fairy castles hide little secrets!

Hi lovely ones! This week Wednesday’s magic wheel landed on the Fairy Castles!  They will be 25% off this week. 😀

These little castles unroll to reveal your DPNs or your crochet hooks. I have a little village of them at my house in my create-room. I kind of dream about having all shapes and sizes and different colored rooftops! How fun would that be!? Happy knits dear ones. See you next week and until then lots of love. love, stephanie xoxo
buy it now tiny owl knits SALE or *visit the pattern page for more details*

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5 Responses to fairy castles hide little secrets!

  1. Jo Blackmoore says:

    HI, it was like you were looking in the camera at me saying , Jo I know what you have been doing….hows that working for you? Best you start to do the sparkly things instead, make it number 1, not last, the rest will follow. I so do that, leave my hearts desire to last. Thank – you I know you where saying to all, but it was a reality that hit home for me. Im going to bliss test myself and watch the magcial unfoldings…..thanks beautiful lady!

  2. tinyowlknits says:

    aw thanks so much jo! im happy it resonated and helped! it helped me so much too. in fact ive found a certain timelessness has unlocked from just truly doing what is in excited alignment… the other “must do” things seem to take.. no time… strange…. !!!! going to keep working this magic! 😀 XOXO

  3. tinyowlknits says:

    ps. i realized im not listening to the enlightenment course anyway its the empowerment one 😀

  4. tinyowlknits says:

    thank you lovely 😀 xoxo

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