new pattern! *guardian elk*

The Nordic Rune for elk is Algiz . It means protection. I’ve always been inspired by this rune and the idea of elk being protective animals. We see them wandering in giant majestic herds here in Colorado. Every time I see them I feel awe and peace.

This hat is super duper slouchy and won’t hug your ears too tightly. So you can talk to elk, and hear what they say back to you too. 🙂 see you next week lovelies, love, stephanie xoxo

buy it now tiny owl knits 25% off until next weds! yippee! *visit the pattern page*

*GIVE-AWAY* leave a comment below and i will choose a winner at random tomorrow to win a tiny owl knits pattern of your choice! HOOT! lots of love xoxo
CONGRATS TO C RANDYRAT! 😀 you WON! i just sent you an email let me know if you dont get it. thanks for playing everyone XOXO

C RandyRat says:

Lovely to see a new Pattern, happy to hear it won’t block out the Elk Voices!!

oh here is a little video so you can see the hat in action 🙂


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✨ new pattern! ✨guardian elk. 🦌 the super duper sloucherific elk parade knitting pattern is 25% off until next weds. link in bio! 🎉✨🌿 have a fabulous week sweet ones. 😍 love love love #knitting #knittingpattern #newpattern #elk #algiz #guardianelk #knitter #knittersofinstagram #hatpattern #knittedhat #pompom #rowan #rowancocoon #intarsia #strandedintarsia #knit #knithat @lifethismagical ps the winners from yesterday have been chosen! @faeryknitsnsews @christineapinder CONGRATS! you are the 🌙winners!!!🌙 (from yesterday’s contest post chosen at random) 🙏🏻🌲💕🦉yippeee! dm me your email addies and i’ll send you a LINK to guardian elk! 💕🦉💕XOXO

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20 Responses to new pattern! *guardian elk*

  1. Desiree Campbell says:

    I’ve loved your knits for years ❤ Especially Mr. Fox Stole my Heart ❤

  2. Gina Zahra says:

    That is a lovely hat!

  3. kingcavcrotty says:

    I always love every pattern you release and can wait to snatch this one up!!!

  4. Ava says:

    What a beautiful hat! All of your designs are so inspiring.

  5. mhneufeld says:

    As someone from the country just “above” you I can get onboard with an elk/caribou hat! We might even have a day or two a year cold enough to wear it!

  6. Maureen Robertson says:

    Oh Stephanie I love this “guardian elk” , reminds me of our indigenous knitters of BC, our Salish people, their patterns are always close to nature to as are yours, beautiful 🙂

  7. Grace Nightsky says:

    I would love to win a pattern and this elk hat is powerfully beautiful.

  8. C RandyRat says:

    Lovely to see a new Pattern, happy to hear it won’t block out the Elk Voices!!

  9. tinyowlknits says:

    thank you lovelies! 😀 your comments mean the world! XOXO

  10. Kristine says:

    Love it!! Might need one for each member of the family!

  11. Annie Burks says:

    Loooove your elk! I used to drive a tram at a NW wildlife park and it was so cool to come around a curve and see all their white bums 😂

  12. sue says:

    Mew mew and I love your videos every Wed. I am almost finished with the broom rider socks. Just saw a bobcat in James Canyon on the way home today! Love your new hat!

  13. sally says:

    Gah! So many Tiny Owl patterns on my to-make list!!! I love it!

  14. Jo says:

    Shut the front door…..did you say that you are 47 years in this life time… super cute….magical patterns, heres an idea… about you create a pattern and its a crochet pattern. That would be exciting for a gal like me…… like a seed pod bag or a mid summers dream hat??
    Love n lite from New Zealand

  15. tinyowlknits says:

    thank you all so much! 😀 😀 hhah yes ill be 47 in a couple months so im just leaning into it 😀 i LOVE crochet.. ive been meaning to do some.. hmmmmm xoxoxo

  16. Jenn says:

    Oh this is adorable!

  17. tinyowlknits says:

    hi everyone thanks so much for all of your sweet comments!
    congratulations to
    C RandyRat!
    February 19, 2020 at 4:14 pm
    Lovely to see a new Pattern, happy to hear it won’t block out the Elk Voices!!

    i just sent you an email.. let me know if you dont get it..
    see you all soon! XOXO

  18. C. RandyRat says:

    Holy Owls! This is awesome! Celtic Tree Cowl!! Thank you ☺️ All the best to you and yours!

  19. tinyowlknits says:

    yay!!!!! 😀 thank you dearest! congrats again XOXO

  20. Badger Hubby Daddy says:

    Beautiful pattern! You’re the best!!!!

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