*celtic tree cowl*


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  1. Debra Cisneros, HHP says:

    Sat., July 21, 2018
    Being of the crafty type, while on a website of DIY crafts and such, I’m fascinated/inspired by what other people have made/are making. While in this ‘state of being’ it’s not uncommon to start out in one place and end up, sometimes an hour or more later, in a whole new ‘world’ of crafters and what they’re up to__which is how I ended up here!
    I just discovered you late last night (rather, ‘early’ this morning *_*)__I found “Make and Do Crew”, saw the shot of your “beehive quilt” and followed the links to your many, MANY other AMAZING projects on Ravelry which, ‘eventually’, brought my attention to those AWESOME “moonkoosa boots”! Well, never having tried the technique, just HAD to check out your YouTube video on ‘felting’ the boots!
    Just want to say here that I love the home arts but I enjoy knitting the most. I’ve knitted on and off since my teens, more off than on__but while watching your video I resonated so deeply with what you do that I feel that’s what I’d like to be doing more of, as well!
    Many of your projects are definitely on my ‘I’d like to try that’ list, especially, the “mini fox scarf” (he’s soooooo cute)! And even though I’m not really into this sort of ‘cowl’, I had to watch your video on the “Celtic tree cowl” because I’m a fellow “tree hugger” from way back! I really appreciate how you instilled all the ancient wisdom surrounding trees and how that information was knitted into the cowl itself because of your reverence for them.
    Without sounding “creepy”, going back to what I said about resonating with what you do, it’s also about YOU! If you and I lived closer (I’m in southern CA) it would be nice to be friends, in the flesh! Besides knitting we have a few other things in common. As my husband would say, we’re the ‘weird bugs’ in the group! You remind me of me when I was much younger__I was kind of like a ‘flower child’ but very shy. No one who knows me today believes me when I say that!
    In any case I, most certainly, would appreciate building my knitting skills in the vicinity of your expertise__being able to knit more profusely would greatly improve my knitting prowess for sure! Of course, I can learn things from other places but it’s your ‘Renaissance quirkiness’ that is so appealing__crystals, kitties and all! 😺
    I realize the videos I enjoyed are more than a few years old and not sure what you’re up to these days, especially preoccupied with at least one child, but if you feel inclined to respond it would be nice to connect with you.

    To ‘my twin from another mother’…
    Health and Happiness to you and yours,
    Debra Cisneros

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