The Witch & Wizard Academy Year 2!

EXTENDED GIVEAWAY HAPPENING NOW! *win* a felting tool set. leave a comment for your entry! i will pick the winner tuesday morning! love, stephanie xoxo

The Witch & Wizard Academy Primer Year 2buy it now tiny owl knits 11.99 USD (5 knitting pattern E-book.)

witch & wizard academy primer year 2 tiny owl knits cover
Hi knittens! Welcome back to Witch and Wizard Academy! It is wonderful to see you. You are now in Year 2. That means there are more classes and more homework… but, you are wiser now! That means you are already know the castle and are familiar with all of the moving staircases. This year is going to be a breeze and I know you are up to the Year 2 challenge!

I hope you have your wands & cauldrons because you will be taking the following classes this year. Each class has a mini-magic lesson too!

hedgewitch hood



1. Hedgewitch Hood for Herbology – In Herbology Class this year you will be knitting lots of berries to decorate the Hedgewitch Hood.  A hedgewitch is a wise person who lives beyond the hedges, outside of town in the wild mists! People would summon their bravery to travel to hedgewitches for medicine or charms. A hedgewitch worth their salt will know everything there is to know about local flora and herbs. Suffering from heartache? I’m guessing they will have just the thing for that too. This lined hood is dappled with blackberries.  It can be worn up or down!



2. Unikoosas for Care of Magical Creatures –  In Care of Magical Creatures Class this year you will be taking care of a UNICORN in the “moonkoosa expansion-pack” called Unikoosas! Unicorns don’t eat a lot, but they like their treats unique and well prepared. I had wanted to make unicorn slippers for ages and when I finally sat down to do it, I realized that I really ONLY wanted unicorn koosas. I always stitch a bit of leather to the bottoms. Full instructions included in the pattern. It helps them last forever! The shoe parts are knitted flat! You will be surprised at how easy they are, no heel turning in this class!

i'll read your tea leaves
3. I’ll Read your Tea Leaves
 for Divination– Climb the spiral stairs dearies. We are going to have our first tasseomancy lesson! Tasseomancy is the art of reading tea leaves.  These long scrunchy arm warmers will keep you feeling cozy as you study your cup. After you finish your tea you will tip your teacup! Then I will show you how to make a study of finding your future in the leaf patterns left behind. It’s just a bit of fun really! Don’t worry, reading the leaves is harmless… unless you have the grim… which you probably do, but really that just means you have a lovely godparent looking over you. Now I must move on, my inner eye is beginning to cloud!

runes4. Elder Futhark Runes for Ancient Runes – My favorite subject is Ancient Runes! I have been studying the runes for 25 years now and their mystery ever deepens for me. These smooth runes are knitted in the round and felted (so they are double sided). Then the markings are needle felted on afterwards by using a strand of plain wool. It’s SO EASY you won’t believe it. Don’t let that part intimidate you k? Felting needles are a snap to order, the pattern has full photo tutorial and I also have videos so we can do it together. If you can draw a stick figure-ish then you can do these! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel or follow me on instagram to be sure to catch the videos (they are also on the pattern page.) Also if you don’t like the idea of making the nordic runes you can do another alphabet or numbers of your choice. Kids love these little biscuits!

PRONGS!5. PRONGS! for Defense against shadows – Ever watchful, the White Hart guards his kin. His antlers form a protective embrace around your new KNITTING BASKET! PRONGS! Sorry but PRONGS! must be shouted. Mostly because somewhere along the line I started shouting PRONGS! while I was knitting it and it kinda stuck. This basket is knitted in the round using stranded intarsia (You could also use duplicate stitch to put the antlers on afterwards.)  I hope you will like having your knitting projects being hugged by antlers. The handles are inspired by the beautiful bolga baskets handmade by people in Ghana. If you haven’t seen these baskets they are a treat, you can find them at fair trade dealers, online or even at whole foods. Anyhoot I must tell you that I felted the i-cord handles around coiling cord! (The cord you use to do woven baskets.) It isn’t totally necessary, but it made them so stiff and sturdy. I love how it turned out! Again, don’t worry, it is easy and fun and I’ll walk you through it!

The Witch & Wizard Academy Primer Year 2

buy it now tiny owl knits 11.99 USD (5 knitting pattern E-book.)

****GIVEAWAY**** Woot! you made it this far! massive post huh?
OK so LEAVE A COMMENT below and i’ll choose someone randomly tuesday to *WIN* a wooden needle felting tool kit (with 3 needles & handles and 70 needles included!) You will use it to felt the runes. If you are new to needle felting it is FUN & EASY. I know you’ll love it! Just place a strand of 100% wool on your felted rune.  I work on a magic eraser! 🙂 Punch the needle in along the row to secure it. If you make a mistake (picture 3) you can just pull it out! XOXO


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history of magic

here it is! the final pattern in the e-book.  the history of magic book bag.
PDF knitting pattern 5.50 USD – buy it now. 

