in a strange and woody place

happy beautiful autumn lovelies! i hope you are getting a good chance to roll in some leaves and have some caramel apples!  ive been staying cozy and wearing my twig cowl everywhere i go. yesterday mr. owl asked me if it was attached to my neck.
yes. i said. yes it most certainly is.

this is a simple little project! sometimes i hesitate to put out things that are too basic and then i end up getting too complicated… so this was my very first KISS project.  (keep it super simple!)  and why not? i decided to make just the very thing i wanted, which was a rustic, cozy feather soft cowl to keep ALL breezes at bay this winter. the result? my little new best friend twig here.

the brown cabled part is knitted flat like a scarf and then seamed into a circle. easy.
then the fluffy lining part is knitted the same exact way, a simple scarf! easy!
then you pop the lining inside and make a sloppy whipstitch all around the edges. easy!!!

id like to give away a copy of the pattern free so leave a little note here in the comment section and i’ll draw the winners tomorrow 🙂 good luck!!!
congratulations: greenrabbitdesigns!
greenrabbitdesigns says:
November 21, 2013 at 11:32 am 
Oh……cosy! :)
I’ve sent you an email with the pattern link!
(check your junk mail if you dont see it!) 🙂

you can also get the pattern right now right *here*.
until we meet again, bless bless bless and happy knits! love, stephanie xoxo

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179 Responses to in a strange and woody place

  1. Gayle C says:

    Love your patterns. Keep them coming . Thank you

  2. meagham says:

    Love, love, love it! Another brilliant idea!

  3. Ulrika Reinholdsson says:

    Cute and loveable as always!

  4. That’s lovely! What kind of yarn did you use for the feathery goodness? It looks perfect for Chicago winters. 😀

  5. Linda Lee says:

    This is adorable! Oh please choose me!

  6. oldgoatwoman says:

    Wonderful! You are creative and so inspiring, thank you – you made my day.

  7. Laura says:

    That looks so cozy! I can see why you don’t take it off much.

  8. Janie mills says:

    I love it. I was actually for a simple cowl for gift ideas!

  9. Jennifer Gan says:

    Love it!! Looks so cute, cozy and warm. 🙂

  10. Karen R says:

    Love this! Looks like just the thing I’ve been wanting to make for myself! 😀

  11. carin11 says:

    That looks super cozy and warm! I’d love to win.

  12. Vérone says:

    J’adore ton petit monde féérique… Que les modèles soient simples ou compliqués…ils restent toujours magiques.
    Continue à nous émerveiller.

  13. Patty Demant says:

    wow!!! winter is coming ,after all.

  14. stephanie says:

    this looks like the perfect cozy accessory to my peppermint hot chocolate for these chilly winter days

  15. pam kaye says:

    that cowl looks so warm and cozy!!! wish I had it on right now!!

  16. Lisabeth Morche says:

    This would be the perfect little project to take with me on my vacation!! You always have the best designs, very talented! Thank you

  17. Han says:

    Amazing cowl ♥♥

  18. Leah Reddell says:

    My neck feels cold without this. It is lovely!

  19. Leila says:

    Ooooh I love the look of this pattern!! I love all of your patterns – I even have your new book, but the patterns are a little bit above my skill level at the moment 😦 Hopefully this one is as easy as you say and I’ll be able to knit it in no time!!

  20. Cari says:

    I would love to make this using handspun mohair from my Angora goats as the lining!

  21. Karen says:

    I am sooooo in love with your knitting imagination!!

  22. domesticdeb says:

    that is just the coziest looking thing ever. i want one to wear while i sit by the fire, reading jane austin, having a cuppa.

  23. Melissa Rayer says:

    Ohhhhh, I LOVE the look of this cowl; so cozy…just what I need now that the temperatures are plummeting. Brilliant!

  24. Gunilla says:

    As always.Beautiful and charming! Love it!

  25. Jess Anne Cole says:

    Beautiful! The name is perfect. I must make one!!!! I bet my daughter’s will want one too. Very unusual yet simple…

  26. Tamara says:

    Lots of lovely leafy color here in Korea, but nearly over after our first snow last week…Brrrrrr hoot hoot ….this cosy cowl looks just the snuggly thing to knit to keep those snowy winds out. KISS is a great idea! Always love to see your new designs 🙂

  27. Maddy P. says:

    Looks so warm and cozy ❤ I love simple patterns!

  28. Gaynor says:

    So beautiful and yet so simple, a winning combination!

