*the witch & wizard academy primer year 1 * e-book


The Witch & Wizard Academy Primer Year 1 e-book  11.99 USD    buy it now
Welcome to Witch & Wizard Academy!  Time to practice your cackle and get magical.  With proper study you should get outstandings on your OWLs!

This e-book includes 5 patterns & 5 classes (with mini-lessons for each class.)
witch & wizard academy tiny owl knits
Knitting patterns included are: Click for more info on each pattern.
1.  Professor Meow-gona-cowl  (Transfiguration Class)
2.  A Practical Witch Hat (Potions Class)
3.  Broom Riders (Flying Class)
4.  Moon Phase Scarf (Astronomy Class)
5.  History of Magic Book Bag (
History of Magic Class)

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                                              FIVE digital knitting patterns in one PDF 11.99 USD