*the witch & wizard academy primer year 2*

The Witch & Wizard Academy Primer Year 2buy it now tiny owl knits 11.99 USD (5 knitting pattern E-book.)

witch & wizard academy primer year 2 tiny owl knits cover
Hi knittens! Welcome back to Witch and Wizard Academy! It is wonderful to see you. You are now in Year 2. That means there are more classes and more homework… but, you are wiser now! That means you are already know the castle and are familiar with all of the moving staircases. This year is going to be a breeze and I know you are up to the Year 2 challenge!

I hope you have your wands & cauldrons because you will be taking the following classes this year. Each class has a mini-magic lesson too!



CLICK on a pattern NAME for pattern details! yarn/gauge.. all that good stuff!

hedgewitch hood
1. Hedgewitch Hood for Herbology – In Herbology Class this year you will be knitting lots of berries to decorate the Hedgewitch Hood.  A hedgewitch is a wise person who lives beyond the hedges, outside of town in the wild mists! People would summon their bravery to travel to hedgewitches for medicine or charms. A hedgewitch worth their salt will know everything there is to know about local flora and herbs. Suffering from heartache? I’m guessing they will have just the thing for that too. This lined hood is dappled with blackberries.  It can be worn up or down!

2. Unikoosas for Care of Magical Creatures  In Care of Magical Creatures Class this year you will be taking care of a UNICORN in the “moonkoosa expansion-pack” called Unikoosas! Unicorns don’t eat a lot, but they like their treats unique and well prepared. I had wanted to make unicorn slippers for ages and when I finally sat down to do it, I realized that I really ONLY wanted unicorn koosas. I always stitch a bit of leather to the bottoms. Full instructions included in the pattern. It helps them last forever! The shoe parts are knitted flat! You will be surprised at how easy they are, no heel turning in this class!

i'll read your tea leaves
3. Reading the tea leaves for Divination Climb the spiral stairs dearies. We are going to have our first tasseomancy lesson! Tasseomancy is the art of reading tea leaves.  These long scrunchy arm warmers will keep you feeling cozy as you study your cup. After you finish your tea you will tip your teacup! Then I will show you how to make a study of finding your future in the leaf patterns left behind. It’s just a bit of fun really! Don’t worry, reading the leaves is harmless… unless you have the grim… which you probably do, but really that just means you have a lovely godparent looking over you. Now I must move on, my inner eye is beginning to cloud!

4. Elder Futhark Runes for Ancient Runes – My favorite subject is Ancient Runes! I have been studying the runes for 25 years now and their mystery ever deepens for me. These smooth runes are knitted in the round and felted (so they are double sided). Then the markings are needle felted on afterwards by using a strand of plain wool. It’s SO EASY you won’t believe it. Don’t let that part intimidate you k? Felting needles are a snap to order, the pattern has full photo tutorial and I also have videos so we can do it together. If you can draw a stick figure-ish then you can do these! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel or follow me on instagram to be sure to catch the videos (they are also on the pattern page.) Also if you don’t like the idea of making the nordic runes you can do another alphabet or numbers of your choice. Kids love these little biscuits!

5. PRONGS! for Defense against shadows – Ever watchful, the White Hart guards his kin. His antlers form a protective embrace around your new KNITTING BASKET! PRONGS! Sorry but PRONGS! must be shouted. Mostly because somewhere along the line I started shouting PRONGS! while I was knitting it and it kinda stuck. This basket is knitted in the round using stranded intarsia (You could also use duplicate stitch to put the antlers on afterwards.)  I hope you will like having your knitting projects being hugged by antlers. The handles are inspired by the beautiful bolga baskets handmade by people in Ghana. If you haven’t seen these baskets they are a treat, you can find them at fair trade dealers, online or even at whole foods. Anyhoot I must tell you that I felted the i-cord handles around coiling cord! (The cord you use to do woven baskets.) It isn’t totally necessary, but it made them so stiff and sturdy. I love how it turned out! Again, don’t worry, it is easy and fun and I’ll walk you through it!

Okay that’s the second year primer! I hope you will love knitting the patterns as much as I did. Happy knitting lovely ones now stop dilly dallying and get working on that CACKLE! Love, Stephanie xoxo

The Witch & Wizard Academy Primer Year 2buy it now tiny owl knits 11.99 USD (5 knitting pattern E-book.)