(also available in the witch primer)

thanks for coming on this fun little journey with me! i had lots of fun revisiting these patterns and getting them back out to play with them. when i put my journals in the history of magic book bag i feel kind of secretive and magical.  i think im going to keep it next to my chair to stash my books in now…? hermione would be so proud. 🙂

ok soooooo now i need to get to work on the second year… im aiming for monday oct 7th for the release… brooms crossed i make it! i still have a lot of work to do but i love it so much. im hoping to get some video/s worked up too! ok thats it sweet ones. thanks for hanging out with me and sending you full moons, cinnamon spice & cozy thoughts.
love, stephanie xoxo

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broom riders

broom riders! cause ya gotta keep your legs warm when you are riding a broom.  right? and because stripes.
isnt it weird how stripes are rebellious, vintage prison garb and essential witch wardrobe…
but also nautical, clean cut and kinda preppy? is preppy still a thing people say? anyway.. stripes! the best of both worlds!  kind of a perfect metaphor to go along with the autumnal equinox wouldnt you say? fascinating. truly dizzying. now UP!

knitting pattern now available individually 5.50 USD BUY IT NOW.
for more info on the pattern *clicky here*

ps. stay tuned i have a super special broom surprise coming up in october!  *whispering squeeeeeeeeee.*

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moon phase scarf

happy sunday knittens! also breaking news im wearing a SWEATER! its cold in here today and that makes me a happy indoor cat! ok so this scarf had been on my mind for many ages… i tried to knit it in a month and do a phase every day in synch with the actual phases.. but um…. i didnt make it!  it is possible… but i get distracted 😀

i hope someone will take on the challenge because it seems so fun… also i intend to do this in smaller wool someday for a skinny scarf almost like a necklace… i think that would be so cute…. ok so if anyone takes on the challenge of knitting a phase a day please let us know about it!  ok sweetums.. im heading out soon to perform a sound bowl meditation at a local yoga studio!  its my very first official one and im super excited… wish me luck. kisses and hugs and centered restoration your way.  see you tomorrow! xoxo

OH HOOT! i almost forgot!
if you want this pattern individually for 5.50 here it is! 😀 BUY IT NOW.
if you want more information on the pattern *clicky here.*

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professor meow-gona-cowl

good morning lovely knittens! hope you are having a relaxing morning… and you arent thinking about BEING LATE TO TRANFIGURATION CLASS!!?? *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* ok i know youd never ever do that. 🙂 i probably would though *yikes face.*

here is the second knitting pattern available individually.. professor meow-gona-cowl. looking back a year later i cant believe i ran with this pun! 😀
available here individually: buy it now

(of course it is still in the witch and wizard academy primer too)

someone mentioned making this into a hot water bottle cover! ahhhhh what a great idea. you could completely keep the neck open and tuck one in there… i think even if you made it in worsted wool instead it would be the correct size…. ill have to experiment with that… if anyone tries it please let us know!  the over-abundance and ubiquitous presence of hot water bottles is one of the many things i miss about living in england. *le sigh* thankfully i brought at least one back with me.  i know you can find them in america *kindof*…  but not 100s of them in every shop in every single size and variation. i guess i need that many of them? dont we all?

ok sweetums! ill see you tomorrow with the next pattern… hmmm what should it be?


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a practical witch hat *individually!*

hi lovies! how are you?  feeling the cool weather finally find its way?  ive been lighting candles in the morning and sitting quietly just soak in the chill.  i think i am maybe a penguin.  at least if i ever meet a penguin i feel like he would look at me and just know. ya know?  aNY wayyyyyyy…

over the past year ive gotten quite a few messages asking me about getting the patterns from the witch and wizard primer separately.  ive been intending to do it for some time and i figure now is the perfect time!  especially because… ive been working on year 2!!!!! yes yes im pretty surprised at myself because it thought it might take a little longer to get it ready… but somehow these pieces are just coming together and screaming to come out into the light!  im afraid of admitting that a couple of them have been lurking in the shadows for um….. 7 years! how is that even possible. also i should be afraid of admitting that my patterns are screaming… sooooo scratch that!
anyhoot im aiming for a release of October 7th… ive got lots still do do though!
ok enough dilly dallying.

