*eagle feather earrings* (or wall hanging)

Eagle feathers are sacred symbols. (It is illegal to own a real one in the United States without special permission.) The gift of eagle medicine comes to one who has been through a stretch of personal darkness. The vision of the eagle soaring through the sky is truly a redemption story! It is victory over all shadows and fear. Like a rainbow, it tells the story of rising over trouble to see the situation from a wide eagle-eye-view. If you feel called to work with Eagle as sacred medicine for your healing journey, know that you have a relationship with a powerful ally. This is a way to represent that bond where no bird will ever be harmed. Boundless gratitude to Chief Three Hawks for his sacred gift. Much love and unity consciousness to you! love, stephanie xoxo

So this is an EASY pattern… Perfect for a beginner who has never felted anything before.
I hope you will have as much fun as I have making these beauties!

They will be 25% off this week! enjoy dear ones!
lots of love your way, love, stephanie xoxo

buy it now tiny owl knits or *visit the pattern page for more details.*

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4 Responses to *eagle feather earrings* (or wall hanging)

  1. Peggy Doulos says:

    I absolutely love the eagle feathers and will be making them for several people. Would be great gifts those who work in wildlife rehabilitation.

  2. tinyowlknits says:

    hi peggy i absolutely love this idea. there are so many beautiful people working with sacred animals (all animals) to protect them. so much love xoxo

  3. dragonluver says:

    Oh Honey!! These are the absolute BEST THING EVER!!! (And I absolutely adore almost every single thing you have ever designed).

    Thank you for your amazing creativity and gifts to the world.

    Blessings and be well, Alanna-Jane


  4. tinyowlknits says:

    aw thank you dragonluver! such a lovely comment and so nice to hear! all blessings and love love, stephanie xoxo

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