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*NEW* celtic tree cowl pattern!

Celtic Tree Cowl – digital knitting pattern *buy it now* 5.50 USD. Step into the magic circle of Celtic trees where fairies are known to dwell. This never-ending cowl contains list of Celtic trees that also make up the Ogham. The Ogham … Continue reading

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*new pattern: the woodsy association 2.0!*

The Woodsy Association 2.0 is here!  Introducing beaver, squirrel, fox, bear, and bunny.  I know you will be wondering if they also fight crime.  The answer is yes. Yes they do.    *click to go to pattern page.* Here is the … Continue reading

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i like autumn

 hoot i think i might hear the first sighs of the leaves!  they are going to get sleepy soon.  wooooo i love fall!   i mean autumn… i try to remember to say autumn because not everyone says fall.  one … Continue reading

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cause monday is for cyberin

hi sweet ones! i hope your ease into fall has been full of peace and love. i have been busy with the little sweet pea growing inside of me… but not too busy to remember that today is cyber monday! … Continue reading

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*happy 5 year anniversary of FREE pattern friday!*

it has been 5 years of FREE PATTERN FRIDAY! can you believe it? Q. um… what is free pattern friday, and how do i play? A. simple! we celebrate FPF in the tiny owl knits group every friday on ravelry … Continue reading

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** the fern shawl is here! **

hello sweet knittens! im happy to say that the fern shawl pattern is now available in my shop! hope you are seeing lots of ferns unfurl around your neighborhood, here in colorado we have a FEW and im so grateful … Continue reading

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*new pattern!* ~fern shawl~ and a KIT giveaway!

Have you ever wondered why faeries can be so hard to find? Why, it’s because of their wonderful woodland camouflage! They wrap leaves around themselves to stay hidden and work wild magic. I think we should have some faerie camo … Continue reading

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*fairy castle joy!*

hello lovely knittens  ♥ the other day i got a note from someone saying that they didnt realise that the fairy castles actually open up to store dpns and hooks! that got me thinking that i needed to put a … Continue reading

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*wolfpup* with a faux-fur pom-pom party!

meet wolfpup! its a new fully lined hat with fake fur pom-poms that you make yourself. 🙂 this hat isn’t really reinventing the wheel but its been my best friend this winter so far and i looooooove the fun pom … Continue reading

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*tiny owl birthday party*

hi knittens! today is my birthday! 🙂 im having a birthday chat party over on ravelry and you are all invited!  im going to be giving away 10 free patterns and also one person is going to win a tiny … Continue reading

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