*day 6 of the give-away party!* seedpod purse

hello sweet ones! wow. reading your comments is like so unreal. im SO happy that these patterns seem to be bringing lots of you JOY!  its so hard to feel the joy in life sometimes but im glad we are all here together just twirling ribbons and letting our inner children come out to play together! big fluffly warm wishes to all of you for bliss bliss bliss.

ok sorry im all sappy! its your sweet comments they make me all like weepy n stuff! welcome to day 6 of the give-away party! i’m so glad you’ve come back to play today. So here we go! Day 6 brings us *seedpod purse*

What do faeries carry in their seedpod purses? Why I don’t think they would mind if I told you one bit.  Buttons, feathers, jingle bells, cat whiskers, toadstools, pebbles, seeds, knots, dimes & fishhooks…….  Oops, I shouldn’t have said that. 

You can take a closer peek at the details *here* or buy it now for 5.50 USD.The pattern is also featured in my book *woodland knits.*

Q. How do i win a copy of this pattern, and how do i win a copy of the book!?
A. Simple! Just leave a comment right here in this post and i’ll pick winners tomorrow!

Now for the FUN STUFF!
The WINNING COMMENTS from yesterday (chosen at random) are:
First for the copy of the PDF:

Cesy says:
October 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm
Another scrumptious little pattern!

Next for the copy of the book:


Kimmy says:
October 1, 2013 at 1:53 am
You look like a chic-angel-ing your collar. Your new book is fairy luscious! I would like to knit everything in it.

Winners, i’ll be sending you an email this week so be sure to check your junk folder! See you tomorrow for day 7 and until then happy knits and good luck!!
love, stephanie xoxo

Ps. Even though i love big ol purses i always feel a little lopsided when i carry them… thats why i made this small feather-light one… its perfect to take to flea-markets and to gather little bits and bobs here and there… not fishhooks though… those are totally dangerous!  i put a wreath of silk flowers around the inside rim for the finishing touch 🙂

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265 Responses to *day 6 of the give-away party!* seedpod purse

  1. Kristina says:

    Pretty pretty pretty pretty! I adore your patterns and this seed pod is adorable!

  2. Sophia W says:

    How do you do it? Another delightful pattern. I wish I had half of your talent! Your patterns are some of the most fun to knit!

  3. Jane Hamilton says:

    Sweet, so organic and romantic. I love your designs.

  4. Annie says:

    Pleasing to the faeries, this. And most worthy of important magical cargo. Your imagination must be well acquainted with mine. Design away!

  5. vuchickens says:

    So lovely!!! The leaves on the strap are a nice touch. 🙂

  6. Awe I love this bag! ❤️

  7. Karen Lauterwasser says:

    I could picture using this purse as a hanging basket and filling it with flowers. No fishhooks for me, thanks!

  8. Maddy P. says:

    Oh my goodness the patterns just keep on getting cuter! Love it ❤

  9. ruth ainscough says:

    lovely patterns

  10. Lisa says:

    Another lovely pattern — I would love to see this one with bunches of dried lavender in it. That’s what I’ll be doing with mine!

  11. Becca says:

    fun! I love it with the ring of flowers

  12. Gunilla says:

    Oh, like a cauldron! Warm and sweet, and I bet some woodland birds would love to live there too!

  13. Julie LaFleur says:

    Absolutely adorable- as usual! Love your patterns! Off to the woods with me!

  14. Peg says:

    Sweet! Adorable little purse!

  15. I love how all of your patterns look so polished and professional. I would love to be able to reproduce that myself.

  16. Miss Flea says:

    I’m loving seeing the patterns come out every day. I’m in London, so your posts are brightening my afternoons! To me this looks like a project bag, and it would look great in my livingroom with some yarn and needles sticking out of it. I have bags of wool and projects hanging from everything – hooks, knobs, door-handles, bookcases, boyfriend, cat…

  17. Omgoodness cuteness!

  18. Larah Sifuentes-Winter says:

    OMG, LOVE it!!!!

  19. Nanette says:

    I just can’t decide what I would want to start first! Too many choices.

  20. These wonderful patterns have solved some of my gift-giving issues this year. Thank you!

  21. Dissolvedgirl says:

    Oh, that’s lovely ! 🙂

  22. Katherine says:

    ~ sweet, sweet , sweet . . . just adore a little bag, I make them all the time for every purpose, do I need another, no, will I be making this , oh yes!

  23. This purse is sooooooooo sweet! Like you!

  24. AmyO says:

    A truly adorable purse to keep all sorts of treasures in!

