sitting for a story at the cottage of grimm

dear beautifuls.. this week has felt like both the longest and shortest of my life! seems a lot of us are feeling this way… but wednesdays magic wheel knows what day it is 😀

Grimms’ Cottage Capelet Knitting Pattern
ohhh this was one of my favorite photo shoots!  it was at york house gardens in twickenham UK.. it was the place i used to walk the pup, and stop with the groceries to chat with some fae. its a public little place with a small bench and this heavenly fairy tale view.. every time i went i thought for sure it would be packed with people.. but it never really was. i feel lucky to have gotten so much time there. its one of my happy places. 🙂 this little cape is a suuuuper quick and very cozy knit. the ribbons and matching gauntlets are optional 😀 Full instructions included in the pattern.

25% off this week!
buy it now tiny owl knits or *visit the pattern page* for more details.
see you next week,
love, stephanie xoxo

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3 Responses to sitting for a story at the cottage of grimm

  1. ReginaMary says:

    Very pretty capelet, Stephanie. Stay well.

  2. Peg Dosen says:

    Love the story!!

  3. OKBET says:

    Your blog has piqued a lot of real interest. I can see why since you have done such a good job of making it interesting. I appreciate your efforts very much.

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