

    So sweet, I love that it is completely reversible too 🙂

  169. Fabienne B. says:

    I almost can see fairies around that. So wonderfull.

  170. Anja says:

    Extremly beautiful and so romantic. I love that.

  171. Helen says:

    Just perfect for the Changeling of the season into Autumn 🙂

  172. When the summer leaves us behind and wild walks become nippy as autumn takes the flowers into rest for the winter, what a better accessory to remind us of spring and keep us toasty warm than this?!?

  173. Sarah says:

    I can feel the flutter of my fairy wings ready for a pretty collar…. So gorgeous, so much inspiriation

  174. Melissa K says:

    I love this! It will make a plain sweater look so pretty 🙂

  175. Cesy says:

    Another scrumptious little pattern!

  176. Nanita says:

    So pretty and sweet! And just so you know, I am finishing my first ever colourwork project in knitting! I’m a hooker really, but now I made myself learn a bit beyond the basics of knitting just to be prepared for Woodland Knits! ♥

  177. Susan Snow says:

    Very sweet collar. I would downsize it for my little granddaughters!

  178. My what an adorable collar. I need this book! Not want…need.

  179. Really love this one!

  180. Tracy Jayne Gardner says:

    How cute! you amaze me!

  181. Amelie A says:

    A true lesson in style, I could weep a river of great joy and say only a word : BRAVO !

  182. LaurenS says:

    please enter me – thank you.

  183. lollyknits says:

    I really like this! It’s such a cute little accessory, and you could wear it with everything! ..well at least I could 😛

  184. Woodland Couture! I love it! Your creativity knows no bounds! Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  185. Aerial says:

    I can’t wait to get your book!

  186. It’s wonderful!! I would knit one in every possible color combination and every flower i could think of. I love the shape and that it’s reversible, which makes it perfect for me in winter, because i’m always cold!

  187. Ashley says:

    So pretty! The blue color combo is really pretty. So many possibilities!

  188. Myha says:

    I love this collar! It looks so elegant and has a spring-y feel to it.

  189. Jessica says:

    so sweet and dainty. just enough flair to have the woodland creatures whispering about you!!

  190. Maxine S says:

    I love this one! It’s so whimsical & elegant… it’s whimsigant! Love how your designs can be so simple yet so striking at the same time. Thank you for sharing your brilliant creativity with us! 🙂

  191. Max says:

    I need some more tiny owl knits in my life! This collar would go so well with anything and so much fun to make!

  192. Rachel Mackin says:

    What a petty collar. I love all the photos too your book must look beautiful. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! 🙂

  193. Love this collar! The details are fabulous!

  194. Susie Hewer says:

    I love so many of the patterns I’ve seen so far – Midsummer Night’s Dream & the Moonbeam duster are just so me and I’d have to make the faerie wings for when I run my next marathon (do you think the faeries would help me run faster LOL?!)

  195. mintypanda says:

    Oh you could make one side in a warm palette and the other side in cool, like Brigid and the Cailleach! Your collar can turn with the seasons 😀

  196. Love, love, love it, So fun, so sheik, so fabulous! Just like YOU!,

  197. KnittyLizard says:

    Well, what self respecting fairy wouldn’t love this?

  198. Judy says:

    Your designs are all so fabulous!! You must be the queen of the fairies!!! Absolutely ethereal!!!

  199. kat says:

    oooh this one is super cute ❤

  200. Very pretty, and I love the “switchiness” of it!

  201. Elli Seltzer says:

    This collar looks amazing:)

  202. Lorraine Turner says:

    The collar is just so beautiful. What a nice finish on top of a wool sweater.

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