*NEW* fawnchkin!

Hoot hello! I’d like to introduce my new little favorite knit called *fawnchkin!*
buy it now tiny owl knitsor *visit pattern page*

For some time now I’ve been playing with the idea of modifying my deer with little antlers hat to make a baby fawn version.  Now that I have my own little munchkin, it seemed the perfect time to knit a fawnchkin!  Not sure he will enjoy wearing matching hats with his mama in the future, so I had to take advantage of the moment!

Ps. Woodson loves wearing his hat! 😀  When he finds it he points to it and says “uh at? uh at?”  which I think means something like “can I have my hat?”  (or more likely “give me that hat now or else.”) This photoshoot was done about an hour into his missed nap time, so we had to feed him copious amounts of toddler fuel (raisins) to keep him going 🙂
Now for the GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below for a chance to *WIN* a free tiny owl knits pattern of your choice. I’ll choose the winners Tuesday!

The winner has been chosen at random! (with a cheerio.. yes i have a method of randomly choosing a comment and it does involve a cheerio.. its too late to explain) 😀
CONGRATULATIONS to Jane Stephens! (ill be sending you an email!)
Jane Stephens says:
November 27, 2017 at 12:42 am
What a sweet little man, and I love those mom & son hats! I wonder if my 19 year old would wear mom & daughter hats with me?

Thanks for playing everyone! happy knitting and lots of love, stephanie xoxo


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93 Responses to *NEW* fawnchkin!

  1. mikeandlv says:

    Thank you❣️Would love to win a pattern.

  2. Shari Witt says:

    Your Woodson is a beautiful child! The two of you are so beautiful together. Lovely photos. The pattern is very sweet!

  3. Peggy D says:

    Such a beautiful photo of the two of you. Sure like the little fawn hat as I do with all your patterns. Thanks for the discount on the patterns. Now, to decide which ones to get.

  4. Jessica says:

    Adorable knit, adorable little person!

  5. Ali says:

    What a beautiful boy! I know you treasure every second with him just like I do with my sweet boys❤️

  6. Arcadia Lyons says:

    So gorgeous – the pattern and the photoshoot! OMG I love that toddler food = raisins

  7. Susan says:

    Squeeek! You and Woodson looking so adorable.
    I love the new design it’s so wild.

  8. mamapoma says:

    Ohhhh… baby cheeks!XOXOXO
    and to make it mo’ betta’…. baby cheeks in hat!
    So much love….

  9. moegir198 says:

    This is awesome. I love the set

  10. Hannah says:

    What an adorable hat! I’m expecting in the next few weeks and this would be so cute to match with my new bundle of joy.

  11. Ann says:

    Cutest fawn ever!

  12. Brie says:

    You and ypur little man are too cute! Glad to see you so happy! Happy holidas and merry knitmas to you guys!

  13. Brie says:

    You and your little man are too cute! Glad to see you so happy! Happy holidays and merry knitmas to you guys!

    Ps darn (haha sock pun) typos!

  14. Kathleen Nunley says:

    Oh my goodness! You and you’re little fawnchkin are so sweet! I HAVE to make this for my friend who just had a baby on October. She loves deer! Thank you!

  15. pokitty says:

    OMG, make a foxkin next!

  16. Jacqueline Brown says:

    Absolutely adeerable !!!!

  17. Candice Weiss says:

    Yay! Happy Cyber Monday! I’d love to win your beekeeper’s quilt pattern but it would be very difficult to choose a favorite!

  18. Therese Felder says:

    How cute you both are! Love the Fawnchkin…thank you for sharing!

  19. Lisa says:

    I love your patterns! They are so enchanting.

  20. Myha says:

    This is such a sweet pattern!

  21. How adorable! I wish you and your patterns were around when my daughter was small ❤

  22. Jane Stephens says:

    What a sweet little man, and I love those mom & son hats! I wonder if my 19 year old would wear mom & daughter hats with me?

  23. Paloma says:

    Me gustan mucho todos tus modelos. Me encantaría que me tocara el sorteo.
    Muchas gracias!!!!

