moon phase scarf

happy sunday knittens! also breaking news im wearing a SWEATER! its cold in here today and that makes me a happy indoor cat! ok so this scarf had been on my mind for many ages… i tried to knit it in a month and do a phase every day in synch with the actual phases.. but um…. i didnt make it!  it is possible… but i get distracted 😀
buy it now tiny owl knits
i hope someone will take on the challenge because it seems so fun… also i intend to do this in smaller wool someday for a skinny scarf almost like a necklace… i think that would be so cute…. ok so if anyone takes on the challenge of knitting a phase a day please let us know about it!  ok sweetums.. im heading out soon to perform a sound bowl meditation at a local yoga studio!  its my very first official one and im super excited… wish me luck. kisses and hugs and centered restoration your way.  see you tomorrow! xoxo
if you want more information on the pattern *clicky here.*

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1 Response to moon phase scarf

  1. mamapoma says:

    skinny yarn! awesome idea.. being a shorter person… my birch scarf just hangs on the coatrack.. looking lovely…. maybe i’ll give skinny yarn a go….

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