*NEW pattern* hedwig!

HOOT! i am so excited to introduce HEDWIG!  this wrap has been SO fun to knit and it turned out better than i thought it would 🙂 .. yes im freaking out a little bit. just a tad!
here is me rambling about it incessantly between late night knitting sessions.
you can get here *here now* or visit the *pattern page for lots more info*

here she is sitting on my table waiting for her photoshoot.  she was not very patient!  we had to give her lots of tootsie rolls to keep her sitting still.. oh… wait, that was me.
so you know the drill!  leave a comment below and hedwig will choose a WINNER tomorrow to WIN a FREE pattern of their choice!

the WINNER has been CHOSEN! congratulations
ELIZABETH! yay!!! hoot hoot! watch for an email from me 😀
your comment is:

Elizabeth says:

Love the new yarn recipe!! I can just picture wearing that, drinking a butterbeer, and reading HP while it snows here in WI this winter. Me and my kitty Salem wish you and Ruby a happy Meowloween. 🙂

lots of love your way owlie knittens! love, stephanie xoxo


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*NEW* celtic tree cowl pattern!

Celtic Tree Cowl – digital knitting pattern *buy it now* 5.50 USD.

Step into the magic circle of Celtic trees where fairies are known to dwell.
This never-ending cowl contains list of Celtic trees that also make up the Ogham. The Ogham (Oh-um) is an ancient Irish alphabet from around the 4th century based on trees, with each symbol or letter of the alphabet representing a certain native tree of the Celtic Nations. B = Birch etc. Writings in this ancient language can still be seen on standing stones throughout Ireland and in other parts of the British Isles. These trees were considered sacred and there were were harsh consequences for harming them. I hope you will enjoy staying warm within this healing circle of trees so well loved and protected by many of our ancestors!

The 25 trees are: Birch, Rowan, Alder, Willow, Ash, Thorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, Apple, Vine, Ivy, Broom, Briar (Blackthorn), Elder, Fir, Hedge (Furze), Heather, Poplar, Yew, Aspen, Spindle, Beech & Woodbine (Honeysuckle), Gooseberry.  OOPS!  You may wonder why Gooseberry is missing?  Ask the faeries about a certain midnight snack they may pretend to know nothing about!  Note: Some of the letters are highly debated by scholars.  I took a bit of liberty with a few of my own interpretations. You can go deeper with this alphabet with a little research, as each of the trees also have specific meaning and can be used for meditation and reflection. I hope you will enjoy dreaming in the circle of trees.
Love, Stephanie xoxo

*Take me to the celtic tree cowl pattern page for more information!*
*naw i just wanna buy the pattern now!*

Leave a comment by tomorrow to be entered to win a FREE pattern of your choice!

The winner has been chosen at random. Congrats to:

Christine Newman-Aumiller says:
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*new pattern: the woodsy association 2.0!*

The Woodsy Association 2.0 is here!  Introducing beaver, squirrel, fox, bear, and bunny.  I know you will be wondering if they also fight crime.  The answer is yes. Yes they do.    *click to go to pattern page.*

Here is the video where I chat about these lil dudes:

Woodsy Association 2.0 dig the rap: oh! turn down the volume to start they kind of crash though the window unannounced which is their style.  Invite them over.

Leave a comment below to enter to *win* a FREE tiny owl knits pattern of your choice! I’ll choose the winner tomorrow night-ish in a random draw.

CONGRATULATIONS EVA! You just won a free pattern of your choice! I’ll be emailing you shortly 🙂 Thank you everyone for your AMAZING comments!!! Honestly they mean the world to me!!!
Eva says:
September 1, 2017 at 3:27 pm
It is so nice to see you back. And what a comeback it is! The new woodsies are as adorable as their friends and their song is awesome, too. Looking forward for many new cute and whimsical TOK patterns to come.

*click here to hang out with Woodsy Association 1*
so much hugs and love and more patterns coming soon 🙂 stay tuned!
love, stephanie xoxo


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i like autumn

IMG_3264 hoot i think i might hear the first sighs of the leaves!  they are going to get sleepy soon.  wooooo i love fall!   i mean autumn… i try to remember to say autumn because not everyone says fall.  one time when i was living in london i was swinging on the swings in a small park… the air was getting crisp and the leaves were just starting to amber up and tumble… suddenly a little girl ran up and jumped on the swing next to me and started to swing….. i turned to her and said “don’t you just LOVE FALL!!!?” “um… no” she said.  “i dont like falling at all.  it hurts.  i fell off my bike on the way over here.” … 😛

so i just wanted to let you all know that ill be back next friday with a NEW PATTERN! hoooT! soo excited.  yes ive discovered that designing with a baby is.. um… HARD!  im finally getting some things done that ive been working on for a couple years.  hey the turtle finishes the race eventually right? speaking of the toddler here is a little update and a few pics from little woodson my little chunkcheek wonder boy.  hugs and lots of love and see you next friday! :*

IMG_3513 2

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cause monday is for cyberin

DSC_0433hi sweet ones! i hope your ease into fall has been full of peace and love. i have been busy with the little sweet pea growing inside of me… but not too busy to remember that today is cyber monday! yippeee! hoot! hoot!

today all patterns are 25% off! no coupon needed, the discount will show up in your cart. 😀 big hugs and lots of love as we ease into winter together!  love, stephanie xoxo

ooh here is a link if you need it 🙂 https://tinyowlknits.wordpress.com/patterns/

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*happy 5 year anniversary of FREE pattern friday!*

stephanie & natanyait has been 5 years of FREE PATTERN FRIDAY! can you believe it?
Q. um… what is free pattern friday, and how do i play?
A. simple! we celebrate FPF in the tiny owl knits group every friday on ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/tiny-owl-knits/1346306/1-25 

weve had some GREAT fun and laughs ♥ and lots of us have made some dear owlie friends! 😀 some of us just lurk, (thats my style heh heh) but we all LOVE the RUSH we get when the go POPS! ♥ i want to thank all of you that have joined in sharing your joy, excitement and kindness in the FPF thread!