  25. Sigga says:

    That is so nice, I would definitely put cat whiskers, pebbles and fish hooks in mine too!
    Love your patterns and how you make stories about every pattern you have, it makes it so special for me. ^_^

  26. Elliot says:

    love this felted gem! can’t wait to make everything in this book! I especially love the little tassel 🙂

  27. Laura says:

    Yet another must make design! Guess it just proves this is a must have book. 🙂

  28. Stephanie Smith says:

    Is there a lining to this adorableness? I think the perfect little finishing touch would be a cute little scrap of vintage floral satin, or cotton printed with squirrels or owls or hedgehogs 🙂 so cute!

  29. Stephanie says:

    i love this little purse! I had the idea to add some of the charms from care of magical creature to the opening instead of the fringey-fringe. Or knit a black version without the tassle for a witchy cauldron purse! Can’t wait to try it!

  30. Kelly B. says:

    This is a gorgeous little purse but would make a super fun planter too!

  31. emilythefunkychicken says:

    I want to fill it with lichen!

  32. Deb Hickman says:

    Another stunning creation, you are so talented and creative. Deb x

  33. Lizzy Reeves says:

    Oh my! Another precious pattern to add to my making list! I’d love to win a copy of this beautiful book, but if I’m not lucky enough, I’m going to put it on my wish list! xxx

  34. Sally at Rivendale Farms says:

    Who knew that fairy purse contents were the same as my purse contents! Well, except for the fishhook. Love, love, LOVE this!!

  35. Stephanie K says:

    I wasn’t going to comment on your giveaway posts because I already bought your book (although I think my grandma wants a copy now) but I had to say– the book arrived yesterday and all of your patterns are amazing! I can’t wait to get knitting!! I already had a couple but it’s great to have them in such a lovely little book! Looking forward to Care of Magical Creatures part 3!

  36. Kendal says:

    That is adorable!!! I just crocheted my daughter a little fairy crown yesterday and I bet she would flip out if she had a seedpod purse to match 🙂

  37. brianna bernard says:

    yay! I can go out and gather my favorite flowers in this. 🙂 I love your patterns and they inspire me more than anything else it the world.

  38. Krista says:

    What a sweet sweet purse! Perfect for gathering acorns, chestnuts, shells, and leaves on autumn walks with my daughter. Thank you!

  39. Super cute bag! Love your patterns!

  40. Aline says:

    fabulous pattern!! I love purses!!! and, I go to the flea market every saturday too. last weekend, I found a framed embroidered Holly Hobbie picture just sitting on the dirt waiting for me to come along and thankfully, it was still clean. i also found an elephan lamp and thought of you! stompie-stomp! hee hee. my bff will love this purse too…ooh, im so excited about this. i love the shape of it and will be making one to match our moonkoosa boots. so glad i am working at home this week to catch all your posts early 🙂 xoxo

  41. mandarine's says:

    Oh this is adorable! And the pictures are so beautiful!

  42. Cindy W says:

    What a cute little purse! My granddaughter would love it.

  43. Debbie says:

    Perfect little purse! I am really enjoying the stories that go along with these patterns. Such a whimsical book, I love it more with every pattern release! Holding out until Day 10 before I order, hoping the rng fairy will favor me!

  44. Lisa Jo says:

    All your patterns are so KAWAIIIII!!! 😀 (*cute) I would really love to knit all the cute patterns in your new book this fall!! Please pick me!!

  45. Miss_Marie says:

    This purse is fantastical! I love the bits of detail you have added too… looks like the fairies have been giving you private lessons! teehee

  46. Sarah Raines says:

    Ack!! My heart is doing a flitter, flutter dance just looking at the pictures! Oh, how perfect for picking up acorns, chestnuts, and feathers during a walk in the woods. I love the flowers on the inside – that is a perfect touch. Oh, and it would be good for keeping little plant roots safe and warm during the winter months too. Plus, it would make them look spiffy and no doubt every other house plant would want one too…..I’ll be busy this winter. – Sarah

  47. Kelly Winship says:

    Yet another adorable pattern!! Well done!!

  48. Stefanie says:

    Very cute! =)

  49. LHawkins says:

    This is such a cute, small carry purse. I could also see using it to hold a potted plant.

  50. Robin54 says:

    Ooooo…love this!!! I want to knit one or two or three…

  51. Lorraine Turner says:

    This little purse looks like it is a growing piece of nature, so natural and woodsy.