  29. Krista says:

    This looks so amazingly cozy. I think I would even sleep with it on. Thank you very much for the pattern giveaway!

  30. 29ways says:

    This looks like it would be a quick knit. Love the addition of the furry yarnz 🙂

  31. Stef says:

    This would be the perfect Christmas gift for my roommate!!! Yes please! It’s so cold here already … 19F this morning!!!

  32. Sarah says:

    You say simple?…. But it looks complicated a challenge for someone who
    Hasn’t attempted cables before… It looks gorgeous with your outfit as always x

  33. Victoria says:

    Oh yes, yes please.
    This is exactly what I want 🙂

  34. Gina Zahra says:

    So pretty!!! I think I need one 🙂

  35. Diana says:

    I think I need one too!

  36. TAMI says:

    I love it! So cozy:)

  37. Barbara Claridge says:

    I am currently vacationing on Maui and I just read about Twig. I know my scrawny little neck is going to need warmth when I return to Canada next week. It will make a great gift for my northern friends and family.

  38. Theresa says:

    You have the most lovely patterns! Thanks for offering to give this one away. I love knitting cowls.

  39. Samantha says:

    Love your patterns! Working on your deer antler hat that was requested by a friend as soon as she saw the cover of your book when I purchased it. 🙂 I’d love to make this for my friend Annie, who I love taking walks with in fall and could use some cheering up since she’s very busy and stressed with law school!

  40. Sheila says:

    What a fun cowl! And the fur inside would make it so cozy and warm, I wouldn’t take it off either.

  41. kathy says:

    You adorable, clever faery maiden! Yet another wonderful pattern perfect for Christmas giftie giving! I’m already using several of your patterns for gifts, but this one will be purrrfect for a quick last minute one, too! 🙂

  42. Barbara sharp says:

    you always have such great fun for us ..always look forward to see what the owl says and does next

  43. KMMRai says:

    Yes please! Lovely!

  44. lollyknits says:

    You had me at “fuzzy cowl” 🙂

  45. Grace says:

    In love with this!

  46. Heather says:

    ooooh yes yes I looooove it! so soft and cozy everything you make is so, so lovely!

  47. Despoina says:

    thank you for the beautiful patterns that you create! they are all treasured and loved! and now this one’s got to be added in my collection too!!!

  48. Betty L. Collins says:

    Will I ever win anything from you????

  49. lindarumsey says:

    A charming cowl – looks so warm!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  50. Gayle Arendt says:

    me! me! I love your designs!

  51. Kimmy says:

    Twigilicious! Love your new cowl, and what a gorgeous face it’s framing!! Your pictures are always so compelling. I love the settings for your photos. You have great style. BTW, I’m still waiting for my Woodland Knits book to come in the mail so that I can get started on that Seedpod Purse. You might want to give your publisher a little poke.for me. : – ) I’m really looking forward to that project and others!

    Hugs, Kimmy

  52. Maxie says:

    Such a new beautiful pattern. And you are a lovely lady!

  53. Esther says:

    So love this, just what I need as the days get colder!

  54. Jody Hatch says:

    This is what I have been wishing for! The bottom dropped out of the thermometer the other day and forty below zero makes it hard to keep your neck warm. I love it! Thanks for the lovely pattern, can’t wait to knit this and wear it all winter.

  55. Crys Wallace says:

    Lovely! This is the perfect warm looking little cowl that I would love to knit as an xmas gift!

  56. Charlotte Stone says:

    It’s currently snowing here in Switzerland. I need to make one of these plllleeeaasse!

  57. nattybee says:

    That looks so cozy and warm. I love it!

  58. Erika N. says:

    Oh lovely! It looks so cozy!

  59. darah says:

    so cozy! love it! it’s possible I need a little mama project to work on while I make all kind of gifts for other people this season 🙂

  60. Lisa V says:

    Ooh, it looks all snuggly and warm. I think I might need one to make it through another cold WI winter!!

  61. Catherine says:

    Every lady needs a deserves a beautiful, yet simple gift like this, for herself this holiday season.

  62. Sarah Raines says:

    Oh, so soft and warm. It’s perfect for these late autumn days when the sun gets watery and pale. And it looks great for gifting too! Thanks for sharing Tiny owl!

  63. Vanessa says:

    It looks so warm and snuggly!!! – just perfect for my winter biking in ON

  64. Diana says:

    Why do all your creations feel so magical? Are you a fairie??

  65. Nicole says:

    Awesome pattern! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  66. Natalie Arif says:

    Hoot hoot

  67. Adorable! I just downloaded the beekeeper’s quilt, and I’m sure my neck would love to be kept warm while my fingers are buzzing away!