  24. What a gorgeous way to show your new pattern xxx

  25. henriksenhelene says:

    Super cute!! ❤

  26. Tina Hofmann says:

    Hoot hoot!!! I would love to buy a pattern today..but there is a problem with getting the 25 %!! at Ravelry it shows up, but when I go to Paypal its the old price 😦 …what can I do hoooo-ooot???

    hi tina 😀 thanks!
    i noticed on paypal that it shows the regular price, then shows a -1.38 to deduct to 4.12 at the bottom… is it doing that? i havent heard of any troubles yet!!! ah i know its so frustrating! ill make sure you get your sale price somehow either way.. even if i have to refund the sale price.. see what happens if you go all the way to the checkout and see if its charging a VAT tax for out of country.. or something… let me know! and also what pattern was it.. ? im going to go take a peek at rav now XOXO love stephanie xoxo

  27. Steph says:

    ❤ How cute… it looks like you really enjoyed creating it, didn't you? ❤

  28. Jenny Evans says:

    Oh deer, what a cutie. Love the little antlers. Love the baby. 🙂

  29. Noelle says:

    What beautiful creations! Happy Holidays!

  30. Sabine Brinkmann says:

    Now I see what (who) kept you so long from knitting 🙂

  31. Lina says:

    Beautiful!!! I love the set 😉

  32. Lynda Taylor says:

    Woodson is adorable and the matching hats are a hoot. I love how you 2 look.

  33. Its so wonderful to have a little child to knit for! My niece gives me so much inspiration ❤

  34. Your work is amazing and those photos are absolutely beautiful! Would love to win the giveaway!

  35. Ulrika Reinholdsson says:

    I love and adore everything!

  36. Lisanne says:

    You both look adorable!

  37. Partridge says:

    I have five little fawnchkins…..and they love wearing your woodland creature designs! Please!?

  38. Lisabeth Morche says:

    Another magical pattern!!

  39. hairymare says:

    So cute! I’ve made deer and love it.

  40. Karen Rumbaugh says:

    So adorable! Love all your patterns.

  41. Patty Demant says:

    Beautiful boy!!! Sweet pattern. I would
    Love to be a winner….your patterns are my favorites

  42. Laura Aiuto says:

    The new hat is so cute! I’d love to win a copy!

  43. Frances C. says:

    Crossing my fingers!

  44. This is so cute – you have such lovely designs, it would be amazing to win one!

  45. Sooooooo cute!!!! ❤️ 🦌

  46. Stacey Lorish says:

    Love the new pattern – such cuteness!

  47. Jen says:

    He’s such a cute little munchkin and doubly so in his fawnchkin hat. Very awesome pictures and you have such a wonderful imagination.

  48. Admin says:

    Woodson is a cute cheeky pup! You must have your hands full. And I don’t mean with yarn! I love your faerie heart and magical brain (ew! Is that brain part weird?) well you know what I mean!
    Hey everyone (if you’re reading comments) buy Stephanie’s Book! It’s Ahhh-mazing!

  49. Kriste says:

    What an adorable little hat! So fun!

  50. Ms. Sally Jo Daniels says:

    Lovely! I have recently returned to my knitting needles (at age 75!) and I chanced upon your patterns. I don’t know when I have resonated so strongly with a designer. I bought “Woodland Knits” and am well into the Tiny Antler Hat. Thank you so much for sharing your unique vision and brightening many lives, especially mine!

  51. Margaret says:

    Just finished knitting Wear the Wild Things and can’t wait to see my grandsons’ reactions (they are twins!). Love your patterns.

  52. Erin says:

    Those cheeks! My stars, sweetie, he is just the most nommable child. Lovely new pattern, and happy Yule!

  53. Patty Manders says:

    Love to be a winner…fingers crossed!

  54. Angela p says:

    This is adorable would love to make these for my daughter and I!

  55. Rae says:

    Oh My Gosh! You have done it again! This Fawnchkin hat is the cutest ❤ and these photos with you and your son…. Sweeeeeet!