  52. Rosemarie says:

    Oh dear, I am in such trouble. Since finding your site on the web I have spent so much time pouring over your designs and not much time working! I ordered the book yesterday and the wool and needles for the Dragon’s Hood (we have dragons in our woods close by and at this time of the year you can see their breath eerily snaking across the common) which i just have to knit for my Dragon seeking daughter.
    I adore today’s design and I think it will be beautiful to hang in the porch for my Autumn visitors. I will fill it with acorns and silky smooth chestnuts and all can choose before they enter!
    Thank you for bringing everyone such joy. x

  53. whatzitknitz says:

    I love this little purse…I need to knit one right away for myself.
    all week I have been commenting and each time I have said I would knit this for this niece or that cousin but this time the purse clearly call out for some selfish knitting.
    i would knit it and keep my spinning in it. and knit a second for my knit/walking project. and then a third purse for my wandering walks with my man and puppy. I collect all manner of things while I walk and once I am home you would think my pockets were that of a 6 year old boy not a 60ish(ahem) old lady. I have acorns and hickory nuts in my pockets this morning. along with some moss and 2 pretty pebbles. some seed pods from holly hocks that grow wild near the road. you can see I really need this purse.

  54. oh my!!! everyday it just keeps getting lovelier. I can see myself at the beach with this collecting sea glass.

  55. Julie Simpson says:

    What a cute little bag ❤ I fall in love more and more with each design ! Can't wait to get a hold of a book one day. Inspiring!

  56. Heather says:

    i love the fairy picture you paint

  57. Dianne LaDow says:

    OMG! yet another absolutely wonderful pattern! I get lost just browsing your site. Just to be sure I have this one, I bought it. I have a grand daughter that will absolutely love it.

  58. Kris C says:

    Super cute! I love the idea of a little bag like this to hold all sorts of goodies!

  59. Betsy says:

    You make me want to go out and play in the woods! Another awesome design….thanks for the contest.

  60. Terry says:

    I can see my grands with these! Though I would have to add a vial of fairy dust instead of the usual lucky penny inside. Amazing textures ….. Bravo!

  61. Patty rifkin says:

    Oh, oh I must must make this one. My little miss moop (my granddaughter) and I need matching ones. Kindred spirits connected at the heart strings. Please pick me.

  62. Linda Piotrowski says:

    I love all of your patterns and own several of them. I’m not sure I have the knitting skills to complete all of them but I’m trying. I am thinkinig of purchasing your book. Is there anyway I can look on your site to see some of the patterns in it?

  63. stormarela says:

    that is so very very cute!!!!! I might have to make 2, one for both my daughter and me!

  64. Effie M. says:

    This pattern has topped the Magic Tree Top bag as the one I *have* to make. There is something so very magical about this one.

    I love seeing each new pattern shown on your blog with even more pictures to fall in love with. ❤

  65. Fall has moved into the Pacific Northwest with gusts and flash floods, and the rest of the world seems upside down crazy. You have brought magic to my inbox for 6 days now, and I am so grateful. You, my dear, are the most generous kind of fairy! Thank you, thank you.

  66. I asked a bit earlier about the patterns in your book. I scrolled back in your blog to the day your book was released. I found the names of the patterns and have just purchased the book! Thanks so much. I can’t wait to get it!

  67. Sarah says:

    So pretty!! I love all these gorgeous patterns you are so very clever. I shall make this for my little fairy….. who has just discovered bags!!

  68. Anna says:

    Love this seed pod/bird’s nest of a bag. So pretty!

  69. erb325 says:

    Everything is so cute. I just want to make everything all the time. All of the knits ❤

  70. lounatine says:

    It’s so cute! Again a marvellous pattern!

  71. Oh my WORD! Scrumptious! I’ve only ever felted the antlers for your/my reindeer hat. I am SO into this sweet little purse! Heeeeeeee!!! I think I will make myself a billowy fairy fort from sheets to knit this in! You just get more awesome-r day by day! Butterfly kisses!!!

  72. Terri Simon says:

    Oh my goodness. I love everything that appeals to fairies! This bag is super cute. I am not a talented knitter–just a newbie knitter. Could a newbie make this bag? I love all your designs…the little fox collars and you designed the most adorable knitted muff I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the little bunny slippers. I want to make all of it. Does your book have these patterns? Sorry for all the questions, but I am definitely intimidated by knitting and not sure I could make these things…I need to start with something easy. Your designs are quite inspiring and I want to learn how to make them. Is there anything in the book for beginners? Thanks!

  73. Xochitl says:

    Oh how cool. I would love this for a little fairy costume!

  74. Marci says:

    darling! this I will definately be making – great gift for someone special!