HERE it is! a practical witch hat.  a hat that is perfect for making potions or walking the cat. also it is pretty easy to make! there have been many finished objects posted to ravelry and instagram and they are looking GREAT! i  love love love to see them.
click here to buy it now for 5.50 USD.

you can also still get it as part of the witch and wizard academy primer year 1 ebook!

soooo also would you like a sneak peek of year 2? now this is just a HINT. cause the finished product is totally different.  i had to find a way to USE THESE BERRIES. once i saw the yarn… i saw berries, once i saw berries i had to knit berries….. once i knitted the berries… well they had a mind of their own!  people keep trying to eat these. but i promise they do not. taste. good.  ok thats it! see you tomorrow with the next pattern! 🙂

knitted berries

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New pattern! *PATRONUS*


Once upon a time long ago I was in the middle of a daydream of sorts… when in my mind’s eye I saw a giant white stag walk up behind me and place his forehead against my back.  When he did this his antlers wrapped around me in a protective embrace.  I felt so safe and comforted by this vision.  It often comes to mind when I am feeling vulnerable or afraid.  I’ve wanted to represent an antler hug in a sweater ever since.  I give you Patronus! The protective (and surprisingly comfy) hug from your own loving stag.

Patronus sweater knitting pattern BUY IT NOW or CLICK HERE for more details!

This sweater has been such a labor of love… I began my first version of him in 2012!  What a journey. 100’s of failed charts (curving antlers are surprisingly hard to represent!) Several yarn choice switches. 2 sweaters knitted and set aside. Attaching antlers and then ripping them off… again, and then again! A few tears… LOTS of procrastination.  A dash of “i give up” followed by a cup of “no, let’s keep going!”  And finally lots of jumping up and down for joy.  It is finished!  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Once I found the perfect yarn (Brooklyn Tweed Quarry – i LOVE THIS YARN,) and settled in on a sweater shape it was time to wrap it up!  No Christmas pun intended. 😀

This is a box sweater!  I always hesitate to knit box sweaters because they seem so simple from a design standpoint… but they are TRULY so flattering and roomy!  The body of the sweater is a box (with pretty scoopy shaping for the neck – cause I don’t love wool right up against my neck.)  This means that it fits in a way that doesn’t hug you too tightly.  In fact, I’ve included 10-12 inches of positive ease.  That means lots of the baggy ROOM.  Just the kind of room I’m looking for when I’m shopping for fall sweaters in the men’s department!    (The arms do have quite a bit of shaping though to give the right fit.) Available in sizes XS – 5X.  Also! The neck is knitted like a large smooshy cowl.  It is knitted loosely and with larger needles and it barely hugs the neck at all… so no tight itchiness!

I hope you will love getting an antler hug!  Also I know a lot of you have been asking for videos! I want to make them SO MUCH but its gotten increasingly challenging to make them since kiddo stopped napping. Woweeeee he runs in asking for this or that about every 5 minutes most days.. so its really hard to get videos done!  I promise when things calm down around here I’ll be able to make lots more… cause I miss chatting!
happy knits! love, stephanie xoxo

ps. if you like the hat its the *wolfpup hat* pattern available here CLICK.

YAY! the WINNING comment has been chosen (by random number generator) and the free pattern goes to:
Kimberly Drake says:
November 26, 2018 at 9:29 am

Love your creativity and your persistence! Count me in!
ill be sending you an email! hugs to everyone and thank you SOOOO much for taking time out of a crazy cyber monday to leave a sweet comment. i read them all and they always make me smile and im usually crying by the end in gratitude! XOXO

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*The Witch & Wizard Academy Primer Year 1* New e-book!


*Witch & Wizard Academy Primer Year 1* e-book. *buy it now!* 11.99 USD
Hi lovelies! Welcome to Witch & Wizard Academy!  Time to practice your cackle and get magical.  With proper study I know you will get outstandings on your OWLs!

PDF e-book includes 5 patterns & 5 classes (with mini-lessons for each class.)
witch & wizard academy tiny owl knits
Knitting patterns included are: click titles for more info:

1.  Professor Meow-gona-cowl  (Transfiguration Class)
2.  A Practical Witch Hat (Potions Class)
3.  Broom Riders (Flying Class)
4.  Moon Phase Scarf (Astronomy Class)
5. History of Magic Book Bag (History of Magic Class)