  68. Terra says:

    i love your patterns! this is very cozy looking! 🙂

  69. Kathleen K says:

    Love this pattern. Perfect for cold and windy winter walks.

  70. fairyseeker says:

    It’s perfect. And it won’t be scratchy against my skin, either! Well done!

  71. Cheryl says:

    Sooooo cozy. Nice to have a KISS project that’s so beautiful.

  72. Lizzy Reeves says:

    You’ve done it again, I see… We’ve been missing your mails, so it’s lovely to hear from you again with such a gorgeous design on offer! Thank you, darling girl! xxx

  73. Jess says:

    cute pattern! can’t wait to try it out

  74. Katrina says:

    So Pretty! I love it!

  75. projectstash says:

    I don’t think I would ever take this cowl off either!! Can’t wait to knit this.

  76. Max says:

    Beautiful and simple. I’d have to track down some of that lining yarn though.

  77. Cyndy says:

    Just bought your book!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  78. Shull says:

    Love this pattern, and really like your keeping it simple philosophy too!

  79. Melissa says:

    I have a sore throat today, so this cowl looks simply heavenly!

  80. Betsy says:

    Simple is good! I love your classic style with a touch of whimsy!

  81. Saralise says:

    ….umm……yumsauce! Lol

    Katie from the Websters store in Ashland, Oregon and i both want you to move here to Ashlandia! I asked her if she had your book there, and she said not yet! Omg! I seriously cant wait to get it! I think i have decided it’s my xmas present to myself!

    Much love, think about coming to ashland please, if even only for a visit….the ladies here just love you, and there is a gang of priestesses!



  82. maryclem says:

    Simple things are sometimes simply beautiful, and your creation is an evidence. The color, the softly of the sheep yarn style inside the cowl, all the design, perfectly rustic !

  83. Sharon says:

    What a fantastic idea!!!

  84. BJ King says:

    OMG!!! This is the cowl I have been waiting for. It’s like you read my mind. I hate having a cold neck. And this is perfect. Love it!

  85. Vanessa Winn says:

    I love it! and that’s sounds like something my hubby would say lol

  86. Abby Morrison says:

    This is wonderful! I love your use of yarns and the simplicity! Thanks for another great pattern!

  87. Emilee says:

    Another “must knit” design! Love the photos too! You’re just too gorgeous!

  88. Ann says:

    I will have to get this one! It will be perfect for keeping me warm while I feed the sheep 🙂

  89. Great pattern and looks delightfully warm 🙂

  90. Love it I need a KISS project and it is snowing here tonight is WI perfect

  91. yvonne weiss says:

    lovely! What yarn did you use for the lining?
    thanks Yvonne

  92. Jill Farr says:

    Stephanie: Your patterns never fail to make my “inner fairy” sing!!! Keep ’em comin’!!! And while you’re at it, have yourself a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  93. Sandra says:

    Brrr. Just defrosted the car, I could use a cowl like that!

  94. Tess says:

    “Twig”-perfect name for this neck cosy! I would love to win & make this! I have yarn in my stash begging to be twigged-amazing!

  95. Alison McDonough says:

    Like a warm hug for your neck! I love it! But I just loves all your stuff! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity with all of us!

  96. Erika Summers says:

    I love enchanting, woodsy places and things!

  97. Margaret says:

    I love the ropey cable, and the model looks like she is popping out of her
    cozy nest!

  98. So cute! Thanks for the chance!

  99. I love your twig cowl… it is so dreamy. Perfect timing, just finished knitting “Spirit of the Birch” scarf (felting this Saturday) Your work is so magical. Thank you for sharing your creativity through your knitting and music!
    Very Best, Michelle

  100. Oona says:

    You look like you’re taking a stroll through the woods from “Snow White and the Huntsman” (love that movie; must get it!). Very elegant and beautiful! I love your blog!

  101. Linda Shriner says:

    Love, love, love your woodland themes…

  102. Janine says:

    Just LOVE your patterns, the twig cowl is so perfect! Thank you so much this, love your videos too! xo

  103. Marsha Pettitt says:

    Love your creative talent! The cowl is perfect?

  104. kimber says:

    I love this fluffy cowl. I imagine all the cute baby woodland creatures following you through the woods. Looking forward to wrapping this around me to brave the cold morning, an making some for gifts as well. So lush it will have all my loved ones swooning.

  105. Tracy says:

    Goodness that’s lovely!