  75. lollyknits says:

    Cute cute cute! I love the whimsy, and this would add such an adorable touch to any outfit! I bet you could also hang it on your porch to grow flowers in! Maybe a fairy would like to live there too 🙂

  76. Janet says:

    I love your knit items!!! How fun to knit the unusual!!!! Would love to win your knitting book!!!!!

  77. Casey says:

    Can’t wait to make this wonderful magical purse!!

  78. Kristen Marie says:

    I want to make all of the lovely things! I leave for Iceland at the end of the month and want to take along a lot of hand knitted items and projects to work on so this is just perfect timing. Thanks for making things I’d like to make as well! *kittens purring*

  79. Maureen Robertson says:

    Hoo Hoo how do you do the things you do so WELL !!!! I will so enjoy creating this purse, LOVE IT !!!!

  80. ohhhh !!!!! I would like so much do it ! so wonderful to dream with fairies !
    Love love !
    Stéphanie from France

  81. kath says:

    that is just adorable!!

  82. violicious says:

    This is my absolute favorite! Thanks for the giveaways!

  83. Liz Rolle says:

    When I read your stuff, I always feel like you’ve taken me to an alternate universe. A very sweet, soothing, tranquil alternate universe. Thanks for the transport!

  84. Olivia says:

    I love this one! It could even be the perfect home for some birds outside 🙂

  85. Hillary says:

    OOOH! That is the cutest purse I’ve ever seen!

  86. Abigail says:

    So cute!

  87. Adrienne says:

    Such a cute purse! It would be perfect for a farmer’s market to keep your things nice and safe from the fruit and veggies in the big bag you have to cary as well!

  88. Jane Kellett says:

    Gorgeous little bag! I love thetexture.

  89. MarieC says:

    Hopipou an other beautiful fairy creation * Love this purse, to put some magical flowers inside ❤ I will knit it for sure !!!

  90. Julia says:

    Truly created with magical hands from another land. Gorgeous!

  91. Jenny Cifelli says:

    This is my favorite pattern so far! If I had a seed-pod purse, I would fill it with marigold petals and star dust and hummingbird feathers and tiny little seashells. And maybe some garnets and moonstones. Oh, and a discarded robins’ egg, if I could find one! I heart your patterns so much!!!

  92. Sherry says:

    How precious this wee pursee is. Here in Southern California, the Indigenous fairies and hidden folk have all but disappeared. Your wonderful patterns reacquaints Californians with the magic of our “spritely” past. Thank you for such an imaginative book and enchanting patterns. You obviously have some “fae” in your genes (or is that jeans?).

  93. Nora Hahn says:

    Again a wonderful item! I’ll love to see the book!!
    See you in Fairy-Land ❤️

  94. Margaret B. says:

    back today to say lovely, lovely!

    thanks again for the giveaway opportunity —

  95. Glenna Gentzyel says:

    I love your style. I don’t know how you come up with these AWESOME creations.

  96. Vera says:

    O wow, it reminds me of the japanese moss ball gardens. Absolutely lovely 🙂

  97. Heidi Bruksas says:

    i love this purce, what a great idea for christmas present for my friends, hope i win the pattern, or the book

  98. deanna7trees says:

    oh this is so precious. i must make one of these.

  99. Julia Romashko says:

    You are so creative to come up with all of these!

  100. kking181 says:

    Very awesome pattern!

  101. Carolyn Robinson says:

    This is such a cute pattern and I’d love to make several as my daughter is having an outdoor wedding in her backyard and these would be precious filled with flowers hanging in trees and arbors.

  102. Kathryn says:

    The perfect bag for going to markets and another amazing creation I would love to win the book so I can start making your amazing creations as they would make that one of the kind Christmas present for those special people in my life

  103. isavoie says:

    This is such a lovely bag!

  104. samantha says:

    This would be perfect for holding reindeer moss when I go foraging in the woods. I look forward to seeing tomorrow’s pattern!

  105. stephanie says:

    I love this enchanted little bag! It’s perfect for running barefoot with pixies and unicorns through the magical forest of weeping willows and twinkling lights. I will wish upon a star ✰ so i may win this mystical book of patterns for me and all my little forest friends ❤

  106. Domestic Deb says:

    while walking through the forest and meadows, it would be delightful to have a lovely little pouch to cradle my findings. yours is so sweet and is the perfect size, shape, and color. after all, one wants to be in harmony and blend with nature, and this wee seedpod would certainly cloche the carrier so that maybe, just maybe, she’ll catch a glimpse of a faerie or two. (faerie dust and feathers)

  107. Lea says:

    I like it that we are spoiled with this every day post and all the new super cute patterns. Feels like each day is a special day! The purse is out of the world. I really need to make one for my sweet godchild. She likes to gather all sorts of things on her walks through the woods. This would look just lovely on her.

