*woodland knits*

Exciting news: Amazon.com chose Woodland Knits as the top craft book of 2013!!
Still doing the celebration dance over here (which is like polka meets fragglerock.)

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The patterns in the book include: Deer with Little Antlers Hat, Moonbeam Duster, Bo Peep Scarf, Tiny Violet Hand Puff, Fawn Poncho, Free Rapunzel!, Woodland Hoodlet, Meow Mitts, FairieWings, Dragon Watcher’s Hood, Mr Fox Stole My Heart, Juniper Wishing Scarf, Catching Butterflies, Garden Gate and Ivy, Seedpod purse, Oh My Bear!, Wanderwillows, Wildflower Crown, Spirit of the Birch, The Changeling Collar & Midsummer Night’s Dream.

happy knitting!
love, stephanie xoxo