  106. Deann says:

    Another great design! Love it 🙂

  107. Heike says:

    Oh what an adorable cowl. I am addicted 🙂

  108. Marilee says:

    I love it! It looks so warm and fluffy!

  109. Michelle says:

    Frosty here… NEED this when I walk the dogs.

  110. What a beautiful project!

  111. Caraleenbake Baker says:

    Dear Stephanie: you are a total inspiration to me. I purchased your new book and can hardly wait to start on some of the projects. I work with adults with acquired brain injury here in London Ontario and we are currently working on the Beekeeper’s quilt as a group project. Proceeds from the sale of the quilt will go to survivors of acquired brain injury.
    We all need to visit the forest and find ourselves. God Bless…. Caraleen.

  112. Dannielle and her funbundant farm friends says:

    The trees here in my neck of the woods have lost absolutely all of their leaves and the blowing snow makes me yearn for a twig cowl of my own. I think I might have to knit some for all of my freezing little chickens. Who knew twigs could be so cozy? A simple project is most appreciated right now as winter waits for no woman and no pattern. I want to get started on this one right away!

  113. Elly Albrecht says:

    It looks so cozy and warm. I love it!

  114. Kiara Meikle says:

    Oooh, what a cute cowl! I love all your patterns, but I’m not a great knitter. I’d love to try this one though, it’s so adorable (and it looks so cozy!)

  115. Stephanie Renwick says:

    Cute! And so much nicer than some of the sloppy infinity scarves I keep seeing…

  116. Sher says:

    Oooooh my cold neck wood just love your twiggy cosy. Please consider me for your generous offer of KISS in action. Best stitches wishes to you!!

  117. Jessica Fleming Gale says:

    Love this sweet cowl. I’d probably never take it off.

  118. Nanita says:

    Adorable, and it looks so heavenly warm! ♥

  119. sara byram says:

    I love it! Then again I love all your stuff *sigh* 🙂

  120. Tine says:

    O, this is lovely! I like that the fluffy inside is knitted, too!

  121. Michelle says:

    Looks indeed warm and cozy.

  122. samantha says:

    Oh, I absolutely love this! My goodness… and to think I almost wasn’t going to check my email today. But I had a feeling there’d be something magical in my inbox! Fantastic design!

  123. Sherry says:

    My knitting needles are positively twitching in anticipation! Love the cosy lining 🙂

  124. helenel57 says:

    Hi. Thank you for sharing your talent. Twig is so gorgeous and snuggly looking. I’d love to win your pattern for this wonderful cowl.It looks so warm and comfortable to wear. Wishing you a happy day. hoot hoot!

  125. l says:

    Oh I hope I’m not too late, living in France and time difference I only see this now!!!! Looks like a nice little warm accent piece to wear to keep those nasty cold drafts from hitting the neck!!!! as always, wether simple or more complicated, your designs delight me!!! Have a nice cozy magical autumn!!!

  126. Potiron says:

    Hi! I’m the “l” above… somehow my name didn’t show up… oh well…. happy knitting everyone!!!!

  127. Elizabeth says:

    ooooh! such a lovely idea! i love the furry fur and the cables. i can believe you wear this all the time. i hope you wear it with your wanderwillows! xoxoxo smooches!

  128. cheryl schneider says:

    I love your creativity and would be thrilled to win a free copy of this pattern. i am going to vogue knitting live NY in Jan and could make great use of this warm cowl.
    thanks- Cheryl in florida

  129. Kirsten says:

    Tiny Owls have wonderful imaginations! These simple things are just what we all need this time of year. That means more time for more gifts! So Tallie Hooo, , post um all and a happy Knitting Season it will be for all!:)

  130. Natalie Wright says:

    It’s beautiful!

  131. Shell Kennedy says:

    ~ perfectly charming & cozy cowl ~
    I loVe the name Twig !
    Merci for the chance to win,
    Shell ~

  132. Marie says:

    Super cute!!

  133. I’m just learning to knit cables, and I hate the cold. I need to make this^^

  134. Melissa Vink says:

    Love it!!! My neck would love that wrapped around it!

  135. Aline says:

    very sweet design! You look so pretty wearing it. I look forward to the next video. the longer the better, just sayin’ 🙂 xoxo

  136. Cheryl says:

    This is so pretty! It’s already in the low 20s here and that cowl looks so soft and warm!

  137. connie says:

    I can envision myself on my favorite trail in the woods with my neck all cozy warm and the critters admiring my so good looking cowl.