  108. Oh thud!!! That’s pretty and cute. Love, love love it. You amaze me with your talent and dreaminess.

  109. Katie says:

    Fabulous! I will have to make two, one for each of my nieces!

  110. Laurie says:

    Another whimsical invention. Adorable!

  111. Moby Knit says:

    Your patterns are so lovely!

  112. bgirl says:

    very legend of zelda ❤

  113. Dewi says:

    What a great idea! Very cute 🙂

  114. deb says:

    a lovely little gathering purse for woodland walks.

  115. Izzy Kelsey says:

    I would love to knit a few of these to hang in my fairy garden!

  116. It kind of looks like a bird’s nest to me. It’s brilliant. I can see my daughter stuffing her fairy toys in here and running around exploring with it. 😀

  117. Aimee Richardson says:

    The wonder of the Beautiful
    is its ability to surprise us.
    With swift sheer grace,
    it is like a divine breath
    that blows the heart open.
    ~ John O’Donohue ~

  118. TerriSue says:

    This little purse looks as if it had grown from a tree and you picked it on your wanderings. So natural and woodsy. I imagine that’s where the faeries get theirs. How clever of you to make a full size one. I need one too. Thank you for the chance.

  119. I really like using the purse as a little planter. It’s so cute!

  120. Leslie Dodge says:

    I will be making this for my niece!!! Thanks for the adorable patterns. Even if I win none of them I will be purchasing the book!

  121. Elli Seltzer says:

    This idea is so unique!

  122. Linda Spawr says:

    you out did yourself. sweet, sweet, sweet.

  123. Gaela says:

    That is absolutely adorable! So sweet!

  124. donaji says:

    What a lovely purse! To the queue it goes!

  125. Dea says:

    So cute!

  126. LaduSwala says:

    I love how earthy this purse is! It looks just like forest moss. Perfect for gathering flowers and woodland treasures. I’m definitely going to get your book – you have the best designs!

  127. Zabbers says:

    Love the flowers at the top…wonder if I could knit some for it.

  128. Jeanne Einhorn says:

    I’d store the glow from fireflies and the like until such time as the moon goes dark and the forest fairies cannot find their way back without jumping into the sack and bathing in its magic.

  129. Naomi says:

    So very cute – my boys would probably use it to collect the little rocks and crystals they find on our walks

  130. Tine says:

    Oh, so lovely! It looks just like a tiny cauldron 🙂

  131. Susi says:

    I love to knit socks, and this would be perfect to carry my socks in progress… very cute…

  132. Lesley Diskin says:

    That’s very cool and a great shape. Job well done!

  133. brianna says:

    whether I win or not you can count on me for the fact that I will have your book soon

  134. Linda Rumsey says:

    This is another really cute pattern!

  135. Ulrika Reinholdsson says:


  136. eidolons says:

    I know three little elfin boys that would probably love a shortened version of this lovely bag for their foraging adventures.

  137. Erika N. says:

    So romantic and functional. I’m planning to knit a couple, for WIPs and to use as a planter.

  138. Renee says:

    love that cute little purse!!

  139. So darling, the tassel and the leaves make the look…

  140. Kim says:

    I never knew what to do with my kitty whiskers. Now I know I just needed a seedpod purse!

  141. Raia Bryan says:

    I love that little purse!! Wonderful.

  142. Oloriel says:

    The patterns just keep getting better! I’m almost afraid for the next reveals! They will be too cute for me.

  143. Nice purse! Love all the beautiful stuff, Stephanie!

  144. Kirsten says:

    Now this is something every good southern backwoods girl can use! I should know as I live right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a hop skip and a jump from the Smokies in North Carolina. Heading out for a daily walk in these Mountains means a girl has to be ready whenever she stumbles over a treasure that would tuck happily into the Seed Pod Purse! Being felted treasures will surely stay tucked! With the magic of Tiny Owl and a bit of fairy dust, every walk with this Little bag will be Magical!:)

  145. I love this!!! It would look lovely holding wedding flowers. I just love all of your wonderful patterns!!! You have the best ideas ❤

  146. Naviana says:

    Amazing… Your patterns makes me wanna knit again! Just the style I always knit, soft and woodsy ❤

  147. Amanda Regan says:

    I love it! SO cute!

  148. Daffodil Angel says:

    This is the one I have been waiting for – it looks gorgeous and I am going to be making this. Delightful colours and perfect for collecting some gorgeous seeds in my garden.

