*easy pompom tutorial make-a-long!*

hi knittens! wednesdays magic wheel is gonna hang out for another week on guardian elk! mostly because i made a pompom makealong video that i want to share. i made the video months ago when i finished the hat, and its finally ready to come out! YAY TCB. (TCB means take care of business and it was elvis’ motto. just a little something i learned at graceland back in the day.)

so in case you missed the new pattern, wednesdays magic wheel is hanging out for another week on the guardian elk! 🙂 25% off til next weds.

buy it now tiny owl knits or *visit the pattern page*

enjoy the make-a-long tutorial!
ps. warning! this make-a-long is pretty long and chatty! if you are like me, you watch tutorials and say STOP TALKING AND GET TO THE POINTTTT AAAAAAHHHHHH! dont worry, i condensed just the pompom parts and put it in fast motion at the end.  fast forward to 13:33! 😀

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