  138. miz mary says:

    Deliciously cozy perfection !

  139. Nikki Webber says:

    Oh my goodness! That is so lovely and cozy and delicious – you truly make the most amazing patterns and I love, love, love them all! Thank you so much for sharing them all with us 🙂 Big hugs, Nikki

  140. Maureen Robertson says:

    hoo-hoo wouldn’t LOVE this twig cowl ?? I for one would absolutely hoot for joy if I were to win this pattern 🙂

  141. ohh, I like that, and for someone new to cabling that wouldn’t be to daunting to make

  142. Jane T. says:

    Looks lovely–warm and cozy!

  143. Lisa walling says:

    Gorgeous and cozy!! Would love to have the pattern.

  144. Charlotte Le May says:

    Ooh! Lovely! I was just looking for a cowl like this. I’m looking forward to knitting it myself ^^ Thank you!

  145. Tina Christensen says:

    Most of your designs are too youthful for me, BUT NOT FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER. Yippee! I can indulge in these whimsical designs and give them to her to wear! Such fun! However, the twig cowl will be all mine!!!

  146. kaos127 says:

    This is so pretty! Fabulous!

  147. Danielle says:

    Looks lovely and warm.

  148. Michelle Baker says:

    Very cuddly looking. Love it!💖

  149. Susan says:

    I have the perfect soft brown yarn for this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  150. Edie says:

    I love all your patterns but this one is great! And just perfect for Christmas presents!

  151. NanaJane says:

    Such a lovely idea!

  152. Betsy Bodamer says:

    Perfect for any daughter of the forest! Love it!

  153. hartczech says:

    Ooooo… Looks warm and cozy for those Colorado snow days.

  154. Tara says:

    Ooh how I love this, let me count the ways!

  155. Debbie says:

    Everything you do is so magical… feels so old worldly and lovely. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful ideas!

  156. Nikki Tiernan says:

    Holy warm yumminess! Looks like I could burrow in in and hide comfortably.

  157. Kathy Roof says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks soooo warm and cozy for our cold Colorado wintery days and nights.

  158. Michele of By Your Side says:

    I really wouldn’t mind if you chose me!

  159. Brandy says:

    Awesome as always! I think I just need to order the book. Yes, I think that will fix everything!

  160. Jane S. says:

    My girls would love to have something to keep their necks warm! Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  161. yarnsista says:

    Cute and classy– at the same time. I love it. Many thanks!!!

  162. Gorgeous!

    I received your book about a week ago. Just went to my LYS yesterday to pick up the perfect fiber 🙂

  163. Julia says:

    💝 Twig is so darling and cute!!
    Your patterns and blog inspire me to curl up on sofa, get cozy and knit super cute treasures from your book!!! 😍

  164. Anna says:

    Lovely pattern, but is that real fur you are wearing? If so, it seems anachronistic from you considering your Woodland Knits and fake fox stole are so animal friendly…

    tiny owl edit:
    nope.. its fake fur 🙂 xoxo

  165. Valerie Moran says:

    Perfect for winter in Scotland!!!

  166. Fiona says:

    This looks gorgeous, just what I need to keep the winter gales away.
    Please choose me!

  167. Dodi Mawer says:

    I think I have the perfect yarns for this!! What a cute cowl and so easy looking too.

  168. diaperslut says:

    You are totally adorbs! Love all of your patterns- complicated or otherwise. Happy holidays to you and yours. Amb

  169. Melanie Ferraro says:

    Looks super cozy!

  170. Sigga says:

    That’s so cute! ^^

  171. Janice says:

    This looks so snugly….me likey

  172. Carolyn Hanson says:

    This is adorable. I could knock these off for everyone in a few hours. Pick me.

  173. Heidi says:

    Hi! I love your new pattern, got it right away, and recently received your book too, it’s so pretty! I was a bit startled today, as I picked up and flipped through the latest copy of Mollie Makes, I think they must’ve been inspired by you, because there was a pattern for a bow scarf, just like Little Boo Peep, and a pattern for arm warmers in a light turquoise with fluffy snow flakes inside the palm, and it was shown in the exact same pose as you butterfly ones! Anyway, have a great day! My winter is set to be full of crafty goodness, working through your lovely patterns. ❤ ❤ ❤ from Norway

  174. Please post another video, Miss Stephanie! I’m been dying for one!!!

  175. Kristina says:

    I love KISSes !!!

  176. Laura says:

    I love the fluffy inside part! It looks so warm and cozy. xoxo

  177. Miss Manitas says:


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