  149. Fiona Dick says:

    eeeepp! Every pattern is just so darn cute. I could see this wee purse acting as a hanging basket for plants, but most certainly as a treasure collector for items acquired on travels through the park or along the beach.

  150. Tina Hamilton says:

    Your patterns are joy and so are you. I can see that sweet lil purse hanging from my door and putting cute tiny holiday decorations in it.

  151. Sheri says:

    You always come up with the most ingenious project ideas. Very cute bag!
    Sheri/SovereignCrux on Rav

  152. Alyson Scott says:

    Love, love your patterns! I will be ordering your book

  153. Kadie says:

    That is so cute and unique! I can’t wait to make one! This is one of my new favorites!

  154. Wendy says:

    Your ideas are so wonderful I know I have to get my own copy of your amazing book!

  155. Marilee says:

    Just the thought of all those lovely patterns in one beautiful book makes me so excited!

  156. Tami says:

    What a cool bag! Looking forward to seeing all the designs!

  157. Liz says:

    Hoot! How cute, especially the little leaves!

  158. Christine Mills says:

    Just too cute! Love it!

  159. Kelleyknits says:

    How cute! This would also be perfect for a little girl – perfect size to carry all he little things!

  160. Paddy says:

    I definitely need a place to carry cat whiskers and fish hooks.

  161. Lynda Redwitch says:

    What a magical bag for a full size pixie! Perfect for carrying treasures from a woodland walk 🙂

  162. Tanya says:

    This is just the sweetest thing! I might have to make some to hang instead of stockings this year!

  163. Tina Kercher says:

    What a sweet little purse! I am really loving your new collection.

  164. maggie may says:

    Ahh your knitting posts always make my day 😀

  165. Nicole Selah Destrampe says:

    Another Amazing pattern! I’m dying to see whatever this book holds!!

  166. Melissa K says:

    I love this!

  167. I love all your patterns! So wonderful!

  168. Ally says:

    I’m hoping faeries will flock to my seed pod purse after all there’s nothing better than hanging out with bright little faeries and faerie dust…………. xx

  169. El says:

    That’s just awesome! : )

  170. Susan says:

    My 7 year old granddaughter is a Fairy Princess so she needs this bag for her pixie dust and treasures.. HOpe I win..

  171. Tenley says:

    Aww-I love your patterns!

  172. Tamara says:

    Oh this is dreamy! Perfect for keeping magical gatherings for little potions 🙂

  173. Linda R says:

    Hello. I am a fairie and would really like to have one of these bags. Right now I store my treasures inside a leaf and it really just win’t do. Please help a fairie out. Thank you from the bottom of my winged heart. ❤️

  174. Cristina says:

    That´s so cool! I also carry buttons, a blue feather and one of my cat´s whiskers in my bag… and some huge beans my mom gave me. Methinks this means I need a seedpod purse as well.

  175. Pauline Spinks says:

    Love ♥ love ♥ love ♥ this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I see many of these in my future

  176. Sally A. says:

    Yet another wonderfully whimsical pattern! Loveliness!

  177. Sinead Farrell says:

    The perfect place to store lifes little treasures

  178. Aimee says:

    Mighty cute. Love your work.

  179. La La La L<3ve this! Looks like a fun knit 🙂

  180. Stephanie M says:

    Love your patterns! They are too cute!

  181. Noelle Barry says:

    Visiting Tiny Owl Knits is like being transported to the Enchanted Forest with magical and mystical happenings at every turn. You are an inspired, talented, imaginative and creative sprite and I am coveting Woodland Knits…..

  182. Susan Hawkins says:

    Oh a fairy cauldron,how delightful!!!! 🙂

  183. Bonnie Pinkerton says:

    Oooh!!! I love this pattern too!

  184. Elizabeth says:

    All of your patterns are so cute! I want them all!!

  185. Glenys says:

    There are so much detail in this. I want the book! 😀

  186. Aerial says:

    I hope I win your book!

  187. Oh it looks so natural and enchanting!! I would carry and store my flower (and veggies) seeds and bulbs in it, so they would be protected from cold and humidity. I love the tassel and the littles stories you tell about each pattern every day, they make me imagine all the little mysteries and magic world around the story and eager to read the next one!!

  188. Michelle says:


  189. emily says:

    Really lovely! Can’t wait to enjoy your awesome book!

