>its real folks

i saw one. a snow owl in a tall tree in summer. oh yes. it was odd. but very very true. she had a little geisha fan, and a long strand of pearls that she twirled around a feathered finger. i swear.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >DEARIE!!! Yes, I looooooove the site w/ all my heart! I can’t knit a thing, but that doesn’t matter at all. Well, not to you, anyhoo. By the way, I’ve decided that it’s completely wrong for songwriters to use bad grammar, and I think if I do kareoke again, I’ll do something that has a reputed double negative in it, but I’d do it the correct way. Oh, it bothers me. At any rate, I NEED you to make more posts for me to giggle over and share w/ Mum. She needs a good larf too–heavens, you’ve met her husband. HA! The boyfriend recently gave me his wonderfully potent germs and now I am hacking like an old dog. Isn’t he a sweetheart? Listen, seriously, please please please please post more! I love you and miss you furiously, angelfish. Take care, be well and go check your mail tomorrow! Or Tues. depending on how slow the snail mail gets. I s’pose I just want people to read this and be slightly jealous of me because I actually KNOW you. Hehehe! Well, I’m amazingly proud of you. So there. I heart you!Lizziepoo McLosterkins

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