I get so inspired this time of year!  This little collection has been percolating for a long time… In fact I had one *broom rider* finished for almost a year! 😀  I was super happy to get back to it this fall and finish it all up.  I finished the second broom rider in 3 days once I put my mind to it! 😀 I hope you have so much fun with the patterns and the little class lessons.  Do you think hermione would totally carry that bag to History of Magic? I do! And I’m positive Dumbledore would wear the broom riders under his robes.  I know Merlin himself sports his own pair of black & white stockings these days.  I love it!  Ok I have so much to say about all of these… but I should be making a video here in the next week or so so I can blab away!  So some of you were wondering about the easiness of these patterns.  The History of Magic Bag and the Practical Witch Hat are going to be the easiest!  Definitely the next step for a beginner who knows how to knit, purl and go in the round.  Ok that’s enough of my chatting!  We have a lot of knitting to do!  I have to get started on Year 2 while you guys get to work on Year 1!  Have SO much magical fun for me ok?!  OH I almost forgot!

ok the giveaway has ended!  thank you all so so so so so much for the amazingly sweet and excited comments. I read them all and they bring so much joy! They inspire me so much to keep going and never give up even when I think something might not be good enough.  SO much love to you ALL. Thank you for your gifts!

SO the winner CHOSEN at RANDOM will WIN THE YARN for the *History of Magic Book Bag!*  That’s 4 skeins of lambs pride bulky in the same colorway I used, purchased at my LYS “shuttles, spindles & skeins” just for YOU!   WIN! HOOT! CACKLE! MAGIC! CAULDRONS & BROOMSTICKS! KNITSTICKS! LET’S GO!

THe WINNER IS: congratulations SHARYN!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Sharyn says: October 12, 2018 at 8:43 pmThis is fantastic! My teens are clamoring for me to make them everything in this collection. 🙂
I’ll be sending an email to the email you used to leave the comment to get your address! The owls will be sending you a parcel very soon! 😀

PS. SO much thanks to my family and kind friends for pulling together with lots of childcare & dinners while I burned some midnight oil to get these finished up this week!  Also special thanks to my dear friend and costume designer Kim DeJager for your brilliant photos & overall magicalocity! Love to you all, Stephanie xoxo

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*NEW* sugarplum!

Hoot hoot!  Fancy visions of sugarplums?  Meet the sugarplum hats!  These hats are so fun, comfy & smooshy we have been having lots of fun wearing them.  Thats my dear Mom in the pictures getting her giggle on!  Sugarplums are perfect for sleepovers, drinking cocoa, counting snowflakes and of course holiday morning shenanigans.

I actually got kind of addicted to the color combo possibilities…  So far I’ve made these- plus purple & white, purple & green and red & purple.. and I really want a brown and white one!!! (one I can picture Scrooge wearing.)  The pom-poms have jingle bells inside and are SUPER EASY to make too I promise.  A full tutorial is included in the pattern.  For more details (yarn & gauge and stuff) go *here to the pattern page* or just *buy it now.* 

Leave a comment below and I will choose a winning comment at random on tuesday! The winner will *WIN* a free pattern of their choice from the tiny owl knits pattern shop. Extra special thanks to our photographer and dear friend Kim DeJager!
Happy holidays friends! Love, Stephanie xoxo

The WINNER has been CHOSEN by the random OWL!
Maureen says:
December 11, 2017 at 12:28 pm
Sugar plum Hats what a Hoot ! Most adorable Sugar plum Fairies rockin’ these adorable hats ! Must have !

Thanks everyone for your lovely sweet & kind comments! I truly appreciate them all! Maureen be sure to check your email 🙂 See y’all soon! XOXO

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*NEW* fawnchkin!

Hoot hello! I’d like to introduce my new little favorite knit called *fawnchkin!*
visit pattern page OR buy it now

For some time now I’ve been playing with the idea of modifying my deer with little antlers hat to make a baby fawn version.  Now that I have my own little munchkin, it seemed the perfect time to knit a fawnchkin!  Not sure he will enjoy wearing matching hats with his mama in the future, so I had to take advantage of the moment!

Ps. Woodson loves wearing his hat! 😀  When he finds it he points to it and says “uh at? uh at?”  which I think means something like “can I have my hat?”  (or more likely “give me that hat now or else.”) This photoshoot was done about an hour into his missed nap time, so we had to feed him copious amounts of toddler fuel (raisins) to keep him going 🙂
Now for the GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below for a chance to *WIN* a free tiny owl knits pattern of your choice. I’ll choose the winners Tuesday!

The winner has been chosen at random! (with a cheerio.. yes i have a method of randomly choosing a comment and it does involve a cheerio.. its too late to explain) 😀
CONGRATULATIONS to Jane Stephens! (ill be sending you an email!)
Jane Stephens says:
November 27, 2017 at 12:42 am
What a sweet little man, and I love those mom & son hats! I wonder if my 19 year old would wear mom & daughter hats with me?

Thanks for playing everyone! happy knitting and lots of love, stephanie xoxo


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