*my sister knits trunk show*

my sister knitsAre you doing anything on Saturday January 25th?  If you’re near Fort Collins, Colorado you must pop by this sweet carriage house from 12 – 4.  It’s a magical yarn shop called *my sister knits* and I’m doing a trunk show there!  I’ll have all of my samples on hand including mr. fox if i can convince him to deal with a car ride.  Come by to chat & knit!

If you can’t make it don’t worry.  I’ll see you this monday right here with Care of Magical Creatures Charm bracelet 3!  As you know mondays around here are also known as “potter-day” so expect some hogwartsy goodness. See you soon! love, Stephanie xoxo

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21 Responses to *my sister knits trunk show*

  1. Kimmy says:

    Stephanie, I received my Woodland Knits book in the mail this week. Thanks so much! I LOVE it! I’m going to make a bunch of things from this book, including the Meow Mitts (ADORABLE!!). I have a question about the graph/charts on page 55. I can’t find the color CC2 (pale gray) on the color chart. Please let me know if I’m color blind. I see all the other colors except for the CC2. Thanks, and the Seedpod Purse will be on my needles first!

    (tiny owl edit-answer)
    yay! so glad you got the book!!! oooh yes the colors are all there.. i realized the other day that the actual chart is just a little bit darker overall than the key in the book… they must have lightened the overall picture of the key for some reason 😦 but light brown is the light brown, dark brown is the light brown etc. hope this helps lovely! 😀 stephanie xoxo

  2. Kimmy says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say that My Sister Knits is the cutest little yarn shop I’ve ever seen. I’m in California, or I’d be stopping by for sure! Have fun!!

  3. Paula says:

    I love this place! I used to live in Ft. Collins. Have a great trunk show!

  4. Aline says:

    ohhh! i wish i could go too!! looking forward to monday for sure! ❤

  5. Oh darn! Of all the years I lived in Fort Fun and wished I was in sunny California, and now there you are! Going to Fort Collins and I will miss you. Hope you have a fabulous truck show and Mr Fox is agreeable! 😀

  6. Margaret Hastings says:

    I wish I was close enough to drop in. That place looks divine! Have a great day. Margaret x

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  7. KnitterPam says:

    Oooh, wish i could be there! Barb Bandel is moving to Denver to be near the grandkiddos. Maybe you’ll see her around…

  8. Lone Christoffersen says:

    Hello her fra Denmark .
    Hvor ville jeg gerne ser dit shop men det er lidt lang væk .
    Jeg har købt din strikkebog men blev lidt skuffe da der ikke var opskriften på dine fine sko og det er også svært at oversætte opskrifte til dk 😞. Ha en dejlig dag. Love lone

  9. Susan Snow Burnett says:

    What a delightful place for you to showcase your talent! Have a great time.

  10. Debra Riggen says:

    The carriage house knit shop looks sooooo magical! I wish Wisconsin was closer to Colorado!

  11. Meridith says:

    I will be there! MSK is my favorite yarn store…it makes me so happy to sit and knit there…it’s almost magical. Looking forward to meeting you…just made the moonkoosas, and I got your book for Christmas.

  12. Clémentine says:

    What a lovely place !!! * What a shame, I live in France….so far…

  13. hoppinglark says:

    I wish we had that cute of a yarn shop where I live!

  14. Fuego Azul says:

    Aw man! I wish I could go! Have fun!

  15. Bekk says:

    That little carriage house is soooo cute! Looking forward to seeing the new charms.

  16. Pooch says:

    I love this shop! The yarn, the people, the atmosphere! It’s all inspiring. It sets behind the shop owner’s house in a residential area of FC. She often has whimsical yarny decorations at the front of the house to help you notice the sign. (Think bright, giant yarn balls in planters.) If you are ever near FC, do make a special effort to visit this marvelous place. My only connection is that of a happy customer.

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  18. Sally at Rivendale Farms says:

    I’ll be there! Driving up from Conifer with my knitterly girlpeeps!!

  19. Debra Riggen says:

    Added to my Bucket List. Always thought Colorado would be a beautiful place to visit; a cute knit shop to visit is an added incentive. Talked to the girls at the knit shop in Mt. Horeb with some friends yesterday. Was so excited to see your “Woodland Knits” book and treated myself. Happy Valentines to me!!!

  20. Cindy says:

    The yarn shop it looks so cute! And you are cute too, kind of magical pixie like ! So glad I found you!

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