  190. Reference to The Amber Spyglass??! Either way how exciting, to imagine it full of beautiful Dust/Shadow particles like the Mulefas’ seedpods 🙂

  191. Lindsey says:

    Let’s knit up a lovely little bag & other goodies from the lovliest book and go collect Conkers & Pine cones

  192. valérieG says:

    Mmmmmmmmmh…. I know a little faerie and her friend who will put some candies, or Totoro stuff, or beads, or stones, or so many little things, treasuries ! Thanks for such a lovely way to carry them =)

  193. Ack! Adorable! A felty, tassel-y, cauldron of wonders! You are brilliant.

  194. Cora Jeanne says:

    Wow! What a lovely pattern! I’m just daydreaming of wandering the woods and collecting little beauties!!

  195. Jess Anne Cole says:

    Just discovered you today! This is the perfect purse! The one you just know you have to have the minute you see it. I love it! Can’t wait to get the pattern and so glad I found the site.


  197. lynnofthewood says:

    Just the thing for holding little magical bits, or a ball of yarn to knit!

  198. What a perfect place for small treasures and trinkets and amulets!

  199. Jane Kanter says:

    So sweet and whimsical – just like all of your amazing designs!

  200. Natalie says:

    Yet another gorgeous creation. After these past few days of sampling here, I’ve bought the book and am awaiting its arrival with excitement.

  201. Such a sweet little spot for bits and bobs! hang it on a hook, carry it around…

  202. Meaghan says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  203. sewincolor says:

    Such a sweet bag! I’d love to win this pattern or the whole book. Your patterns are great!

  204. Anna says:

    You gorgeous clever girl! Owls rock! Your video was magical, you are a beam of light and your book of woodland treasures is an inspiration . . . I can’t wait to start knitting!

  205. Cindy says:

    It is so sweet! I just love your designs! They are simply wonderful!

  206. Agatha says:

    So … For those questions that someone asked …. The book has patterns for all skill levels. I have mine as well as others for gifts so don’t need another copy or the pattern. What I love, love, love about the book is that you make such great suggestions and/or options for the patterns. It feels like you are sitting here knitting with me. Now …if I were only a good knitter … I bought the book for the spirit it brings to me … Taking me to another world that is tranquil, natural and whimsical. We all need to find thàt place inside where’d we find joy and THANK YOU because you brought this lady back to that time when I could imagine and dream of dragons, fairies and magic.

  207. meeshelle says:

    this little seed purse is just too adorable and cute!!! Love it!!

  208. KnittyLizard says:

    What a lovely pleasing shape this bag is. So cute!

  209. Ann says:

    What a great purse!

  210. knitalatte1 says:

    Lovely purse, love the tassle.

  211. Astrid says:

    such a lovely purse!!that´s what I need,when going in the forrest with our little grandchild and golden retriever “misses smilla”.

  212. Sophie says:

    This purse is so adorable! I really love your patterns!

  213. Roxanne Edgar says:

    I love all of your patterns! And I hope to one day make all of them! This purse is so adorable and cute and I totally want to make it and all of the amazing things you create! 🙂 Thank you for doing this giveaway, and I hope to win!

  214. Ann says:

    I want to make one of these to go with every outfit I own!

  215. Jennifer R. says:

    What an amazing, creative person you are…I love all of your designs!!! My daughter is peeking over my shoulder, and she is BEGGING that I knit this up for her!!!

  216. Valentina says:

    I believe this lovely purse might be the perfect home for a little fairy… Love it!

  217. Diana says:

    wowowoow what a wonderfull idea! it’s not only cute, ii’s surprising!!! I love it and all your art.

  218. Vee says:

    I just fell in love with this little seed pod but am left wondering what a faerie would need a fish hook for? I thought they lived on love ❤

  219. lunefantasy says:

    all days a pleasure to see, to discover all your beautiful creations !!!

  220. Erin says:

    Every little thing that falls off your needles is purely perfection!

  221. Tessa van der Horst says:

    This is going to be one busy winter! Got to knit all your patterns hihi. I am going to challenge myself ^^ your patterns are easy and fun to follow! I have always been scared of the complexity of knitting patterns, but your cute designs got me to try yours and they really. ARE doable, fun and easy! You thought me how to knit! Can’t wait to finally get my hands on a copy!

  222. Rachel Mackin says:

    Such a beautiful bag for those long woodland walks in winter! X

  223. Amelie A says:

    Now I try to figure it out ! If your book is a garden and your patterns are flowers, starting blossom in the breath of a shiny melodic faery with a rose petal complexion. And if all the harvesting treasures are hidden in her seedpod purse known as to be the cardle of life : you may have knit the entire world ?

  224. Diana Hines says:

    Such cute and quaint purse full of woodland goodness! Thank you for such a wonderful addition.

  225. Nathalie/¨Potiron says:

    Oh!!! so in love with this little purse!!! this book of patterns is amazing and delightful so far!!!