  56. Desiree Campbell says:

    Love your wee fawn ❤

  57. Liz Bates says:

    Very cute pattern! I love all your nature related patterns!

  58. Shirley says:

    Precious.Absolutely adorable ! I am trying to figure out how to make a fox version.

  59. Carol S Desrochers says:

    I love your creativity!

  60. Margaret Jonon Buford says:

    Love the pattern!!

  61. Judith says:

    How very generous of you! And that little boy is the cutest!!

  62. mspleasant says:

    Browsing through your patterns is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I would like to knit them all!!!!

  63. Kathleen Manning says:

    Love seeing matching sibling outfits but mother/son matching? Too cute and it is a head turner as you go down streets. All your patterns would make Merry Knitmas gifts!

  64. Stacy says:

    Woodson looks adorable in this hat. I have a new little neice that was born in August. She would look so cute!!! And Christmas is coming!

  65. *mad gerbil laugh OMYGLOB SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE!!!!! Woodson did SO WELL!!! What a fun(?) photoshoot that turned out to beeeeee!!! So adorbs. MAKE MOAR MATCHING THINGS!!! ❤

  66. Gabriele Olley says:

    Oh my goodness how friggin adorable….I can just see my 6 month old garland son wearing one of these hats…I just love your creativeness,this is so incredibly cute…

  67. Melissa says:

    Great pics and pattern!

  68. Maureen Robertson says:

    Grateful for your whimsical imaginative knitting patterns to take us to our happy places. Woodson shines as you do, thank you for sharing your precious one with us ! Maureen

  69. lifeofafox says:

    oh my! How adorable

  70. Lauri M says:

    Oh so precious! The hats are cute too! 🙂

  71. lorella says:

    really really cute! both of course❤️

  72. Heather says:

    Super cute!!

  73. Robin Crittenden says:

    I love your designs. I wanted to win one of your stuffed creatures but must not have been lucky. One day.

  74. Marion says:

    They look lovely and snuggly xx

  75. Sonja says:

    You and Woodson are so sweet!Two cute fawns

  76. Frances says:

    So adorable!! The new hat is, too! 😉

  77. carin11 says:

    LOVE your new Mama/Munchkin hat set!

  78. Savannah Fuentes says:

    Stephanie, love your patterns! I will knit this for my little one when he’s born!

  79. Colette says:

    When I grow up I want to be just like Woodson, cute, carefree and eating raisins : )

  80. Cinda Brown says:

    ❤️ Love your patterns. Would love to win one. I just finished the wolf pup hat. And bought the fawnchnk. Can’t wait to start it.

  81. Stephanie says:

    So adorable! I want to make it for a 1 year old. Is it easy to make smaller?

    yes! depending on the head circumference… you could just cast on 8 or 16 sts less… (multiple of 8)
    and then still do the decreases the same way (after every 6 sts you knit 2 together)… hope this helps! xoxo (id do the ears and antlers the same as the childs)

  82. Josie says:

    A beautiful hat on a beautiful baby 💝

  83. Heather says:

    What a cooperative little model. Beautiful pattern.

  84. Sue McCord says:

    Gorgeous pictures of Mama & Woodson. I love your patterns, Thank you!

  85. indigoangora says:

    The original hat is my go to for hunting season. The little Fawn is super cute and a perfect edition to the patterns. It goes without saying that Woodson is your perfect edition.

  86. darcy says:

    Sweet!!! Woodson and Mama are crazy adorable, and the hat(s) are darn cute, too.

  87. Samantha says:


  88. Badger Daddy says:

    Sure is a cute mommy and a cute baby:)

  89. Ken Blasing says:

    So if one were want to commission a piece…. Since I’ve tried and I don’t have a supreme skill that I would be satisfied with…

  90. Erinn says:

    so cute and cozy!

  91. dollswise says:

    I keep writing you on Ravelry & your email address, is there some reason this is a read only file which can’t be saved?

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