TODAY to celebrate the 5 year anniversary, someone is going to win the MOTHERLOAD!!! thats ALL of da tiny owl knits patterns published to date 😀 so chat away, cause today could be YOUR day! ♥ pssssst the chatting is going on over here: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/tiny-owl-knits/1346306/1-25
hugs and see you there laterrrrrrrrrr 🙂

ps. some of you know because ive posted on facebook n stuff but we have a new addition to the owl family coming in january! ill keep you updated, and yes, yes there WILL be baby knits on the way 🙂 i promise ♥ lots of love, stephanie xoxo

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** the fern shawl is here! **

hello sweet knittens!
im happy to say that the fern shawl pattern is now available in my shop!
hope you are seeing lots of ferns unfurl around your neighborhood, here in colorado we have a FEW and im so grateful for them!
happy knits sweet ones and sending out bushels of love your way!
love, stephanie xoxo

ps. leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win a FREE tiny owl knits pattern of your choice! ill choose the winner tomorrow 🙂 good luck!

congrats to the winner! chosen totally at random by a thrown cheerio. yes yes the power of the cheerio is STRONG with this one! congratulations:

Lacey says:May 19, 2015 at 12:21 pm
Love your patterns! about to start making some to use at our wedding!

ill be emailing you to ask your pattern preference so check your junk mail! 😀
thanks for playing everyone! your comments are SO sweet and you all make this SO fun.
sending so much love xoxox

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*new pattern!* ~fern shawl~ and a KIT giveaway!

Have you ever wondered why faeries can be so hard to find? Why, it’s because of their wonderful woodland camouflage! They wrap leaves around themselves to stay hidden
and work wild magic. I think we should have some faerie camo too! Don’t you?
*see more details here*
*buy now here*


Ps. Here is the back view! Well, actually mine didnt look quite that good! This sample was knitted by Pauline Spinks and she is a pretty perfect knitter.  I had some loops and holes in mine, so I just went in afterwards and tightened them up and tucked in the rabid loops. Do you get rabid loops sometimes when you do colorwork? I do. Hey, Rabid Loops sounds like a cereal name. 🙂 Maybe not one I’d like to try though?… 🙂

 Leave a comment below to be entered to WIN the fern shawl KIT from Kitterly!
I’ll pick the winners on Monday so you have all weekend to play.

Grace says:February 27, 2015 at 2:55 pm
Ferns are my favorite!

I’m sending you an email to get your address dear one. check your junk mail if you don’t hear from me! congratulations again!
Extra special thanks to my photographer Lizzie Carter!
Have a beautiful weekend lovelies! Love, Stephanie XOXO

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*fairy castle joy!*

hello lovely knittens  ♥ the other day i got a note from someone saying that they didnt realise that the fairy castles actually open up to store dpns and hooks! that got me thinking that i needed to put a little fairy castle love out there! these guys having been toting my stuff for ages. bless em. bless their little roofs and windows. bless you too! the castle pattern will be 25% off this week. ENJOY! 🙂 (the discount will show up in check out.) see you VERY soon with a new pattern! one i’m over the moon excited about. until then, happy knits! love, stephanie xoxox
ps. here’s the fairy castle link: https://tinyowlknits.wordpress.com/fairy-castles/

keep it all tidy nao! 🙂 XOXO

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*wolfpup* with a faux-fur pom-pom party!

meet wolfpup! its a new fully lined hat with fake fur pom-poms that you make yourself. 🙂 this hat isn’t really reinventing the wheel but its been my best friend this winter so far and i looooooove the fun pom poms. the pattern has a tutorial on how to make them. SO easy! (the video also has a tutorial about halfway through so we can make them together.)
(you can order the pattern here now)

leave a comment below to be entered into a drawing to *win* a free tiny owl knits pattern of your choice! ill choose the winner on tuesday afternoon (i extended it because i had a little bit of mercurial struggle getting approval for the news owl newsletter! all better now!)
yay! congratulations the winner chosen at random is:
vaschwanke says:January 31, 2015 at 5:01 pm
I love that hat, awesome. It would be perfect for the below zero weather we are slated to have the next few days. Winter is seriously the best for knitting adventures!
(i’m sending you an email now.. check your junk folder just in case!)
thank you all SO much for your beautiful comments. so full of amazing positive energy and love. i find them so inspiring its made me want to design on the double! to the owl cave!!!
i bless your cozy season dear ones. sending bliss love and harmony your way! love, stephanie xoxo

ps. special thanks to my photographer lizzie carter!

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