  226. Helene says:

    Lovely seedpod purse, you’ve done it again! Keep up the good work 🙂

  227. Adhara says:

    so organic and original, at first i thought it was some beautiful natural thing you had found and were using as a flowerpot! it’s amazing how your designs capture the living earth around you 🙂

  228. Sarah Norman says:

    Beautiful! It would make a very sweet project bag too, for those little portable projects 🙂

  229. Jenn says:

    how cute and fun is this purse 🙂 thank you again for all of these fun chances to win:)

  230. Sarah Hartland says:

    This is the cutest yet, I need somewhere to keep my buttons 🙂

  231. Susie Hewer says:

    That is just the sweetest little bag – so earthy and woody, I love it! 🙂

  232. another lovely pattern

  233. Marieke says:

    Lovely bag. Looks woody and fairy like.
    I think this would be a perfect bag for a trip to the Woods to collect autumn leaves and chestnuts with the kids. 🙂

  234. Hazel Young says:

    I just love this purse, and imagining what the faeries might put in it is so much fun! Petals would be a must!

  235. what I love about your patterns is that they inspire creativity in others too. Thanks so much.

  236. Aline says:

    btw…love your green dress. did you sew it? i bet you sew too, right? xox

  237. LaurenS says:

    would love to win your patterns – thanks so much for doing this!

  238. These patterns just keep getting better and better. It’s feels like 10 days of Christmas. xD

  239. Susan Kerr says:

    Sitting here wearing my Moonkoosa’s and singing: “pick me, pick me…I’m wearing my Moonkoosa’s, pick me!” 🙂

  240. Max says:

    What a bag! I need one to carry my flowers. My daughters always need to pick the September blooming asters in our yard. We have Sky Blue asters, heath asters, New England asters, and flat topped white asters. When we finally leave our yard, I’m kind of encumbered with flowers, heart-shaped leaves, ornamental squash and whatnot. I need to make one asap! But can I please win the book? I know I can just buy one, but it is so fun to win a prize, you know?

  241. A pocket on a string! Great idea, I love it!

  242. Myha says:

    This has got to be the most adorable felted purse!!

  243. Kirsten says:

    This is beautiful and sculptural. This is a great pattern. I can only hope I win something of your wonderful patterns. ❤

  244. quillenchanted says:

    These just keep getting cuter every day!
    I too find large purses awkward. This one is so charming 🙂

  245. Alisa Cortez says:

    Lovely! I know several faeries who need to see this pattern … will be sharing!

  246. Mima says:

    Ooh, i want (to hug) it !


  247. Your book just arrived on my doorstep after 3 days of me cursing amazon for taking so long. It. Is. Stunning. So so beautiful from the patterns, to the photography to the layout and leaves around the borders. You should be very proud. Simply stunning! Casting on now – but which to cast on first??? 100 out of 5!

  248. Carmela Manzano says:

    When the gnomes (that I’ve knit from Charm Pack 1) need a “day out” from just lounging in their fairy castles (yes, those uber-cute needle holders multi-task wonderfully as homes for gnomes!!!), this lovely bag would be an AWESOME gnome-home-away-from-home! I’m sure the little guys would feel quite comfy & safe travelling in their very own seedpod!
    They would really like to go on a field trip to the aquarium – – – just sayin’ . . . . . .!!! 🙂

  249. Oh my heavens, I so want to carry around this bag!. All the brownies and fairies in my yard will want to jump in and travel with me.

  250. These patterns are Just.So.Awesome!!

  251. Karen Katz says:

    whoo whoo whoo will win????

  252. Alicia says:

    Oh, this is lovely too! I wonder what my little loves would carry in it? Day 6, I can’t believe I missed a day?!

  253. Tone Vold says:

    I have now picked up enough courage to embark on knitting the little fox! And this bag is just… ahhhhh … 🙂 Where do you go to get inspired? It must be a magical mystery place… 🙂

  254. Joy Hannaford says:

    Don’t forget fluff, fairies collect fluff and distribute it too, so they need bags to carry it from place to place.

  255. Ashley says:

    What fun! Love it, and I’m sure my flowers would, too 🙂

  256. Susan says:

    i hope it’ not too late to enter. Very cute purse!!!

  257. Enid says:

    Fairy at the bottom of my garden says I just got to have this

  258. Jane S. says:

    What a beautiful little bag! It’d look pretty hanging on the wall when it wasn’t being used, too. 🙂

  259. Ed Bauck says:

    Another fantasical mythical creation that I can’t wait to knit!

  260. Lorri Anne Bass says:

    Just the thing to hideaway with and knit until my hearts content.

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