a practical witch hat *individually!*

hi lovies! how are you?  feeling the cool weather finally find its way?  ive been lighting candles in the morning and sitting quietly just soak in the chill.  i think i am maybe a penguin.  at least if i ever meet a penguin i feel like he would look at me and just know. ya know?  aNY wayyyyyyy…

over the past year ive gotten quite a few messages asking me about getting the patterns from the witch and wizard primer separately.  ive been intending to do it for some time and i figure now is the perfect time!  especially because… ive been working on year 2!!!!! yes yes im pretty surprised at myself because it thought it might take a little longer to get it ready… but somehow these pieces are just coming together and screaming to come out into the light!  im afraid of admitting that a couple of them have been lurking in the shadows for um….. 7 years! how is that even possible. also i should be afraid of admitting that my patterns are screaming… sooooo scratch that!
anyhoot im aiming for a release of October 7th… ive got lots still do do though!
ok enough dilly dallying.

HERE it is! a practical witch hat.  a hat that is perfect for making potions or walking the cat. also it is pretty easy to make! there have been many finished objects posted to ravelry and instagram and they are looking GREAT! i  love love love to see them.
buy it now tiny owl knits

you can also still get it as part of the witch and wizard academy primer year 1 ebook!

soooo also would you like a sneak peek of year 2? now this is just a HINT. cause the finished product is totally different.  i had to find a way to USE THESE BERRIES. once i saw the yarn… i saw berries, once i saw berries i had to knit berries….. once i knitted the berries… well they had a mind of their own!  people keep trying to eat these. but i promise they do not. taste. good.  ok thats it! see you tomorrow with the next pattern! 🙂

knitted berries

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6 Responses to a practical witch hat *individually!*

  1. Barbara says:

    You made my day with your new post & nice witch ways !

  2. littlemissnemo says:

    Do the berries come with cream or yoghurt? Or custard? In a crumble? In a pie? In a baked sponge pudding–oh, no, a steamed sponge pudding. Oh, but then there’s the question of whether the crumble/pie/sponge/sponge comes with cream, yoghurt or custard…decisions, decisions, and calories…oh, and then there’s ice-cream–(the rest of this comment has been deleted as it was causing severe drooling)

  3. Sally St. John says:

    Love the berries!!!

  4. tinyowlknits says:

    thank you lovelies! ♥ also @littlemissnemo yes yes yes alllll of thoose things especially custard and crumble!!!! eeeeeee now i want to make some!!! but i will get real berries 😀 xoxoxo

  5. Susan. says:

    You got me! I had to look twice, they look so real he, he, can hardly wait to see more gorgeous patterns.

  6. tinyowlknits says:

    hehe thank you! yes i know the berry bowl really makes them look so real 🙂 even in person people check twice. 😀 hehehe

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